Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Home recovering...

All went well today with George's hernia repair. The surgery took all of 45 minutes. The doctor said it was very routine and that George would be back to his routine in 3-4 days. We actually made it home around 2:00 after stopping and eating some Subway (do you know they sell pizza now). He is now resting and taking it easy. Thanks for the good advice Margie, I will make sure he doesn't push it.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Deep . . .

Church was goooooood. Pastor talked about love. Need I say more?
Here are a few thought that have been running through my head.

Many go to Church as a part of their obligatory path of life. I work because I should, I go to Church because I should, I vote because I should – this could also be termed as, “it’s the right thing to do”, when some are asked as to their motivation for various activities. I am partly discussing and partly confessing. I could easily fall into the category of “it’s the right thing to do”, because I don’t have to think. Why don’t I have to think about it? Because my mind has been made up concerning most of these things - years – maybe even decades before. Therefore it is a moot point. I do it because that is what I have decided is a non-debatable issue. But still, on those days when you do not feel like doing whatever it is you are supposed to be doing, it falls under the category of doing it because you should. Then I am back to where I started. Hmmm . .
Getting deep -
David Rainey and I were talking before Church today about our kids and how fast they are growing up. I told him about a theory I have as to why time seems to ‘fly by’ – the older we get the faster it seems to pass. Here it is: When a person turns 2 years old, they have now doubled the number of years they have experienced from 1 year to 2 years which equates to a 50% increase. When a person turns from 50 to 51 years old, they have now increased their life experience by only 2%. So, the older one gets, each successive year carries with it less life experience on a percentage basis. Hence the perception that time ‘flies by’ the older you get. You also have to consider that the older we become, finish school, College, marriage, children – we gain more and more personal and also historical (wars, presidents disasters, etc.)‘land marks’. These create a larger and larger data bank of memories, which are a blessing to have and reflect upon as we age, but also serve to help us simply ‘get lost’ in the shear volume of information (memories) our lives have created.
A little deeper - In the Van on the way home from Church we were discussing the size of the Universe. I do not believe there is a ‘border’ or ‘edge’ to our Universe. If we could travel in a space ship at an excessive amount of speed – many times the speed of light – in one direction, we could travel our whole lives and never reach an edge or the end. Let’s go further and say that on this ‘imaginary’ spaceship we were traveling in, we could reproduce children, raise them, our grandchildren and so on and so on for generations and generations. And you know what, we still would not reach the end – because it does not exist - hence the word ‘endless’. That is such a difficult concept or truth to wrap my mind around and yet so simple. There are no boundaries. Wow.
One last thought in this same arena is the amount of space between all of the actual mass that we can see such as suns and planets. The gaps which exist between Galaxies are huge. Huge areas of nothingness. . . . .

I so look forward to finding the answers to such huge questions from the One Who created it all. But until that time, I am asking Him to heal me completely of any cancer or any other diseases. Not because He has to, but just because He loves me. Because He is by nature a Healer. I know His plans are higher than mine as are his ways, but He did say to ask, so I keep asking.
Have a great week - go and be a blessing.
"I shall live and not die and
declare the works of the Lord" (ps. 118:17)
P.S. Surgery Tues. morning. Please pray.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here is a shot of me and Robin at the LSU Rural Life Museum, it's kind of corny though (especially since we are sitting in front of the corn crib).

Genesis 2:23 And Adam said: "This is now bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man."

Another beautiful shot of the pink Sunrise as reflected off of the pond surface (so the pic you see is really a reflection). This was taken friday morning and was breathtaking. It only lasted a few minutes, however.

Psalm 107:35 "He turns a wilderness into pools of water, And dry land into watersprings."
Psalm 63:1 "O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water."

I went to the surgeon's office who will be doing my hernia repair Friday and got all of the paper work lined and signed. It is scheduled for Tuesday morning and will be an outpatient procedure which he said will take about 45 minutes at the most. I wanted to do it this past week but he was out of town. We have yet to hear anything about our appeal to Blue Cross concerning the Yttrium spheres procedure, so that is why I wanted to go ahead and get the hernia repaired - at least something is happening. Praise God.

Bryan had a game today in New Roads against False River Academy. We won by about 7 points and we were missing two of our good players.

