Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Glad that's over ...

Well, I have been officially "deported" as of noon yesterday. One of my surgeons that I work for did the procedure. He left it open style so as to heal from the inside out. That will involve more hands on attention and care from me/us. Thanks to my father in law for the ride there and back and for taking care of my "stuff". I got home and it took probably 4 hours for me to get to where I could walk or think semi-straight. I ate some steamed vegis, angel hair pasta and two boiled egg whites. It hit the spot after 18 hours with no food. Now we wait and see and trust God.
Mom had to stay over night folowing her procedure for observation. We don't have the full story, but she is doing well enough to take care of herself at the Hospital. She ran my dad and her sister off from her room back to mom's house for the night. We continue to pray for a quick recovery.
I do not know what I would do without Jesus in times like these. What do people do? Where do they turn to or to what do they turn to? He is our refuge in the storm. And in addition, He gives us the ability to enjoy life better than we otherwise would be able to. Psalm 103 tells us to not forget all of His benefits. Amen.
More to say later, just wanted to post a quick update --- 5:25 am.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Clear skies...

No clouds today, and yet the water was running across Greenwell Springs road near Flannery? The river is cresting from all of the previous rain. That is scary. You think it is over and then here it comes!
Everyone made it through Homecoming in one piece and even made it to Church. Pastor Don has been preaching on Trusting God. The Church needed to hear today's message. It was good, get the CD if you missed it.
The Saints lost. I saw a few minutes of the game. Too bad.
My mother-in-law cooked an awesome lunch - roast, rice & gravy with steamed vegis. I could taste most of it, still not normal but better than usual. I had to make myself stop eating. That's the only problem, when I can taste, I get this inability to stop eating - to a point. Thank God for those meals I can enjoy. It will all come back in time.
It appears that I am going to have to have the port removed tomorrow (Monday) if at all possible. The area is tender and beginning to get a little red with drainage. We are praying for no infection - at all. We don't need or want any complications. So I will be at the Dr.'s office bright and early.
My mother's surgery is also scheduled Monday sometime before noon. We are praying for the best job this Dr. has ever done or could be done.
God has been so good to us in th midst of all of this. We can do nothing but thank and praise Him. "God is our refuge, a very present help in trouble". (Psalm 46:1).
I am going to hit the bed, it's 1:52 a.m. Thanks for the encouragement and prayer.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Homecoming ...

Here is the half-time Homecoming presentation of all of the Homecoming Court Ladies Saturday night. I'm only putting mine up of course. All of them were beautiful and did well.
We had alot of fun, too.
Unfortunately, the Varsity team lost the game, but maybe next year.

Afterwards, we went out to eat with my brother and sister-in-law to my wife's favorite place - Golden Corral. They drove in just to see Lauren. Nana and PawPaw made it to the game and paw-paw filmed alot of the event - so did na-na with her new camera. Their float also won 1st place. Thanks to Randy and paw-paw for all of the help with the float - that's a long drive from Central going that slow - even though they did it around midnight to avoid traffic. The Friday morning the weather was not good at all, but when it came to show time, it cleared up as if the Lord had it all planned out.

I consider it a privilege to have been blessed with the family I have and to be able to experience all of these passages of time with them. Everyday is a gift to be celebrated, even though we all know some days are tougher than others and some you even wish would never have happened - and some you just flat screw up right at the outset with an un-Christ like attitude. That is called living. That is where love, understanding and forgivness come in. Jesus gave us the example to follow.

We have the Homecoming Dinner tonight - I guess you would call it Dinner. I know we are supposed to , right? And we will be "chaperoning", too. I am looking forward to it.

I have been a little on the weaker side the past two days, even though I finished the pills Friday. The medicine for the thrush has something to do with it I believe. The scriptures say that my "youth shall be renewed like the Eagles" - and I am standing on that one. Time to get horizontal for a few minutes before the action starts. Hope to see you in Church tomorrow.


P.S. Doug Broussard - e-mail me your phone number and e-mail address please. Thanks GW.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

More pics ...

Here is my first family pic and also the first of several bunny pics.
We spent Sunday at mom and dad's house and also visited with my brother and his family. We had a really good time. Mom's surgery is still on for this coming Monday, October 30th and my brothers is Nov. 1st. So we wanted to get in a good visit before all the action starts. It is still raining over here in Central. I think we have met our quota. You can stop for a while now.
I am kind of on the slow mode today, feeling pretty good just sluggish. My port is still concerning me since it (the hole at the suture line) is getting pretty deep. No pain, redness or fever, praise God. "Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your paths straight". So Lord, I am acknowledging you in this situation. You are in control.

The bunnies are just about as low maintenance as you can get. They don't need to be walked and they do not bark. They are slightly lower on the food chain - if that has anything to do with it. This picture is of a 'Black Checkered Giant'. She is a healthy active one. I also have a New Zealand White - he is the buck (boy). He is a beautiful white with the pink inner ear, nose and reddish eyes. The four other females I'll introduce later. They don't like to share the lime light.

Colossians 3:23-24
23 Whatever you do, do your work heartily,
as for the Lord rather than for men,
24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive
the reward of the inheritance.
It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.

He said whatever you do. Have a great Friday. Be a blessing. George.

Pics are in ...

Here are the float girls - Hosanna Beauties,
hard at work as you can see. Just kidding.
It as a great day to build a Homecoming float.

Dead batteries?

