Sunday, March 29, 2009

all is well....

All is well with me and mine. We have all been quite busy. Lauren has 3 tests this week then Spring Break so she is excited and working hard this coming week for some much deserved rest. Bryan is doing track and has been busy with a project for the Social Studies Fair at school. That is behind him and he is also preparing for Easter Break. Unfortunately, Bryan and Lauren's weeks do not coordinate so we won't have the opportunity to take a trip.

I have been helping Scott out again and the Print and Copy Center because he had an employee quit and that left him in a bind. So things have been busy. And to make things busier I started taking a ballet class on Tues. nights. It is right down the road from where I work so it is not out of the way. I have been enjoying that so much. I love the discipline of dance especially ballet and oh it is a great work out. more later RW

Thursday, March 19, 2009

time, time, time.....

Where is '09 going? As I watch the month of March tick away, I am wondering if time could possibly pass any faster. I feel as though it is flying pass me so quickly. I have been noticing the change of scenery around me. The leaves are budding, the azaleas are blooming and spring has basically sprung. Before you know it, it will be time to open the pool and summer will be on its heels. As time flys so do many missed opportunities. We need to be mindful of what is going on around us in the midst of our busyness and us trying to keep our heads above water. There are chances to affect eternity all around us we just need to recognize them and then to desire to take advantage of the opportunities. Another reason why dying to self is so very necessary.

Once self is out of the way, there are things we see differently and opportunities we won't let pass us by. Ask the Lord to continue to show you your life in light of eternity and why you were actually put on the planet at this time and in the place you are in. None of it is by mistake or just some random act of providence it is purposed by our Heavenly Father to accomplish a very specific plan and affect the Kingdom of God and bring forth His glory on the earth. WOW you are a vital part of God's plan. How awesome that He wants to use us. Let's purpose in our hearts to cooperate. What ya say????? RW

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


On Saturday I returned from a 5 night Mexican cruise. Lana and I left from New Orleans aboard the Carnival Fantasy and had the times of our lives. It was absolutely relaxing and beautiful. The food was incredible and the boat was incredible.

On Sunday night I was able to share at church on the thought: "Shut up and die". In learning the truth about how God views death we will then be able to more easily die to self in order to live in the love of God. Self and the love of God can not coexist, it is impossible. But in pulling back the ugly mask of death and realizing how God views the death of His saints helps us to embrace without fear the concept of death. I will putting more of these thoughts down because I feel as though the Lord would have me write this out.

I am helping out my friend Scott again at work he had an employee quit on him and he is short a person at work. I had quit but now I am there helping him out. Bryan has been home sick the last two days from school but I think he is better now. We are going out tonight as a family and see a movie and hang out. LATER.....RW

Sunday, March 01, 2009

hey blog family....

Wanted to ask you all to be in prayer for me. Pastor asked me to speak in church Sunday night March 8th. I am very excited because the Lord has laid some power things on my heart. I want to be able to communicate clearly the truths God has placed in my heart. Pray for the anointing.

Starting next week I will be making efforts to contact publishers and see if we can get things rolling with the book. I need to also have the mind of Christ and the favor of the Lord as I attempt to walk out this process. Thanks for praying and I love you all very much.

Remember our total reliance is on HIM. Nothing will satisfy and nothing will keep us like Jesus. Lean on Him, He will hold you up.