Thursday, January 31, 2008

live life now...

I have been encouraged, by a friend to live in the now. WOW!!! What great advice. It reminded me of a sermon pastor preached recently about always looking to the future and missing what God is doing now. What is God doing now? Stop trying to figure out what the future may hold and live the moment. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and now. Today holds much promise and the things God has designed for us today will help in forming the future. Isn't it great to know that our Lord and Savior, holds it all in His hands. My comfort comes from knowing the God sees it all and knows the way for me. I don't want to miss sweet opportunities to minister God's love to people because my sights and heart are fixed on the future. Live today and enjoy the moment and seek to realize God's design for you today.

I love each of you and am so thankful for you keeping up with what is going on in our lives. Be blessed.


Monday, January 28, 2008

God's ways....

Finding the place where we can grasp that God's ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts will give us such freedom. Knowing that our Father works all things together for our good also helps in the acceptance and the embracing of our situation and circumstances. God knows what is best for us and He also knows what is best for the Kingdom. If we seek first the Kingdom, then our hearts are truly concerned about what is best for the Kingdom. Eternity (reality) is what really matters and whatever it takes to advance the Kingdom. Souls are in the balance and eternity is before us.

Lesley thanks for your encouraging comment. Please email me at my personal email ( and remind me of your last name and who you are. Do you still work at the call center?

Be blessed this week and keep your eyes fixed on our Lord.

Friday, January 25, 2008

great week....

Well it has been a great week. The Waites are blessed. Bryan got a new drum set so he is in the zone learning new beats and waiting for me to set him up with drum lessons. Lauren has a game tonight against Runnels. Hosanna girls are having a great district season. Tonight is a big game and I pray they do their best. God is stirring some things in my life and I am trying to listen and just enjoy the Lord. I know he is leading by His Spirit and I want to be careful to do what he says.

I have had several calls about people's lives that have been touched through the ordeal our family has walked through. I say YEAH!!!! God will ALWAYS take the things in life that seem horrible and work it for a greater good. If we could wrap our minds around that and approach difficult situations from the perspective of realizing that good can come from this then our difficult situation may be bearable.

Lord I pray for those that read this blog that you would move mightily in their lives. If anyone has not turned their lives over to you and trusted you for salvation, I pray that the reality of your sacrifice would be brought to their attention. Lord, Jesus thank you so much for your desire to be active and involved in our lives. There is nothing like walking with you and reading your word and living the exciting life that you have set before us. God keep us mindful of eternity and the things that really matter. We want to know your heart and see things the way you see them. We chose to die to ourselves, our own desires, and plans and surrender to you and your plans. LORD HAVE YOUR WAY. In Jesus name amen.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

long weekend

Well Monday was a much needed day off. We enjoyed hanging out and cleaning house. Of course, Lauren had practice but that was good because they beat Bethany tonight. It was a great win and positions the team in a good place for 2nd place in district. It is still early but tonight was a very important game. Update on the chickens they are still producing 8 to 10 eggs a day. My mom and dad have been the diligent ones left to take care of the chickens. Kenny is in Alabama with George's cousin Sandra and seems to be having the time of his life. We are so excited that he is in a home where he is so loved.

Church Sunday was awesome as usual. God is continuing to send our body a timely word. He is trying to get our attention. Our very lives depend on what He has to say. He who has an ear let him hear.....

I love you all and thank you all for your prayers and your continued support of my family. God uses you daily to minister to me and the kids. We are blessed to have such awesome friends.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

my prayer...

It has come to my attention through many friends that people have found this blog that do not know me and have never met George. It is my prayer and was George's that this blog communicate to you the awesomeness of our GOD. Together George and I along with the incredible body of Christ walked through the valley of the shadow of death. I can truly say one thing for sure, when the Body of Christ operates as it should (and you did and are) there is not only many prayers prayed but there is such a sense of knowing that all is well.

God has continued to show me things and even tonight I wanted to make sure to communicate some things He has recently shown me about death. We as Christians have unfortunately adopted the worlds view of death. Some of us see it as finality, and place where there is much regret and missed opportunities. I tell you the Lord has shown me some different things. Death is the door ALL must walk through, until Jesus comes back and establishes His kingdom. When Jesus bought back the KEYS to death, hell and the grave, and said "O, death where is your sting." HE wasn't stating that because of Him we wouldn't die physically but oh yeah there is now no longer, for the believer the sting of death that keeps you eternally separated from GOD. That is more than good news. We can actually believe that on the other side of death's door is truly life, the original intention of life. It is life fuller than anything we know and comprehend here. Friend that should excite us about the passing from this life.

Please don't get me wrong, I know the enemy is out to kill, steal and destroy. And as believers we are to resist him at every turn. But I have come to realize that we don't LOSE our loved ones to death. When a loved one dies they gain. Death for the believer is not defeat it is the ULTIMATE victory. They are now actually LIVING the LIFE that Jesus paid so high a price for. Isn't that exciting.