I went to take a picture of the new arrivals this morning but the Digital Camera batteries were dead, the back up batteries were also shot, so I will have to wait a few hours for them to charge. I WILL post some cute pics as soon as possible.
Good news from CVT - our friend Jill (and husband Billy) have a bouncing baby boy - 8 lbs. 12 ounces, 21 inches long with 'football player sized hands' I was told. She had to have a C-section eventually. Jill is about 120 lbs. soaking wet (I think) and she was carrting some serious baby. We celebrate this new life with them
The kids 'Homecoming float' is coming along - they have done a good job. I just stayed out of the way myself and it is almost done. This has also been dress up week - comic costumes/themes that type of thing. Bryan is in all blue today - ice man or H20 man, Freeze Boy or something lie that. He was excited about it.
Yesterday was busy. I think the Decadron kicked into overtime and I wore myself out. I know it was in high gear early Wednesday - I was cooking lunches at 3 am - just was not sleepy. Finally slept from "4 ish to 6 ish". At 1:30 am this morning I got up to us the restroom (normal MB's so far, I've had 5 by 9:30 am already - just amongst friends of course) and I noted the thrush is starting back in my mouth, so I immediately started the Nystatin meds . Jump on it before it gets out of hand is what I say. The taste factor is waining a bit, but I have prayed the scripture frequently in Psalm 103 which says that my "youth will be renewed like the Eagles".
There is more to do today than I can do, so pacing myself is the key. Nothing heavy, just running here and there type stuff.

Philippians 4:18-19
18"But I have all, and abound: I am full,
having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you,
an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, wellpleasing to God.
19 But my God shall supply all your need
according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Amen to that one. Continue to have a good day. George.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Down right cold!

This morning was down right cold! Not cool and crisp, but cold. The kind of cold that makes you want to stay in the bed if you failed to put the heater at the correct setting the night before. Luckily, I woke up at 2 am to go to the boys room and set the temp. higher - around 72-74 degrees - and that was good enough. We do not have heaters in any of the bathrooms - how that was overlooked I'll never know. We have "vents" without heating elements. Sounds like a future project.
I headed out around 8:45 am for treatment - which went well, fatigue and facial flushing, but uneventful. I got out of there around 5:45 pm., just in time to make it to Lauren's volleyball game. They beat Bethany (at the North campus) 3 games straight. The first two games were quick and with a wide point spread - but of course the 3rd game was a neck and neck run the entire game. The final game went into overtime and was 30 to 28 - you have to win by 2 points. Lauren made the final point to win the 3rd game. She was some excited - and me too, that means we get to go home and not paly two more games!
The Dr. who put in my port is concerned about a "hole" which is getting larger at the end of the suture line where they put in the port. No fever, drainage or redness, but he wants me to keep a sharp eye on it. If it even looks "slightly" infected it has to come out and another one put in on the other side in the near future. So pray for healing in that site - even though the meds I am on prevent the normal healing rate which would have naturally occurred. I have a CT lined up for next week. The PET scan is going to be in November. I may go to M.D. Anderson in December for a follow up appointment. I am ready to get this scan back to see what is going on and some positive changes.
I have a new word which I could not find in the dictionary. "Interesterified". I'll give you a hint, it was found on the ingredients label of a food box. You can google it.
Did I tell you all that Lauren was voted by her class to be on the Homecoming Court? She was. Couldn't happen to a better, sweeter and more Jesus loving girl. Her and her mom have been dress/clothes shopping, hair and nail place visits - you ladies know all the prep stuff. I am all for it. This is her special season.
Also, did I tell you - are you sitting down? My mother said it was now okay to blog this information since she has notified all of the immediate family. A few weeks ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yeah, "say what" was my reaction, too. Even as I am writing this down, I still cannot believe it, not my mom!? She is 68 years young and healthy. She would get out and play basketball with the kids, walk the dog all over the property among all of the other things she and my dad do. This was completely out of left field. The biopsy was performed, the Dr. classified it as a T1C - Tumor 1 centimeter. Small enough to do a lumpoectomy. This is an outpatient procedure. Then he said she would have to do radiation and chemo in a pill form. The surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday, October 30th. Please be praying for Patsy and Mike (dad) concerning all of this. My mother is a believer and pretty much at peace about it all. This is a pretty good situation considering how bad the news could have been. She caught it early and is getting rapid treatment. We are still believing for a miracle from God. The reason I put the words breast cancer in very small letters up above is because we are not making a "god" of this disease. With God Almighty, all things are possible.
We had my diagnosis, surgey and chemo, my dad's back surgery and eye surgery, my brother ripped his left bicep muscle of the connection to the bone a few weeks ago and is scheduled for surgery in november I believe, now mom's diagnosis. She mentioned how healthy we have all been for so long. This must be our year she said.
More news, you'll have to guess until I get a picture. It is one reason I did not post anything over the last two days. It was so cold this A.M. that the lense was fogging up. So, tomorrow I'll get a picture. You know we have two cats in addition to the dog. So figure this one out. You have, "crowing like a rooster", bats in the belfry", "3 blind mice", "snug as a bug in a rug", "stubborn as a donkey", "fuzzy as a bunny", "stinky as a billy goat", "grinning like a mule eating briars through a barbed wire fence", "fat as a cow" and "strong as a horse" and so on and so on. It's your guess as to our new addition(s). You can place your guess under comments if you would like.
Good news from CVT Vascular lab - we have a new addition - Jill and Billy LaLonde have a new baby boy born this afternoon - I do not have the details, but I will post as soon as I get some. Congrats you two.
As I posted on an earlier post, you never know what a day is going to bring. That is why it is so important to start with 'first things first', spending time alone with the LORD. Getting the vertical relationship in line before you start taking on the horizontal relationships in your life. Not to mention the "out of left field' stuff that comes at you. As the Word says, "seek the Lord, while He may be found". So let's do it. Let us seek the Lord and see what He has for us. If God be for you, who can be against you?
Have a blessed Wednesday and be a blessing. GW

Saturday, October 21, 2006

from blue to rainy

“This is the day the LORD has made,
I will rejoice and be glad in it”.