I had a first happen to me the other day. I cried while watching a PBS special about the Afghanastan health care system - or the lack there of. You talk about heart breaking. One in particular was a woman who had travelled for 3 days to see if the surgeon could repair a fistula she has had since given birth 8 months before. It was so bad the she had raw rashes on both inner thighs so bad that she could not walk. This wa s a result of a constant uncontolled flow of urine due to the fistulla. She was in such pain, it was unbelievable. The surgery was a complete success, thank God. A second story was of a young mother who was going into premature labor at 7 months. They were able to stall this for a few more days or weeks - but she finally had to come back to the Hospital where she gave birth after a very long labor. The baby was healthy, just to soon for the ability of the Hospital to handle. She lost the baby. The grief was sickening. The surgeon was so frustrated since he could not help like he wanted to due to the lack of equipment, drugs and competent help. He is a native of Afghanastan trained and living in the U.S. He finally left a year after this was filmed. We have got it so good. This just proves to me that America is blessed beyond any and all Nations past or present. Our system of Government is as close as you can get to perfect. We have our flaws, but our positives far outway any negatives. The Word says in Proverbs 14:34 "Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people." Any people, that includes all of us.

Hope to see you all in Church tomorrow, Lord willing and if the creek doesn't rise (we are supposed to get some bad weather tonight). God Bless.


Friday, February 23, 2007

"Pastors of Porn"... what?

How about that for a title grabber? I’ll get to that one in a minute.

This morning I woke up (now that is something to be thankful for) in the same bed next to a beautiful wife of 17 years and two wonderful kids. Not that I was in any pain, but I really felt drained and I almost stayed in the bed, but I needed to get up and take my meds, etc., and see them off to school. After everyone left I cleaned up the kitchen and headed to my perch - that is my special spot on the couch (with the table, bible, books, writing pad etc, which doubles as my office). This is the most convenient place in the house where I can get vertical or horizontal with the greatest of ease. I did what I have done in the past many times, but do not recommend as a cure all, but it is still fun – I set the Bible in front of me and blindly opened it up. Guess what was there when I opened my eyes – Jeremiah 29. Some of you may know this chapter by one of its most famous verses
(29:11), “For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you,
says the LORD, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace
and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome”.
Wow! How about that for a message from God Himself to little ole me? And guess what? It’s for you too. And there is more.
Jer. 29:12-14 Then you will call upon Me
and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.
And you will seek Me and find Me, when you
search for Me with all your heart. I will be
found by you, says the LORD…”
That supercharged my day.

I went ahead and read some more and had some good prayer time. I got a few things done during the day. I don’t know if it was just me, but man it got hot. I went outside for about 15 minutes walking the dog and started feeling sick I got so hot. In the shade it probably was not bad at all. I probably should have had my big wide brim hat on, too.
The family made it home, we ate supper, cleaned up and then Bryan and I did something we have not done in a long time – played pitch and catch with the baseball. He threw and I did the catching. I have learned what I can and cannot do in this arena. We were doing fine until he decided to beam one at me and hit me in the shin. I repeated to him to slow it down, but you know boys, they like to throw’em fast. It got dark and we went inside – lucky for me. I have been on the mild side as far as pain during the day. Later on and into the early morning it started up again. Praise God for help.
The bunnies are formulating a conspiracy, I think. Not only will the buck try and bite me if I stick my hand into his cage, but now the doe next to his cage will do the same. She jumps at me with both front paws up in the air and lands on the hay as I put it into her cage - as if to say, “you can just leave it right there”. I like to remove any left over hay from the previous day off of the cage floor – that is when the she-beast attacked me and bit my hand. Here I am looking at her thinking to myself, “Don’t you realize you are a potential meal?” They are probably just defending there little space. Any way…
The reference above about the ‘Pastors of Porn’ came from a news story about two young preachers who are reaching out to those working in and producing pornographic movies’ etc. They literally go to porn industry expos around the country, buy a booth along side the porn people and then hand out Bibles and share the Gospel. Talk about attacking the gates of hell! They have even developed a relationship with one of the more famous male stars and have debated this very topic with him at Universities across the country. That is the forum God has chosen to use them in and I applaud their efforts to go for it. They said that the more vicious e-mails towards what they are doing don’t come from the non-believers, but from people in the Church world. That figures.
My take on porn is this – it is a very sad thing. I think of how much time, energy and money is put into something that not only has no value, but also removes value – from both those who view it and those who do it. It is degrading and debasing to the human soul. It is a cancer in our society that is destroying otherwise healthy minded kids that do not realize the power of the poison they are dabbling in. If I were in charge, it would be completely outlawed. Do not be confused, this is not an issue of free speech or freedom of expression. Our founding Fathers did not have porn in mind while penning those concepts to paper. What these guys want is freedom from – from responsibility. I heard on the radio today that the State of Alabama has outlawed so called ‘sex toys’. Go Alabama. That means that the seedy little shops that sell them (along with tons of porn movies and mags) will close down, too – hopefully. This is a big can of worms and I could keep on typing.

