Sunday, September 28, 2008

god is love.....

Well it has been one of the most beautiful weekends. We went to New Orleans to visit with Granny Patsy it was her birthday on the 25th. Aunt Eva and Aunt Ebby were in from Alabama so we got to visit with them also. We had a great time and ate an awesome breakfast on Saturday morning. We returned home and Bryan and I went to the LSU game and watched them beat Mississippi State. Not pretty but a win none the less. Church was great as usual, pastor preached the heart of God. We then went on a church picinic and enjoyed some great fellowship. After that we went to see FIREPROOF. What an awesome movie about the love of GOD. I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Take the time to support movies like this. If we do then more will be made. The same church that produced FACING THE GIANTS made this movie. Kirk Cameron, back from our days (Growing Pains) was the lead and this movie is well worth you seeing it. We are home now getting ready for school for tomorrow.

Looking to make some good progress on the book so this week will be very focused. Love y'all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey friends and family. The compiling of the book is coming along. I have written the forward and have all of the entries in WORD so I can begin editing. Be rest assured that the editing will be at a minimum. I will only correct misspelled words. It is my heart's desire to leave it as raw and original as possible. Please be praying for me and this whole process, I need divine appointments and the Lord to direct my steps. I am confident He will, I just want it covered in prayer.

Today would have been our 19th anniversary. I guess another year of dealing with these special days and his absence has begun. People always say that time has a way of healing pain, but I would like to say that only the Lord can help us grieve loss. I have realized oh so clearly that we have bought into the worlds idiology about death, loss and grief. There is pain involved but when we think on the death, when we think about the person who's gone on, our hearts can be filled with joy. Joy of the memories shared, joy because they have experienced a promotion, joy in telling all the old stories. If we purpose to, we can continually celebrate that person's life by enjoying what they brought into our lives for however long they were allowed to be here.

We all gained so much in knowing George. I ran into a someone who knew George through another friend of ours. He was unaware that George had been sick and that he had passed away. There was shock on his face and he had me repeat it several times. He said a mouthful at one point when he said, "You know, I had never met anyone like George before, He was a special guy." That is many peoples statements. But George would want us all to know that whatever good you saw in him, received from him, loved about him----It was Jesus in him.

Love, RW

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have spent time this week working on getting this blog ready to be published. I have started writting the Forward and thought about how the book is to be formatted. I know that the book will end with the writing I found about George calling forth his destiny. I thought I would repost it for you all to read again. Here it is

This was something George wrote on Monday March 3, 1997:

I have a destiny---that is farther reaching than my own self. I have a destiny that goes beyond my own greed, my own lust, my own wants and my own desires, my own passions. I have a destiny-- that's bigger than racism and bigotry and hate. It is bigger than pride and position, possession, and income and all of those physical and social trappings, we cling to so desperately. Hang on, oh my soul to the one who guides you, the one who made you, to the one who called you. I have a destiny that is not bound by political rule and governmental boundaries or corporate ownership. Even health--good or bad--cannot prevent my destiny. I want my destiny, I need my destiny. I crave my destiny. I have to fulfill my destiny! It is calling to me--I am racing to my destiny--I can see it dimly in the dawn--my heart pounds, my body struggles, my muscles burn and ask for rest-- but I cannot stop nor even slow down, for I must apprehend my destiny. As thirst screams for quenching--my very being thirsts for my destiny--fatigue cannot stop or dissuade me from my destiny. Depression? move to the left, anxiety? move to the right, for my destiny I have in sight. I command inspiration to come and lift me toward my goal. I command passion to come and fuel the long drive towards my destiny. I command persistence to come and assist me in the pursuit of my destiny. I come against any bondage that would prevent the attainment of my destiny--any of the "petty" frivolities that would entangle and hamper the attainment of my most ultimate desire. As minutes turn into hours and hours into days, weeks, months, and years, I seek my destiny. I will not be relegated to the archives of history. Futility, I damn you ---you are a facade. HA!HA! You are uncovered for what you really are! Nothing! Nothing but a deceptive mirage of sorts put in my path by who knows who, to distract me from my destiny. Yes, my love, I will one day embrace you as a child its mother, I am coming for you and no other only you, oh lover of my soul. I hear your whispers in the night, your call in my soul. I see a glimpse of you in the dawn-but only from within the cleft of this rock--when can I come out and gaze fully into your face? Ah yes. I know I must be patient, but please, don't ever let me go, for life itself has no meaning at all, apart from YOU-- may I dream of you every night, and every day let me keep you within my sight. Above and beyond every single thing in life, I must attain my destiny and nothing can stop me, for it is MY DESTINY.

Enough said,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

one year....

As we have come to the one year anniversary of George's homegoing I am quickly reminded of God's faithfulness. It has been a year of much emotion as we have gone through birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, Lauren's graduation, the birth of our great niece, so many things have happened in this year. In the midst of these events, I have not only experienced the absence of George in our lives but I have also experienced that he would have wanted us rejoicing and not mourning. I have mentioned to many people that lately I have missed the energy that Goerge brought to every situation. I miss the intensity that George brought into a room. I think in the aftermath of the hurricane I really missed what I know he would have been doing. Getting the yard clean at any cost and helping so many others in need. That was George and that was what drove him. So as we remember George, let's think about what he would desire for us. What would he want us to experience in this life, even in his absence. He has experienced the greatest promotion this life has to offer. George is in that great cloud of witnesses cheering us on from the other side. Do you hear him, goodness knows he was loud enough, remember the richness of his voice and the excitement in his laughter. He is hooping and hollering, I can hear him.

His parents, Lauren and Bryan, my brother and his family all went to the cemetary Sunday. It was a time of rememberance for us all. I want to always be in a mode of celebrating George's life and the fact that he loved people with all of his heart. He always saw the best in people, even those difficult to love. George would find a way to love people. I am constantly reminded of his generosity, and heart to want all to feel the love of God.


Friday, September 05, 2008

weathered the storm...

Well Gustav has come and gone but many are still feeling his affects. We have two big oak trees down. Thank God they did not fall on anything. We were without power for three days. We are so blessed because many are still without power and maybe without for weeks. A friend of mine, Scott, and I were talking about the spiritual hurricanes that blow through our lives and blow out a lot of debris. Then it is time for cleanup and new life to emerge. We need to take stock of what God wants us to clean out of our lives. What does the wind of His spirit want to blow out of our lives. What does He desire to change in our lives? I have gotten to the place of surrender again and again where I ask God to continue to have His way in me. If any one needs anything please let us know and I will see if I can get you some help. I love you all and thanks for keeping up with us. RW