You never know what a day is going to bring, so it is good to be prepared regardless. This one started out blue and ended up rainy again. We needed it to catch up (I guess) with the normal yearly rain fall numbers. Now that is a good spin to put on it.
The trailer / float thing is about finished and it is looking good. The kids and also the adults have put a lot work and time into this project. It will be worth it.
I am still so hoarse ( 3 days) that I sound like I am going through puberty all over again. We think it may be the Nystatin medication which I am taking for the “thrush”. This gets aggravating after a while, because sometimes you need to be able to yell loudly to get some ones attention, and you can’t. But it will pass soon.
I started on the Xeloda (chemo pills) today for a ½ cycle – 7 days on pills with one IV infusion this coming Tuesday. After this I am going to get the PET scan - hopefully the following week.
I have a prayer request for one of my daughter’s friend’s mother. Her name is Angela. She was diagnosed last Summer with breast cancer, went through a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation and was cleared after finishing treatment. Just recently she found another lump in the same area of the previous tumor. She had a biopsy and it is malignant. She is really seeking the Lord’s Will as to what to do. I can understand not wanting to go through treatment again. So, when you pray, pray for Angela please. Thanks.
LSU is playing tonight against Fresno State - sp far they are winning. The rain delayed the game but it did eventually start. The field was reworked last year (they say) and is 11 inches thick in sand with drainage every 7 feet. This helps the water drain quickly – the only problem is when the Campus is flooding, it prevents the Stadium from properly draining. That is why it is so good to think and plan ahead. But that is why we pay those guys - to think ahead. It got to be 10:30 pm and it was time to hit the hay for me. So, I am making an assumption that we won the game.
Jesus time ...
There is one assumption, however, that you do not want to make - that I am "okay" with God. That me and Jesus have this "understanding". There is only one understanding in scripture and this is it - that "all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God" (Romans 6:23). If you have never recognized your need for God and repented of sin(s) then your "understanding" with Jesus is you just kidding yourself. And the fact is this, you are not "okay". I can vividly remember during one of the Mardi Gras parades being approached by two "Christians" who were out sharing the Gospel. I was telling them, "no, I'm okay - really - I walked the isle at my Church when I was about 14 years old - so I am okay". If I was so okay, then why was I out living like the devil himself? That was one question they did not ask, but one that I did ask myself. I actually felt sorry for them to be honest with you. One of my drunk friends threw a beer can at them as they were leaving. I can still see their faces in my mind. It took a bunch of hard knocks over the next year or two to wake me up to the fact that "walking the isle" did not constitute a real relationship with God. That you could be a pretty good citizen, say yes mam' and no mam', go to church and even courteously open the door for ladies - and still be just as lost as as the proverbial "goose in a snow storm". No one would marry a woman/man, and then not talk to them or spend time with them - well maybe at Christmas and Easter - would they? God is no different - in fact He requires it all - "love the LORD God with all you heart, soul, mind and strength". It is all about an active, living, two way street relationship. God is not a bully and He does not force Himself upon us. He's the best dad anyone could ever ask for and has proven it time and time again. We just have to respond.

I am heading for the "horizontal zone". Hope you can make it to your Church tomorrow.
God bless you with abundant life. George.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sunny Day

What a difference day makes. Today is incredibly fresh and beautiful! Here are some happy flowers growing around the pond swaying in the breeze. I guess they are some kind daisy.
I had a real early bloodwork run this morning to see if my numbers are at a level acceptable for starting on the pills tomorrow. While waiting, I ran into a friend who is undergoing treatment for one of those cancers I cannot pronounce. The good news is the tumor has shrunk 50%! Praise God for that report! That got me pumped.

Thanks to my friends at CVT Vascular Lab for the treat(s). That is greatly appreciated and I hope to enjoy them as soon as possible.

I was supposed to be getting some rabbits and cages today while I had some help available, but I have yet to hear back from the owners. So I don't know if the deal is still on or not. No biggy - if it works out it works out. If not, something else will come along.

Lauren's class (about 15 of them) is over here building a Homecoming float on a flatbed trailer. They are having fun and hopefully the weather will hold out.

I am going to go try and finish the Reverse Osmosis project if possible - Jesus said, "with God all things are possible". Then there is hope for me.


Thursday, October 19, 2006


I can tell you this one is going to be short. Here what I did today without a nap. Started before 6 am, cooked breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and all surfaces. I needed the space for the Reverse Osmosis water filter installation project. My dad and I worked on this thing (I was the gofer - gofer this and gofer that - he didn't want to read the directions, but I didn't want to either. After 3 trips tot he Hardware store, we got everthing done and turned on the water and found a leak - I am going to bring a part back if they can replace it, I may have to order it, etc. In the mean time I had a whole chicken simmering in the pot on the stove and Turkey dressing in the oven thanks to mom. They left around 3 pm and it was back to cleaning again - kitchen and tool stuff.

I finally dropped and watched 15 minutes of the national news. Then I watch a video about a Dr. who was healed of Cancer that took him right up to the brink of death. He has an awesome testimony.
The wife and kids made it home after school, a volleyball game and then church - a triple play day - and ate supper and then I cleaned up again.

Rained all day long. We should be catching up on that drought business. I scattered some Crimson Clover seed 2 days ago along with some Mustard Greens and Turnips - hoping to attract deer and rabbits. This rain should help germination rates. The bees love the clover.

Today (Thursday) is going to be a wonderful day. God Bless and be a blessing. George.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lazy Cat !

Meet "Tippy" the White tipped tail Tabby who has been lucky enough to not only have one new family take him in, but three! He has built in Grandparents and 3 cousins and of course my wife and kids who love him more than me. He has a wonderfully playful personality which I have not seen in a cat in a long time. Blacky his friend is also a good cat, just a little more nervous and less affectionate. He and Kenny our pomeranian will actually sit by each other and pretty much be at peace, unless Kenny starts trying to do the tail sniff thing. Tippy has absolutely no patience for that, neither would I.

Gayle, send me your email address. I must have yours on my other hard drive and I cannot access it right now. Interested about your brother's beef growing hobby. I would very much like to check it out. I saw Paul today while at the hospital, but he was passing down the road and did not see me. Tell him for me please. I tried to call him on the cell number I have, but it was not correct - e-mail me your / his correct cell# please.