May God raise up righteous minded men and women who will serve in offices of authority - and also many behind the scenes like you and me - who will speak out about things such as porn and pray for its demise. America needs to remain a beacon of hope and promise to the world, not a purveyor of smut and filth. God help us.
Wednesday night Church was awesome. Pastor Ralph shared. Here is one nugget I wanted to pass on to you. He said, “we are to be sanctified, which means ‘set apart unto God’, in order for the blessings of God to come to us. There are people that God may have to separate you from and others that God may want you to hang around with more, in order for his blessings to flow”. My take on it is that God has to get us into the right environment in order to mould us and change us. For me, it took going off to College and getting around Christians my age in order for me to see that it was possible to live for Jesus. And who knows, this cancer thing may also be used of God to get me in another place where God can use me more effectively. All I know is that with God, the Sky is the limit.
The weekend is upon us. My prayer for you is that you have a wonderful weekend with your family and may you get done everything you need to get done – and be able to relax, too.
God bless you and in turn go out and be a blessing.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catching up . . .

I am behind again on posting. Sorry. I am trying to think where to begin. Well, as I say to others, I say to myself, “Begin at the beginning” and “First things first”.

SundayChurch was really good. When you go expecting to receive, you usually do. When you go willing to be used of God, then He just might. This day was like so many others, great worship and a great message – I was not feeling the best, but I had followed the advice of some friends about the pain control issue and it helped me out. Taking meds before it gets on top of you is something I already was aware of, but I needed a reminder. I just hate taking pills. So, you weigh your options and then make a decision. I am so thankful that I have options. Pastor shared the second half of his message on John 10:10. John 10:10 "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly". Abundantly, he shared, is defined as, “over and above what is necessary, something further and much more”. It was so good to see and speak to so many of our friends. We stayed a little later than usual – man, we are blessed with some wonderful brothers and sisters at that fellowship.
Bob made some type of crawfish gumbo/jumbo - whatever it was, it was good. They also had corn casserole and corn off the cob – both made from corn that had been cooked along with the crawfish. Wow, it was good. I ate that and felt great for a while. I crashed on the couch for a few hours and woke up feeling rough. We went home and I just dealt with it the best I could.

Monday – My brother and his wife came in from N.O. to go see the LSU Rural Life Museum. Wow, I knew that it was back there, I just did not know how much there was to see and experience. I highly recommend it for all ages. It is at I-10 and Essen Lane.-across the street from Tire Kingdom at the red light. When we pulled in, I saw my sister in law Eva, but not my brother. She pointed to a truck – he was helping an older gentleman change a flat tire. Good deed for the day, he must have been raised right? I think so. I walked over towards he and the man as if I was trying to see if I could recognize him (Mike) and said, “Mike, is that you? When did you get released from Angola?” (Angola is a prison near Baton Rouge) Well, he and the man got a good laugh off of that one, but my wife didn’t think that was too funny. Well, I think it was funny – anywho….. The cost for the walking tour is about $7 for adults and $5 for kids. You could easily spend half the day there. No food is sold on sight. I was really feeling sick before and during the tour. – struggling to say the least. I woke up feeling semi-okay, it just kept getting worse as the day progressed. I thought maybe if I ate something it would help. We ate at the Goodwood Grill – another recommended spot – it is located on Goodwood Blvd at Tara. Do not tell anybody, but I ate a hamburger – the whole thing – the best hamburger I have eaten in a long time. These are large burgers like the homemade kind and not too expensive. Man, at this point I was really struggling. So we parted ways and headed home. I eventually got drugged up enough and applied enough hot pads where it hurt to make it to midnight. Thank God for a caring wife and kids who understand.

TuesdayWe were planning on going to N.O. to see my mom, dad and Aunt Eva. Woke up feeling pretty good. I took my Poly MVA real early around 5:30 am and went back to bed. Woke for real and ate a banana and an apple around 7:30 ‘ish. We headed out at 8:45 am. On the way the stomach/abdominal pain/burning kicked in. But I took a Tab on the way which helped for a few hours and then I took another one. Well, can I tell you I was feeling no pain? I don’t like the weird feeling it gives you, but I’ll take that over the pain any day of the proverbial week. My brother and his wife and youngest son came by while we were there. We also visited with the neighbors a bit. They have 7 – Seven – yeah, that’s right, 7 kids from 12 years to about maybe 1 year or less? Great couple, too. My kids love to play with those little ones.
My mom and dad were feeling and looking good. I like to see them ‘not sick’. Amen. We ate Turkey Smelts – sliced deli turkey on some type of large bun heated under the burner with Swiss cheese and Sour (Kraut?) – hold the Kraut please, for me anyway. We watched some home made DVD’s to catch them up on Lauren’s party, etc, since they have not been to Baton Rouge several months. I had to lie down for a while to recharge a bit. I ate some red beans and rice and took a new med called ‘Toradol” which is like a super Ibuprofen. It was highly advised to take it with a meal for sure. We then headed home around 5:30 pm hoping to avoid the Mardi Gras crowed. Judging from the interstate traffic, we decided to take Airline Hwy all the way home. We got home safely thank God. Tomorrow is a school day.