I pray that through this blog you will come to know and understand the awesomeness of God. That you would realize the truth about eternity and come to know that George and I were seen through to victory because of Jesus. You must submit your life to Him to walk in that grace. It is powerful. I pray that you realize that GOD'S ways are JUST even though we may not understand them. Lift your eyes to the greater purpose for things in your life. Lift your eyes above your circumstances, lift your eyes and gaze in Jesus' face. When you do, things begin to take on a totally different perspective.

I love you all, even those of you who are directed to this blog or stumble upon it. You are not here by mistake, reading this message by mistake. Get a Bible if you do not have one and open its pages and ask God to reveal himself to you like He did to George. George came to know Jesus as his FRIEND.

Be blessed my friends and let's all live for the greater purpose.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

God is God...

Our God is God and there is no other. Church Sunday was great as usual. The Lord kept asking me do you trust me? Yes Lord I would respond and the question would come again do you trust me? Yes Lord I would respond and again this happened like five times then I felt Him say then just obey me and wait. O.K. Lord. You said you would give me light for each step so I will obey what I know to do now, knowing that when I need more light You will shine it. We cannot allow our faith to be rocked we must stand firm in the midst of things we do not understand knowing that God has all things in control. This life is to be cherished , yes and received as the gift that it is, but we must also realize that at anytime God asks us to lay it down it must not have such a hold on us that we can't look beyond the temporal into the face of eternity. Missionaries on foreign lands may face this consequence on a daily basis, however we must realize that greater love has no man than he lay his life down for a friend. This is not just in the form of dying, it could be your time, it could be letting something you love to do go, in order to do something you need to do for the Kingdom. May the Lord allow us to hold on to the things of this life very loosely so that if we are called upon to release them the struggle won't be so difficult. Deal now so you can be obedient later without hesitation.

The Lord our God is our Provider and just like He made provision for Abraham when the Lord said give up Isaac (the promise), He will continually make provision when He moves upon us to do things for the Kingdom. But the decision must be made to give up Isaac (the promise). Be blessed.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

back to b-ball

Lauren had her first district basketball game Tuesday night. It was great, they went into overtime and at the buzzer Lauren made the winning basket. She was all smiles. Wednesday night she sang backup with the worship team in church. It was great. That really seems to be something God is calling her to do. She has also written many songs and she sings them to me all the time. They are really good, you all will have to hear them sometime.

It was tiresome getting back into the swing of things. School is going full force. I know the time from now till graduation is going to fly. So I am trying to hang on and enjoy every moment.

More later it is late,

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kansas City....IHOP

We had an incredible time in KC at the International House of Prayer Worship Conference. The kids and I went with several people from church and had a great time with them and with the Lord. We had four days of services and time to go to the prayer room. The Lord spoke to me in the neatest way. In my heart He said, "Are you willing to sit in the quiet--No music, No praying, just listening and waiting. I will speak to you in that place, you will hear My heart and understand My ways. At first you may feel uncomfortable because you are so use to the noise, I want to teach you how to hear my voice. So be quiet, be quiet."

So I went to the hotel room and sat quiet before the Lord. The question came, "How do you know you are hearing My voice?" And as soon as the question came the Holy Spirit gave me the answer. Because your sheep know your voice. So I can be confident I can and am hearing from you. At which point, I felt Him saying,

"George fulfilled his destiny and purpose and has now entered into the rest and joy of the Lord. Your mission now is to live out, speak out, and write out his message of love and peace. I will show you every step of the way,. I will give you messages on death, faith, real vision, reality vision. I desire the body of Christ to see what I see and to hear what I hear. All are not prepared to handle what I see and hear. Although they cry out for it in their songs, few ever take the time to be quiet and hear what I am saying. What I am saying is KNOW Me. KNOW Me. From the place of KNOWING Me, ministry will flow. All things will flow. When Jesus said seek first the kingdom and His righteousness and all else will be added that is what He meant. Seek to know the King of the kingdom and His right ways of doing things then the things you spend so much time longing for will be added to you. Robin, it is not complicated. Just make time for Me. In that place, of you making time for Me I will show you, it will be clear. Only enough light for the next step because I don't want you to get ahead of Me."

Well that was awesome. The Lord and I had the best time. It is great when God desires you to realize how real and precious our relationship is with Him. It is viable, it is alive and He is desiring to move us, show us and use us.

If all that was not enough the last night I had a dream. In the dream George was pregnant. I know that sounds strange but that was the dream. We were excited about a baby although we didn't understand how it happened. I could see the baby moving around in his stomach, I could see the outline of it's little foot. It was so real. The next morning as I was explaining the dream to Cathy, Kayla, and Mary the Lord dropped this in my heart, "There was something alive in George, that will live on." WOW!!! Lord show me those things that were alive in George that you desire to live on. His writings, his passion for Jesus, his passion for life, his love for people.

It is my heartfelt desire to make sure those things alive in George will live on. I can't wait to see how God intends to bring all of this about. I do know one thing it all starts with love. Unconditional, poured out love that is not selfish or self-seeking.