A quick plug for Sonny's Auto Repair in Central off of Blackwater Rd. I brought in the Van for a sqweeky belt and also the famous "Maintenance Required" light flashing on. He tightened the belt and fixed the light for no charge. He could have trumped it up and changed the belt, etc. but he was honest as always. I recommend his place. 14831 Blackwater Rd. 261-5551.

All things medical - I met with Dr. Patten today. Blood numbers were not great, but adequate. I did not take any treatments today. We decided together to do a split treatment. I have already finished one half, so this Saturday I will begin the other half. My system can only tolerate about 6 or 7 days of the Xeloda. Following this I will have a CT/PET scan here in town. This will tell us if there are any tumors left, how big, new/old, where and based upon this info we will determine what to do next. That was my idea. I am not playing in a crap shoot game here. I am going to "live and not die and declare the works of the Lord" in one fashion or another. I am believing and will accept nothing other than a 100% healing. Jesus never said," be ye sick" - He said many things, but that was not one of them. "Your faith has made you whole, Pick up your mat and walk, Stretch out your hand, Rise up and walk, He's not dead, he is just asleep" ... need I continue? Jesus spoke life in everything he did. Except for the fig tree with no fruit - he spoke and it died. He showed us how the power of life and death are in the tongue, hence the encouragement by all to speak life when using the tongue. I have to work on this daily, hourly and somtimes minute by minute. No excuses, I know what I should be doing/saying. The battle is in the mind and heart of man.

Please be in prayer for Wil Howell's dad and mom. Mr. Howell is having a tough time now and needs a touch from God Almighty. Also, my friend Jill from work was hospitalized for what they think may be blood clots in a part of one of her lungs. The details are sketchy, but please pray for a rapid resolution so she can get back home. She is plannig still to get married in Dec. and with the previous good news of slight shinkage in the tumors, we want for her to have a continued regression of said tumors.

I need to go and read up on how to install this new fangled reverse osmosis water (RO) filter (correctly).
God bless and be a blessing. George.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rainy day . . .

This was a perfect day for catching up on our much needed rainfall totals. I hope this will help the farmers who have been hurting for rain. A good slow,steady drizzle.
Last night was a restless one from 4 am till time to get up. Must have eaten too much too late. It's kind of like eating a lot of pizza late and having the strangest dreams. I also felt like I had been run over by a truck! No more fried food for me for a while.
I also had a few more bouts with mild Big D. Nothing horrendous; I suspect it is theNystatin anti-fungal medication for Thrush that is causing it. One thing leads to another ....
I purchased an Reverse Osmosis water filter system for our home due to the rash of "brown water" episodes we have been experiencing. Everytime they add a new line or repair a line upstream from us, we get splinters in the little screens at the inside faucet head outlets and brown water. Now that to me is nasty! I trusted my water quality up until this happened several times in the past year. Some say it is no big deal, but I say, "if it is brown, we ain't drinking it down!" All I have to do if follow the instructions and hook it up. It removes everything but the H2O. The filter is a first step towards improving the things we intake - air, water and food. Not to become a fanatic, but to use wisdom and to change what I can change. P.S. The bathrooms in the Lowes by Cortana are pretty clean. I was thankfully surprised.
Afterwards, I quickly went by Our Daily Bread Store and got some of their delicious organic bread (seasoned, rolls and loaf bread) - which is not too expensive - depends on what you by. They even have a day old shelf next to the freah shelf 25% off.
Tomorrow is treatment time and mom and dad are going to chauffer me. I am probably going to request he order another scan to see what is what.
Joseph said to his brothers (who sold him into slavery as a young man) after they were forced to go to Egypyt for food and discovered that He (Joseph) was Viceroy (running the show) "you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good". Many things we do not understand happen to us or those we love and at times we question God as to why. The old question of "why do bad things happen to good people". The first thing is - there are no "good" people. Scripture is very extremely clear on this in Romans 6:23, "for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God". I shudder to question God's motives and have quickly learned that His motives are as pure as it gets. Do not doubt His love for you. Do not doubt His Sovereignty over your situation. Look to Him with full trust and confidence. He is the best Father to ever exist and Worthy of your trust. He is Worthy.
The storm front is rumbling in - I am going to get "unplugged" for now. Have a great Tuesday and remember to be a blessing to your world. You are a light set on a hill at this place and time.

Psalm 18 ...

Another beautiful Sunday! Thank God for the rain. Feeling on the weak side for the past two days, so I just sat in the balcony and enjoyed the service anyway. I even sat on the floor a while and laid my head on the seat. Before the service I was sitting in the van reading Psalm 18:1-3 & 6 - I was trying to memorize it - and what do you think Pastor Don preaches on? Psalm 18 and trusting God. The Lord has a wonderful way of letting us know He is in control and a very present help in times of trouble. We just need to stay in the Word - which is a "lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path...". God uses the Word to show us things just like a navigator would use a map.
All things medical - I had to stop my Xeloda Friday due to the big "D". The last two times this happened I tried to tough it out, but the Dr. was emphatic, stop taking the pills if it starts. Amen. I listened this time. I did get 6 days worth of it though. Two days ago I noticed the 'thrush' coming back in my mouth so I jumped on that with Nystatin and it is now almost completely gone. My taste has returned to about 50% (yes!). The nasal passages and throat are drying out throughout the day and night which I use hot showers or gargling with hot water to help with that. My hands and feet are also really dry so I do the "Udderbutter" stuff they gave me at the clinic. Tonight we ate fried eggplant, creamstyle corn, mac and cheese and french fries. Now ain't that delish? The turkey Robin was cooking took way longer than we thought it would, so it will be for tomorrow.
I have been trying to get away from "processed" stuff (you would never know that from some of the things I choose to eat) which includes deli meat for the kids lunches. One way is to get your own turkey and cook/slice it yourself. The meats we all eat are loaded with nitrates and nitrites which are basically poisonous. Don't get me started. That's one reason I would like to grow my own animals - that way you know what they are being fed and what you are in turn eating.
IV treatment two of my 3rd cycle is this Tuesday. I am becoming increasingly curious if it is doing anything good. The symptoms I am experiencing are strickly coming from chemo - not cancer. My CA-19-9 number is still high - over 10,000. Now he said as cancer cells are dying and are being re-absorbed or processed - whatever it is your body does with them after they die - that the numbers can be high because of that. So there we have another non-specific number to confuse us. I may request another scan here in town to see how things are in the liver. God's Word says, "by His stripes I am healed" among many other healing scriptures - that is where my hope is placed. But I still want to know. Going through all of this stuff for the first 3 months only to find out it was not working is a waste of time, money and not to mention a pain! I am on my third cycle with the GTX regimen - so we are coming to a crossroads - would you be praying for me for God to guide me as far as treatment goes - thanks.
It has been raining all evening which makes for a peaceful way to get to sleep. So I am going to go and try to do just that.
This is a new week ahead with new challenges and opportunities.
Remember Matthew 5:16,
"let your light shine so before men
in such a way that they may see
your good works and glorify
your Father who is in heaven".