I have learned and re-learned a few things – and adapted a few things I already knew. Life is not any easier, but we have to keep pressing on, trusting that God is in control - all the while leading and guiding us along the path He has chosen for us. I do believe I have to do as much as I can – to do my, that is – and He will do above and beyond all that I could have asked for or imagined.
A quick quote from the preacher who lead Jill's funeral service. He said one of Jill's kids saw her giving some money to someone (she would probably never see again) and when asked why, Jill replied that she liked to do things for people who can't pay her back. I thought that was neat lesson for her children to witness.
Like I always say, God bless you and go out and be a blessing. Yours may be the only light they see all day long.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Where did I leave off last time? Oh yeah,
I think one key to how these aforementioned people could make it through such trying times is by focusing on others - on the needs of others – and not so much their own present circumstances. Now that is hard to do even when you are healthy with no major personal challenges. As we all know, to be ‘unselfish’ is not natural to the human animal. Also, focusing on a mission or a vision larger than oneself is helpful. I believe that is why so many cancer survivors pour themselves in the work of fund raising, visiting others who are dealing with cancer and just getting involved in work with the goal of stopping this thing that once tried to stop them.
Now, I feel better today (thanks to Mr. ‘Tab’) than I did the day of my previous blog post. The heating pad is good, but sometimes it ain't enough.

Basketball - this morning and around noon. I did not make Dr. J’s game, but I did make Bryan’s - the Hosanna Boy’s lost in double overtime. Then tonight we had a surprise (almost a surprise) birthday party (40th) for Stacie, one of Robin’s long time friends. It was a lot of fun and really good to see everybody. I ate some of the biggest green grapes I have ever seen tonight! Man, they were huge and tasty. You know how sometimes an apple, orange or peach is really big and you are gearing up in your mind about how good this thing is going to taste, only to find out that the little scrawny, semi deformed one next to it tasted 10 times better? No, this was not the case. These were big, delicious and healthy for you.

Speaking of health . . . .
I started taking the product called ‘Poly MVA’ Thursday. It is considered a ‘non-chemo’ chemo in that it is designed (in theory) to destroy the cancer cell and leave the healthy cell alone – which means you do not experience the horrible side effects of the regular chemo. The Poly is legally a ‘supplement’ and not drug and not intended to heal or cure anything, blah, blah, blah … FDA, go to jail, etc . . . anyway. This stuff is a dark, pretty thick liquid and tastes nasty – kind of like a B vitamin smells - but hey, if it works, who cares? I take it 3 or 4 times per day and it ain’t cheap. It is not new to the world of health professionals, but is now more widely known due to word of mouth, marketing and the internet. It has an interesting background. Just Google it and read up on it if you are interested. Or you could just call me. It is not just for cancer patients.

The baby bunnies are getting bigger and eating like crazy. I tried to ‘sex them’ – now wait a minute, don’t be thinkin’ nothin’ crazy now. That means you turn them over to determine boy or girl so you will know which cage to put them in when it is time to separate them/ wean them from their moma. It is not as easy as it sounds. They may be kind of small still, but they sure got some fight in them. And you know what I also discovered? That when you turn a scared little bunny onto his or her back that they will pop out a few presents for you while you are looking at their privates. Yep, good ole little dried up roundies right in your hand. Man, if I had been in Vegas I would have been a millionaire. With some of them I hit the jackpot – it was like a broken gumball machine – pop, pop, pop - I'm sitting here thinking to myself ‘where's all of this coming from?’ I am glad there was no power behind them little ‘turdlets’, it would have been like a paintball fight or something. And here I stand with no ammo . . . . Anyway, I digress.
Enough bunny humor. One more thing, my nephew suggested that I start a Restaurante and name it 'Raisin' Rabbits' get it? Raisin' Canes?

In closing (now doesn't that sound like a Baptist preacher), I did not read any comments from the previous post until after I finished writing this post. Thanks so much for the encouraging words friends. Ya'll help make the difference. God is good.
Hope everyone will be in Church tomorrow. George.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meatballs & .....

Boy, is it cold today or is it just me? I get the chills while sitting in the house. I even invite the two cats into the foyer when it gets this cold.
I reinforced the bunny hutch against the wind and cold. I run the heat lights all day with temperatures like these. I took the nest boxes out a few days ago based upon the age of the babies.
I cooked meatballs and angel hair pasta for my two sweethearts (my big one and my little one) and also for the big man. I bought that specialty Italian bread shaped like a bowl – I cut it up, buttered with a little sprinkle of garlic salt in the broiler for a few minutes – it was a hit! And to think, I almost cooked chicken! I (we) got the girls some chocolate and roses and tulips. Purple tulips.

