Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well today I cut about 4 acres of grass. I'm glad I did because it is raining now and it would not have gotten done for another week. I have one more week of work with my friend, Scott. He is hiring someone and I will be helping to train them next week. Please be praying because I am not sure of my course of action after that. I am trusting that God will make clear a path before me.

I am seriously considering putting Bryan in Central High next year. My niece and nephew attend there and it will offer Bryan many different opportunities both academically, and with sports and other extracurricular activities. Please be praying for me to have the mind of Christ in this area. It is a very serious decision and I want to be sensitive to God's leading.

Lately, I have had some difficult emotional times. Not sure why people say time heals all wounds, because in some ways things have gotten worse and more sensitive. Lauren and I have talked about the difficulties of realizing that we have forgotten certain things about George. Sometimes I need to remember what his voice sounds like so I call his old cell phone, which Bryan is using now, just to hear the voicemail because we have left George's voice on the message. Sometimes, I catch myself staring at his picture so I can hold on to what he looked like. I miss him very much. When I pick blueberries, or walk in the yard to check out the fig trees I can't help but miss him. That is what he loved doing the most was being in the yard taking care of things. Thanks for letting me get all of that off my chest. I love you all and thanks again for checking in on us.