Friday, October 13, 2006

Two pumpkins in the patch!

My favorite couple!
This is mom and dad in the pumpkin patch at the Perkins road Southside Produce market. We love to go through and check out all of the different and unusual produce. Their prices are much cheaper than most according to my parents. My dad has all of the prices figured out. These two have been such a great help coming up and staying with us during treatment times. They are a huge blessing and I am so thankful for them.
We passed by on the way to pick-up some of my prescriptions from Target on Seigen Ln. I use that Target since Kirk Nealy is a pharmacist there. He and his family call Hosanna home, too. I try to support those who I know are in business for themselves or work at places which offer services which I can use.
This is Friday, another day the LORD has made, and I intend to rejoice and be glad in it. The word tells us that "He (God) gives us the ability to enjoy life" - it is in the Psalms I believe, just cannot remember where. So, I have been praying that over my situation - in spite of side effects - and also others I know who are dealing with quality of life issues. God can improve your circumstances, we just need to continue to believe - and then once things change we need to remember Who it was that helped us and Honor Him accordingly. Honor God with "the fruit of your lips" (your speech) and also your heart (your motives).
Be sure to plan some fun time this weekend with your loved ones - play a board game, eat a good meal together, watch a decent movie with a good message/theme. And remember to be in church on Sunday.
Have a great Friday! God Bless. GW

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Prayer partner ...

Now that is a dog gone good prayer partner! I bet he is faithful to his little buddy. I have learned a lot about forgiveness from our dog. He can mess up time and again, get scolded for it and just move right on looking me is the face as if he is saying “let’s go play”. He has a great recovery time. Pastor Don has shared that idea many times – “What is your recovery time?” How long does it take you to get beyond an offense from someone else? Jesus did say, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us …”
It is many times easier said than done. But when we do not forgive we not only harm the other person, we harm ourselves. This reminds me of an animal show about poachers in Africa. They would lay a thick wire snare to trap Elephants. The wire would tighten around one of the feet of the animal and cut off the circulation. Sometimes the animal would break free but the wire would still be attached and the foot would die, hobbling the creature making it easier to find and kill. Unforgiveness can do the same thing to us spiritually. And the crazy thing is this – we do this to ourselves. We control it. Do you want to be free? Forgive and you shall be forgiven. We reap what we sow. Plant corn, you get corn. Some years you get a bumper crop, and some years may be leaner, but do not be deceived, the scriptures say, what you sow (plant), that shall you also reap (harvest)”. That is a very easy formula to remember.

This morning is what I would call cold. Windbreaker weather over a long sleeve shirt for sure. It’s about time! It is refreshing. Maybe now the mosquitoes will begin to be less of a problem. I think this Saturday, the morning temperature will be down to 47 degrees F.

If any of you would like to grow some of your own okra this coming spring, I have a lot of seed ready to give out. You do not need to have a lot of room, along a fence with plenty of sun (at least 6 hours) would be fine. This is one plant I have not had to spray for bugs, but towards the end of the season, some damage was noted to some of the leaves (bugs don't eat the okra pods, but the leaves), but production was not hampered. Drop me a note or call and I'll try to get it to you. Just promise me you will plant it.

I tried to post this today from 7 am to 9 am without success, so I am going to contact the people at BlogSpot to see what the problem is. This is very frustrating. We have the Bellsouth Ultra DSL which is very fast, only to have BlogSpot get locked up. It may be that in the early A.M. it is so busy with everyone logging on at the same time. Not only did I get a good message about forgiveness this morning, I also was allowed an opportunity to practice patience. If you have to wait, do something productive while you wait. I am still reading through Dodie Osteens book "Healed of cancer", so I just read away while waiting.

I am going to go now. God Bless. GW

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday morning ...

This is one of Kermit's tree frog friends. If you will notice, he is giving us the triple "peace" sign.

This is another beautiful sunrise that I could not pass up! I need a wider angle lense to get the full picture.

While bringing the garbage to the street, I spotted this faint rainbow in the Western sky. Usually a rainbow means that it is raining somewhere - rain is what produces a "rain"bow. Soon the rain caught me - it was 700 ft. to go to get back down the driveway to my house. Read the previous Tuesday post for the full story.
Type some more later. George