I have always held telling the truth/being honest as one of the chief virtues. So, I am going to be honest – here it goes.
I have been feeling funky all week, well, maybe for the past several weeks. Sleep is evasive and sporadic. I don’t feel like eating most of the time, but I do still have an appetite, so I just eat less when I do eat. The shoulder pain is about 30% less this week which is good, but the abdominal/rib pain is still aggravating – and somewhat more persistent. The pain meds help, but it’s just a miserable way to live. I have never been one to like to take pills, even when I feel they are warranted. Yesterday, I went all day without any pain meds until around 2 am – I just couldn’t handle it anymore. One hour you feel like #@&$* and then the next you feel a little better than that, which on a relative scale – better than what? I have been praising God in the midst of it, throughout the day. Realizing that God is my comforter - not up there like the Greeks thought of their gods, manipulating humans like lab rats – and He does comfort and encourage me through the Word and through people. But it gets to the point of, “what is the point”? I also ask Him how is this going to serve a greater purpose? If this is a test intended to teach me something, just tell me what You want to teach me and let’s move on. You get real practical over a long time dealing with this stuff – it wears you down. It can steal your joy and zest for life – if you let it. You get more of a ‘let’s cut to the chase’ attitude.

Being ‘younger’ and having a family does serve as a motivation for me. I can see how some people who are elderly just say ‘my time here is over’ and they give up and die. I do feel that I have more to live for and more to do. I have yet to start ‘bargaining’ with God, you know, ‘if you let me live, l’ll do such and such’. Not that there is anything wrong with that because I know several people who came to that point in there lives – God met them in the middle and they in turn kept their end of the bargain. I told my wife today that she and the kids were really the only reason I am hanging around. My parents, her parents, my brother and his family and my other extended family, too. I always thought that I would be the last man standing, being here to help take care of others in my family, not the one being taken care of. I was telling the kids at supper time about Ross Perot’s presidential running mate. Do ya’ll remember that circus? “I’m all ears” and “look at this here chart”. Anyway, this man was an Admiral I believe. I cannot remember his name, but his story is that he had been a Vietcong prisoner of war (POW) for years and made it out with his life and his sanity. He went on to do great things with his life. He died in his 80’s. How did he do it? How does anyone hang on under those circumstances?
So, I sometimes think I am just a whimp. People have it (and have had it) much worse than I and yet handle it so much better. You want to know how I think they made it?

To be continued tomorrow.....so as not to wear you out with this long blog . . . .

I know, it sounds like I have been reading the first few chapters of the Book of Solomon. But, no I have not. You just have to remember that, 'His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts'.
more later, George

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-Day

H a p p y
V a l e n t i n e ' s
D a y
Here is a little History borrowed from the Web.
Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? The history of Valentine's Day -- and its patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has long been a month of romance. St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with this ancient rite? Today, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred.
One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men -- his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.
Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured.
According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl -- who may have been his jailor's daughter -- who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed 'From your Valentine,' an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It's no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France.Special thanks to American Greetings.
Hope all of you have a good Valentine's Day.
God Bless. George.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Another week ahead . . .

We have been given another week. Seven days to do whatever it is we do. Don't start out the week weak. Start out strong, with determination and purpose, knowing what you do this week matters. You can have an effect on your world - maybe not the whole world, but on your world. This may be the very week that God declared as the week for you to shine like never before.

John the Baptist - his whole life was preparation for God to use him in just a few major areas. He was called to 'prepare the way of the Lord' and he also baptized Jesus Christ. Now how many of us can claim that one?!!!
Moses' entire life led up to him leading an whole Nation of people out of bondage and into the Promised Land- no, I cannot claim that one either.
Rahab the Harlot (prostitute) who hid the two spies in Jericho before that city was destroyed. As a result of her acting in faith to help the two men of God, her whole life and the lives of her family were changed. She became the wife of Salmon - who was an ancestor of King David, who was an ancestor of Jesus Christ! She was probably thinking to herself that morning that there has to be more to this life than what she was experiencing. In the Book of James, he commends Rahab for faith. No - I cannot claim that either.
I could go on and on with Biblical and contemporary examples of people who led ordinary lives but who also were used by God to do extraordinary things. From the President of the U.S.A. to a Grandmother/father raising a grandchild - we can all effect our world in small and great ways for good and for God. Stay focused on the Lord and let Him bring it to pass.

Church was, how shall I say it, Awesome? Not to sound like a broken record, but I wish everyone could have been there. God was moving amongst us doing His work. Many people were set free and many eyes were opened. Afterwards, I could barely keep my eyes open on the way home - it wore me out. I got home and layed down for several hours. I have about a four hour range before I begin running out of fuel, then I have to get horizontal. God is Good.
1 Timothy 1:13-16

13 Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor
and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted
in ignorance and unbelief.
14 The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly,
along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.
15 Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance:
Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners-- of whom I am the worst.
16 But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me,
the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his unlimited
patience as an example for those who would believe on him and
receive eternal life.
Have a wonderful week - a strong, faithfilled week.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another win . . .

Both of the kid’s basketball games went very well – both of our teams won. A they say, winning is not everything, but it sure is nice.
The weather turned cold on us (again), but there were several days last week which were some serious Springtime teasers.
The Hosanna Men’s Breakfast went very well. Russell laid out some good ideas and challenged the men to come closer to the Father and also to grow closer together as brother’s in Christ in order to be able to better serve the body. Turnout was excellent and I enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting some new faces. Hopefully, much will come from this gathering.

I have a meeting with my oncologist next week, he and I are going to appeal my treatment to Blue Cross. After that, I have another meeting with a surgeon to discuss repairing the newly developed hernia. If the appeal is successful, I may be able to have the Yttrium Spheres procedure after all. I continue to pray for God’s Will to be done.
Don’t the Muslims do the same? Pray for God’s will to be done? As do many people of many faiths – all praying for God’s will to be done. I do not judge them, I do not doubt their sincerity, honesty or piety one bit, I even admire it, but do you know the difference? Christians have an Advocate with the Father. We are privileged to not be depending upon our own good works to make us acceptable to the Father.
1 John 2:1-2 “My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world”.

Advocate: 3875 para,klhtoj parakletos {par-ak'-lay-tos}
1)summoned, called to one's side, esp. called to one's aid.

1a) one who pleads another's cause before a judge, a pleader, counsel for defense, legal assistant, an advocate.

1b) one who pleads another's cause with one, an intercessor.

1b1) of Christ in his exaltation at God's right hand, pleading with God the Father for the pardon of our sins

1c) in the widest sense, a helper, succourer, aider, assistant

1c1) of the Holy Spirit destined to take the place of Christ with the apostles (after his ascension to the Father), to lead them to a deeper knowledge of the gospel truth, and give them divine strength needed to enable them to undergo trials and persecutions on behalf of the divine kingdom.

That, my friend, is THE difference. He (Christ) is the difference. I pray that everyone could meet and come to know Christ. His teachings are so full of truth, His heart is so full of love for people and He paid the price so that all who believe could have the access (which is what we all desire) to the Father of all Creation. Amen.

Valentine's Day is next week guys! Don't forget!

Hope to see you in church. George.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Chelation . . .

Chelation therapy went well today. I plan on talking about chelation soon since so many have asked about it. This was a busy day and it wore me out! So, this post will be short and sweet.

Define this one: "Edulcorate"

Here is some good word.

1 John 2:1-6
My little children, these things I write to you,
so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins,
we have an Advocate with the Father,
Jesus Christ the righteous.
2 And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins,
and not for ours only but also for the whole world.
3 Now by this we know that we know Him,
if we keep His commandments.
4 He who says, "I know Him," and does not
keep His commandments, is a liar,
and the truth is not in him.
5 But whoever keeps His word,
truly the love of God is perfected in him.
By this we know that we are in Him.
6 He who says he abides in Him ought
himself also to walk just as He walked.

Now that is some tough shoes to walk in. But by His Grace and Guidance, we can, if we allow Him to do it through us. God bless you on this beautiful Friday.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Like a hot potato...

Do you know what that is a picture of? BlueCross denying my procedure. They dropped it like a hot potato. They said it was too investigational. I can understand them balking at it - since the cost would have been $100,000.
Now that does give me some direction as to which way not to go. So I lined up another chelation with Dr. Cave's office tomorrow. That was obviously helping some without the side effects. Also, there is a product called 'Poly MVA' that I have been reading up on. If you would, pray that God would continue to direct us as to what to do next. Thanks. More stuff later . . .
God bless. George.

Morning Sunlight . . .

Early morning Sunlight, burning away the fog.....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Messages . . .

The past two days have been unseasonably warm and sunny. I hope this means Spring is on it's way. I did get out and 'soak in' some of the sun yesterday and today. It is great for improving/enhancing your mental state/mood. Besides that, it will hopefully dry the ground up a little from all of the rain we have been having.

Notice to all men:

The Hosanna Men's ministry will be meeting this Saturday morning at the Hosanna Cafeteria 8 am - 10:30 am for breakfast - and ministry is to follow in the Chapel. All men are invited and encouraged to come. This will be a foundational meeting for the Men's ministry with a new vision and a new year.
Ladies, pencil this into your husband's Saturday schedule. Give him a break from his "honey-do" list for a few hours so he can come and fellowship with his brothers at Hosanna. Guys, call around to make sure your friends are going, some of us are forgetful and need a little help remembering important things - like - um - Valentine's day?