"This is the day the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."
Another reason to rejoice is it finally rained here in Central. The only problem was that it waited until I was all the way to the street – I was putting the garbage to the curb when it started coming down. 700 feet is a long trot especially when you are not used to it. I believe I am going to set a goal to compete in some form of a Triathlon once everything clears up. Goals are good for the soul – I just made that up. It gives you something to look forward – something to shoot for.
On the way to the street, I did get several shots with the camera of a rainbow in the western sky. I’ll try to put those up. Also, one of Kermit’s friends was on my living room window – on the outside of course – when I drew back the blinds this morning. It’s a tree from underbelly shot, looks unusual.
Proverbs 4:20-22 says, “My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let then depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; For they are life to those who find them, and health to all there flesh."
The reason the Word of God is so important when you are fighting a battle for you health is because in so many cases it’s the only hope you have. Give God’s Word first place in your heart because it is life and health to your body. (Quoted from Dodie Osteen’s book “Healed of Cancer” Chapter 2, pg 36-37). I read this yesterday, I am am re-reading her book.
I decided to take the medical route since I was operable and chemo because it was available and had a good statistical track record. Not to say that it did not take faith – to let some Doctor practically disembowel you, take out 25-30% of your pancreas and remove a few other parts, then hook everything back together – that took faith and it takes faith by me everyday to believe the new plumbing is going to continue to work. It takes faith to take the hand full of pills several times a day, too. Today is another gift – another opportunity to live life by faith no matter the situation, be it light or heavy. Some of us are dealing with health issues mental or physical or both. Some deal with their attitude in good ole’ BR traffic (never take Sherwood Forest between Florida Blvd and I-12 – it is a nightmare if you are trying to be on time) and some may have wayward children that are breaking the rules and their parents hearts. Take it all by faith to God. He tells us to. He knows our frame, that we are but dust.
Well, I need to go and get something done around the house. Like I’ve told Robin before, “Let’s get one thing straight, I run this house – I run the vacuum, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer not to mention the handle end of the mop”. She agreed with me with no back talk. I reckon I told her.
God Bless and go be a blessing – your are a light set on a hill.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day four ..

Tomorrow will be day 4 and I will get the IV chemo. Day 11 is the second scheduled treatment. So far so good. Still standing in faith for 100% top to bottom healing - by His stripes I am healed.
I am up late due to the Decadron pre-meds - ya'll remember that story. I am learning.
My eyes were getting really dry and tired when I remembered a beautiful Keith Green song. You should hear it - not just the words. It is a classic. You have to read it with a slow pace.

"my eyes are dry, my faith is old
my heart is hard and my prayers are cold
and I know how, I aught to be
alive to You and dead to me.

Oh what can be done, with an old heart like mine?
soften it up, with oil and wine.
the oil is You and Your Spirit of love
please wash me anew in the wine of your blood.

All of Keith Green's music is classic christian listening that really captures the heart of God.

Here is a prayer request by the parents of one of our Brave Soldiers in Iraq. He was shot in the head Sunday. He is defending Freedom and the right to assemble and worship freely.

"I wanted to get everyone to pray for my son Chad. Today-Sunday, I got a call from the Army that my son had been shot in the head. He was in a Humvee going through Falujah fighting and a gang of militia fighters fired on the Humvee and hit Chad in the head. The driver got him out of the city and took him to Baghdad. He was in fatal condition, but now has been upgraded to stable critical. His dad and I are on standby to fly to Washington and then on to Germany as soon as the military calls us to go. The Army is trying to stabilize
him enough to fly to Germany and at that time we will leave. Please pray that my son will not have brain damage and that he will be restored and healed by the blood ofJesus, and the grace of God. I ask for you to pass this prayer request on so there will be many prayer warriors praying for him. Thank you so much and I will try to keep you updated on his condition".
God Bless,Vicky Field - Granbury, Texas

We will be praying for Chad. "To him who has been given much, much is required". Many of us who call upon the Name of the LORD have received "much" through Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross. We must put ourselves in remembrance of how life was in the "B.C. days" (before Christ). I for one can tell you the old life has nothing to offer me that can compare to Jesus and the fellowship of believers. Jesus said He "came that we might have life and have it (life) more abundantly." He didn't say a non-believer could not have abundance in this life, but rather that a converted heart given over completely to God the Father through Christ would have a life of more abundance. An abundance of the things that really matter and are more Eternal. Amen.

I have some more pictures, but once again this system will not upload them for some reason.
I'll try tomorrow (Tuesday).
God Bless and be a blessing. GW

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kim and friends ...

Happy 50th Birthday Kim!
(She is on the left)
May you have at least 50 more!

Eagle . . .

Is it me, or can you see the Eagle with its outstretched talons and thrown back wings? In person it was much more impressive, of course.
The scriptures says,
"They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength,
they shall mount up with wings as Eagles,
they shall run and not grow weary,
they shall walk and not grow faint,
they that wait upon the LORD,
shall renew their strength" (Isaiah 40:31). I love the book of Isaiah. It is a beautifully written book.

Church was awesome. Pastor Ralph Anzivino preached today and it is definitely a CD you want to get from Church. It was an illustrated sermon dealing with idolatry in the lives of believers and it was an eye opener.

Happy 50th Birthday Kim - the party was really fun and it was good to see so much of the family - I don't get to see them very often. The food was good. My taste is about 80% now so some things are better than others, but over all I welcome the ability to enjoy anything food wise. You take what you can get!!!

Thanks to CVT for the get together last Monday. It is so encouraging to know that ya'll have my back covered. The support is much appreciated and the food was delicious as it could be to me. I get frustrated sometimes because I know it's delicious, but I cannot appreciate the full flavor. As they say, "this too shall pass". Thanks to Ken, too. I had locked myself out of my car and Ken "commandeered" a coat hanger and we were able to get the keys through the window which I had let down about 1 inch because it was so hot.

This is another week to look forward to. Approaching it with the proper outlook - the Jesus attitude - and being a a light and a blessing wherever you go. God Bless - George.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cool breeze . . .

It is cool this morning. Another welcome sign of Autumn. I start on the chemo pills this morning. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. No time to procrastinate.
The little fellow to the right here probably did not know what hit him. Hopefully you can see the spider with another insect in its clutches. My mother spotted this one on my Hamlin Sweet orange tree. The spider definitely has a mouth full.
This reminds me of the scripture about satan who is described as a "roaring lion seeking whom he may devour". We have to be alert at all times to those things which can harm us physically - most people want to preserve their body from harm, but not too many seem to want to preserve their soul/spirit from harm. I am not judging others, just an observation, many are not aware or could care less because they have not been enlightened. The Word says to "guard your heart, for from it flows the issues of life". We need to consider the things we watch, read and listen to. We are called to a higher standard - not self righteous or conceited - but a holy standard. Living in this world will get your feet dirty, but Jesus told Peter that he didn't need a bath, just his feet washed since he had been cleansed by the Words Jesus had spoken. We will get dirty feet, but daily confession to the Lord and repentance takes care of that. God has made a provision for us through Christ.

LSU plays today. All of mine are at a Volleyball tournament all day. I have a birthday party I was invited to and my dad wants me to hit a few garage sales with him. That stuff wears me out, so we set a time limit and a location and then stick to the plan. I buy books - about God, old Bibles, tree books, math books, those really big picture/coffee table books. Other stuff, too,
but if it is over a dollar or two, I usually pass on it. He has had to back off of the purchaes due to my mother revolting against him coming home with a truck bed full of "stuff"- but with no place to put the "stuff". This is a good way to spend time together - modern man's version of the "hunt" I guess you could say.

I had to go to two Dr.s yesterday to check my port site, it looked like it was trying to get infected, but they say it was not, but to remain cautious and keep an eye on it.
There is one spot that has yet to close off that was the concern.

Well, I am going to go. I have to take my "chemo-soby" within 30 minutes of the meal. Check this out - 3 eggs, 4 pcs. of toast and moma's home made pear preserves for breakfast. Gotta' eat while I can!
Don't be like that little spider's victim - but be wise and have a great weekend! Get out and do something with the family and enjoy the weather together.
God Bless. Matthew chapters 5, 6 & 7. Great reading. It will encourage you. GW

Friday, October 06, 2006

TGIF . . .

This was the beautiful sunrise I wrote about yesterday. The system would not upload the image, but it did today. It is nice to wake up and watch the sunrise over the pond. Especially now since the daylight hours are getting shorter.
With all of the craziness that is going on, I just found out yesterday that the son of a cousin of mine- they live in another state- (now follow me) - his girlfriend's step dad shot his wife (her mother) then shot himself. Then it was noted that he also set fire to their house and also the daughter's house (which is where the my cousin's son was also living). The wife wanted a divorce and he had subsequently threatened her. Her and her daughter had filed a restraining order which we all know that ain't worth the paper it is written on. This could have been even worse because we suspect had the daughter and my cousin's son not been at work, he would have shot them also.
I mention this not to pile on more tragedy, but to ask for prayer for Mark and Kelly during this tragic time in their lives. This was an extremely close call. You always hear of it on the news, but rarely does something like this hit so close to home. Jesus is the answer.
I have to go now, i have an appointment.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beautiful sunrise .....

What a beautiful sunrise this morning. The giant Orange Orb in the sky quietly rises in the East, burning the fog off of the pond's still surface. It also helps to clear the fog of the mind –yesterday is gone - along with its challenges - and I have been given the gift of another day. The question in my mind is, “what am I going to do with it?” For all of us, there are certain things that have to be done today – work, kids, school, clean the kitchen, etc... – but what about the "in between time", the extra time?

"First things first”: I must align my mind with the Word of God
, “being renewed in the spirit of your mind…Ephesians 4:23. Then as I approach the day, I have the confidence that the Lord will be guiding me, for He also says, “thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path..” Psalm 119:105. And if any challenges or questions arise, Jesus said, “ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock and the door shall be opened to youMatthew 7:7.

Man, if that don’t preach you happy, you need to go and get yourself another cup of java! The Word is full of scriptures that will make your day, every day – you just have to put in. Remember a while back, I wrote about FIDO. Faith in, doubt out. It’s not how much faith you have, but how much doubt. The more you input the Word, the less room for doubting God’s ability to do what He said He would do in you, through you and for you. Fill the glass full to the top with water and watch how there is no more room for air. Keep filling it and it will overflow. Lord, fill us to over flowing!

I have to decide if I want to start cycle 3 this Friday (tomorrow) or Monday of next week. Based upon my symptoms, I am undecided. I could most certainly wait till Monday, since my tongue still has not returned to normal, and I am back and forth with the big D and the big C. So I am going to pray for direction about this. The sooner you start, the sooner it will be over is one way of looking at it. I can remember as a young kid getting a spanking, I soon realized that if I would just take it instead of running from it, it would soon be over and I could go back out and play. "Grin and bear it", so to speak. This is much more serious, but the same principle applies. We will see.

In closing, we have seen one of the greatest witnesses of the love and forgiveness of God in our day through the tragic deaths of the Amish children. The brothers that were interviewed were quick to give God the Glory and to qoute Jesus' words, "if you don't forgive, you cannot be forgiven" Matthew 6:14 & 15. We could have come up with a slick "Christian" advertising campaign about how God is into forgiveness and that would have been nice, but what we are seeing is the real deal friend. The rubber met the proverbial road in this situation and these brothers and sisters in Christ are living it out. I am so thankful for their witness. Our Nation needs Jesus now more than ever and this is a message for our times. May God be with those who lost children to this horrible event.
Until later, George.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Excuses ....

Here we go with the excuses. "I did it because . . . . "
Can you believe it? Now the infamous Senator says the reason he did it because he was abused by a priest as a teenager. I thought he did it because he was an alcoholic. He goes into rehab for this, in my mind, to escape the wrath of the people - kind of like many of Hollywood's stars. Now he says he is a homosexual - boy did that anger the gay community! Now they are saying (the gay community) that you cannot equate what he was doing with homosexuality. Well, all I know is thart this is a horrible mess which has harmed innocent young people once again.
The reason we fall is because we are a fallen race of sinners - the only hope for man is to turn to God and repent, confess ones sins to God and follow Christ. Confess it with your mouth and believe it in your heart that Jesus Christ is LORD and you shall be saved. Just "cleaning up your image" is not the answer or "just doing better" - you have to die to yourself in order to live to God. He says He will replace the heart of stone with a heart of flesh. It's all about heart change and it does take time and effort. "Getting religion" is not what we are talking about here. The world has way to much religion already.
The school shootings are even more horrible than imagined. What is going on with people? Another abuse excuse. Something bad happened to me so I am going to harm other innocent people. And children at that. Coward is a word that comes to my mind. These acts are so cowardly and senseless. May God have mercy on all of us.
There is a lot of good going on in our world today regardless of these cowardly acts of violence. People are giving and helping and sharing every day all over the world. God works through people to help people. God uses you and He uses me as an extension of Himself to others in need. I do not know of anyone who has ever seen God in person or heard an audible voice, not that it has not happened, I just do not personally know anyone who has. I have, however, seen God use people to bless others. We are His hands and His feet and His voice. Even if it is just giving a cup of cold water, Jesus said we would not lose our reward. That is neat.
Feeling better, I just tire out easily. The Avastin I took Monday has listed as possible side effects fatigue and also constipation (among other side effects like death, etc.). Dog gonnit' - I'm going from the big D to the big C. I took some Senikot which helped out alot. Food still tastes off, but I am eating full meals now, praise God. The rash stuff started again, so I am back on a low dose of Keflex for that. It works.
We are praying for sister Betty King - her heart was acting up - be praying.
I am going to go for now. God Bless. George.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monday . . .