Louis Meng (a faithful sister at Hosanna) sent me this message about her daughter-in-law, Dawn. Check it out.


We pray for our fellow Americans that have to deal with the incredible amount of snow that has been falling on them in the North. That is just one more reason I am proud to be a Southerner. Our kind of snow just goes down the drain!

Bunny News: I added an additional water source to the 2nd litter’s cage. They are getting bigger and it became apparent to me that they were in need of a bottle in order to avoid a traffic jam. Nine to one was the ratio per spout – now it is 4.5 to one (for you statistic lovin’ people out there). They are so stinkin’ cute! The ones that are ½ California/½ New Zealand (2nd litter) have a really cute little ‘smudgy' spot on their noses, just like their mother, in addition to the darker ears.
Still taking orders for bunnies as pets (or otherwise, if you know what I mean). Give me a call.

Read this if you are tired.

2 Thessalonians 3:13 13 And you, my brothers, do not get tired of well-doing.

Galatians 6:7-10 7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. 9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. 10 1 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

May God strengthen you today. George.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Colts win!!!

Church was Super! Pastor spoke on how Jesus came to give us life – taken from
John 10:10 -
"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” He was only able to get to the first half of the verse - life - he will continue on the "more abundantly" part next week. Fellowship and worship was awesome. I really appreciate my Church family, they have been so faithful to pray with us and encourage us every week. I wish everyone could have a place like that to go to and receive from the Lord. One guy who has been visiting a few weeks asked my wife "is it always like this"? And she
told him most of the time, yes. Thank God for moving in our midst.

Oh, by the way, that is me with the turnips - I am the one on the left - the turnips are on the right (haha).I planted - actually I just went in the back and hand scattered some seeds all over the ground - turnips and also some mustard greens several months ago. I forgot all about them and voila', there they were. I noticed some mole tunnels around the garden area. While checking out the tunnels, I noticed the purple masses bulging out of the ground. That was a very pleasant surprise. Turnips are a plant belonging to the cabbage family, widely cultivated for its large white edible root. Latin name: Brassica rapaa or 'big potato'.
Some people love them - while others cannot stand to smell them being cooked. I can eat them, but do not usually take the time to cook them.

Here is one of the little ones at 26 days old. He is so cute and alert. They are about half-way to leaving mom. If any of you want a bunny, let me know. You can come by and see them. If you have any questions about how much is involved in having one, I can go over that with you too. Just remember, all little cute things grow up - just look at your kids!!! Bunnies are still really cute when full grown - just bigger.

The Colts defeated
the Bears tonight in
Super Bowl 41.

It was raining almost the whole time, there were lots of fumbles and mis-snaps, etc. throughout the game, but the players for the most part handled themselves life professionals. I am glad it is over, now we can move on to a brief period of 'no football'.

I find out tomorrow if the 'spheres' are a go or not from the insurance company. The pain is steadily becoming 'a pain' - get it? So I've been utilizing some meds to help with that. Wish I could wake up tomorrow and find that I have 100% restored health from head to toe - cannot rule that out, but I the odds have been against it so far. I still believe in miracles. Big and small.

Those turnip seeds were so small they looked like saw dust and yet look what grew from that little seed. Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 "...for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. Speak to your mountains - by faith - and watch them move.
God bless you this week. Go out and be a blessing.
'Turnip' George

Super Sunday

All Sundays are super since the day Christ Jesus rose from the dead! This one is no more or less special to me. The game should be exciting - it better be with all of the hype about the two African American coaches. How about two devout Christian men who have at once been thrust into the limelight of football stardom? They are quick to give God the Glory, that is what I like about them, forget skin color. We need to see that on a National level for sure. I am rooting for the Colts, since Manning is the son of Archey Manning, the long time New Orleans Saints QB while I was growing up as a kid in N.O. We will see . . . and may the best team win.

Bryan's team won - really whooped them good. The other team is a first year team and has a lot of work to do to get up to par. I know one of their coaches and he told me ahead of time that they were going to get creamed. He must be a profit.

Afterwards was Lauren's big birthday bash. The food and fellowship was fantastic. Not everyone could make it, but Natalie & Keith get the prize for having driven the farthest to get to the party - all the way from the University of Alabama. My brother Mike and his wife Eva came in from N.O. My mom, dad and Aunt Eva could not make it due to mom's treatments.

There was ice on the windshields this morning. What a sight. I am thankful for a warm home and hot showers!

Don't forget guys,
Valentine's Day is coming up, Wednesday, Feb. 14th.

1 Timothy 2:1-6 (NKJ)
"Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions,
and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority,
that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.
For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior,
who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.
For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men,
the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all ......."

More later, George

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Over Time !!!