Monday was a busy day – not what I was expecting. I was late for my Dr.’s appointment by about 30 minutes. I had blood work and then the Dr. and I discussed the past cycle and side effects, etc. I was slightly anemic and borderline on the white blood cell count. So for the time being we are going to wait a few days and see how the symptoms I have been experiencing pan out. I did, however, receive AVASTIN via the port. It is not a chemo drug, but a monoclonal antibody designed to prevent blood vessel development to any tumors present. It does have side effects, but usually not as bad as the chemo. I did go by my work (CVT) in between the appointment and the infusion to eat lunch. The group all brought food for a big get together for me, Jill and Dr. Hackler. Dr. Hackler told me they cannot find any more tumors in his abdominal cavity and that there are only a few other small ones detected in other areas. Jill could not make it since she was receiving treatment. The food was great – I was able to taste some stuff, but it was aggravating to have all of this food and not be able to get the full flavor. I finally left the hospital after 6 pm – I started at 9 am – that makes for a long day.
Slept good last night. This is going to another busy month for our family. A lot of school stuff is lined up – including the weekends.
Church was great. I am glad I was able to go, but I missed worship since I had to spend some time in the privy. That is why I sat in the balcony because I had been experiencing the “big D” every morning over the previous week. There is a bathroom right outside the balcony door, which is a convenient set up for me. Also, with the immunity numbers on the borderline, I need to be limiting exposure. Sunday night was just over the top. It must have been something I ate. Praise God it passed.
Both Robin and my youngest and my mother in law were complaining of ear/throat problems. Robin went to the Dr. and he gave her a shot of cortisone. He did not put her on antibiotics.
God’s WORD says,
and let us not lose heart in doing good,
for in due time we shall reap
if we do not grow weary.
So then, while we have the opportunity;
Let us do good to all men,
And especially to those who
are of the household of faith
Today is another day to do good in Jesus name.
Have a great week. GW

Sunday, October 01, 2006

early Sunday ...

Up early today, slept till about 4 am and now I cannot seem to get sleppy again, so I am posting an early Sunday post while it is so very quiet at our house. If it sounds like I am typing lightly to you, I am.
This has been a busy week for the family. We were all in the house at the same time last night - all night - first time in many days! The youngest had fun with Pastor Terry and the other boys at the "Team Impact" event Saturday in Amite. He even bought a video about the guys and testimonies, etc. My oldest was voted to be on the Homecoming Court! (Congrats) and they beat Bethany's volleyball team 3 games straight. Robin had a good Saturday and a much needed break to watch some football, do nothing and just chill out. LSU won. WE VOTED - did you? We all sat down and decided ahead of time who and what to vote for and it made it so much easier (and faster).
The weather has been beautiful! I have been taking advantage of it and sitting on the deck in the afternoon or early morning to get fresh air. Usually by 9 am (this week) I had already had a bad case of the "big D" several times, so I would be out of commission for a while. Later on in the day I would make myself do something, even if it was walk the dog to the mailbox and back.
Food: I have been trying to eat, but the mouth is still messed up, but getting better incrimentally. There are no sores, but it's like there is saw dust in anything I eat with an 'off' flavor. I even made homemade from scratch mashed potatoes and they were nasty (to me). The family loved it though. I have been making egg drop soup. Bring one can of chicken broth to a boil, drop in 2 raw beaten eggs and wait about 30 seconds at the most - just till they are cooked and no longer. Pour into a sturdy bowl so they will start to cool. The key is to cook them just enough - not overcook. The eggs are cooked and still slick or smooth - add chicken boullion crystals if needed for enhancing the flavor to 'over the top' which is what I had to do to even taste it. You get your protein (6 grams per egg) and fluids - watch it if have a salt/sodium restriction however - your looking at about 2 grams of sodium - not milligrams - grams. Talk about feet swelling! Another one is cooking a bag of angel hair pasta, dip out and butter and salt to taste. This also goes down smoothly. You can eat on this for several days. I just dip out into a small frying pan what I want, saute' it in butter and salt to taste - refried noodles I guess you could say. I am staying away from the milk for now until the digestion gets back to "normal". I did try vanilla and chocolate ice cream, which was okay, but I lean more towards wanting the salty vs. the sweet.
Remember Wil's dad in prayer- Mr. Wilson - he is going through similar side effects with food and feeling bad. We are standing with him as well as our other friends who are fighting the good fight against cancer.
This has been a difficult week, but Psalm 103 has been my meditation - it reminds me to bless the Lord and to not forget all of His benefits. The forgiveness of sins and the healing of all your diseases. "Lord, we do not want to forget where we came from or what we have been saved from / out of". And besides, like Job said, though He slay me, yet will I praise Him! But I believe God is in the life giving business, not the slaying business. Jesus came that we might have life, and life more abundantly.
I am going to go. God bless and I hope to see you in Church if I can - if not Hosanna - go to some Church somewhere today. It will do you good.