Hosanna defeated Starkey in what may go down as the most exciting basketball game this boy has ever seen in his 42 years. Hosanna was down by 2 points and Catlyn D. made a 2 point shot after running down the court with only seconds to go, shot and missed - the rebound came in her direction – she got a hand on it and shot again (with less than perfect form) shot and it went in!!!! Wow, we were tied up! Now, here is where it gets gooder - they went into - not two over times, not three overtimes, but Four overtimes!!!!!!! Man, I was worn out, but the girls played hard till the end. Lauren got two goals in the last (4th) O.T. Then, the Boys Varsity team still had to play and also the Girls Seniors party was to follow that game. I went home with my in-laws after the quad O.T. , I was really wipe out. I even went up to the balcony workout area which overlooks the court and had to lay down on one of the benches. I don’t know why this happens, but I have a really short fuse/energy/tolerance for doing just about anything. It’s quite aggravating and has been going on for several weeks now.
This morning started out better than most. What was unusual is that I cooked pancakes for the kids – (the kind that is out of the box, regular bleached flower, saturated and hydrogenated fats, all the wrong stuff) - just add water kind. I ate three with real butter, real maple syrup and 2%milk (Organic). Now, for those of you who don’t know, I normally juice carrots, drink the ‘green stuff’ and take some supplements for breakfast. I felt really good afterwards – after I ate the ‘wroing’ stuff , I actually felt good till around noon. My father-in-law said you need some of the bad food to keep everything greased real good. That is another mystery of today. But, that does not mean I am going to start eating pancakes everyday. Trust me. Bryan would love it, however.
The Bunnies are all doing well. I will post some updated pics soon to show their growth. Speaking of rabbits, did any of you see the special on NightLine tonight (Friday)? There is a guy in Germany who has a breed of rabbits that weigh 20 lbs. They are gigantic – almost scary. Then Kim Jung Il, the leader(dictator) of North Korea became interested in this man’s rabbits and purchased 12 crème of the crop breeders and had them ship to N. Korea. They said they dress out at 15 lbs. That is a lot of meat for a rabbit and for a nation that is chronically underfed due to their stupid leader.
That leads me to the topic of people blaming God for everything that is wrong in the world. Wait, you want free will, and yet when this dictator decides (as a result of his free will) to separate his country from the rest of the world and starve his own people – you blame God? God did not decide this for them – these people have been led astray by Communism for decades like so many other counties in the past and yet to hear them speak to reporters, they love it. Or maybe they are just scared to speak the truth. I have the blessing of living in a country where I have no fear of being killed or tortured because of something I said – but that right was bought and paid for with the blood of many people over the past two centuries all believing and fighting towards a time when we could enjoy the freedoms we now enjoy. I could roll with this topic all the way down the hill.
We continue to trust God – like it says in proverbs “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.
Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy every moment with family and friends.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Eulogy of a little Lagomorph

We have our first bunny casualty. The one of the 2nd litter that had gotten out the cage earlier this week went on to bunny heaven sometime last night or this morning. We noticed he was not as active as the others for a day and I went out this afternoon to check on them and he was limp and unresponsive. I removed him and replaced all of the bedding material in the nest box in case there would be a smell of any kind that might disturb the others. Now we have 15 little ones remaining and all appear to be doing fine. They are eating out of their moms food container like big bunnies.

Bunny Eulogy:

Oh, little bunny
We will miss you so
and your pink little nose
And coat white as snow

The joy you brought to us all
As we gazed upon your face
Will be missed sorely
For none can take your place

Carry on we will
With your siblings so fare
And hopefully one day, as they say
"We will see you over there"

Pause, and calmly think of that . . .

Medical stuff: I have a new finding on my surgical scar - there is a small hernia just below the belly button less than an inch in diameter. I noticed it a few days ago. It was also noted on the CT. The doctors do not seem to be concerned since it is not hurting, so it will be on the back burner for the time being. I just put some pressure on it if I cough or sneeze.
We miss the Sunshine! Some folks are beginning to think they are in Seattle, Washington - which is famous for dreary, dull weather. I don't know if it is the weather or my condition, but I am so tired 80% of the day to the point of being able to lay down and go to sleep. So, I set certain goals to complete throughout the day - wash this, clean that, those sorts of things. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't. It could also be the sinus stuff, too.

I spoke with my mother today and she, dad and Aunt Eva are doing okay.She had her first treatment of the second type of chemo today - she has three treatments left. She has been very anemic to the point of having to receive shots to help boost her red blood cell count, like I used to get. If this does not work, she will need to have a blood transfusion to help get her counts up.

Here is what Job had to say . . .
Job 14:1-2 Job
"Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.
He springs up like a flower and withers away;
like a fleeting shadow, he does not endure."

Here's what The Angel of God had to say . . .
Matthew 28:5-6
The angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid,
for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.
He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
Come and see the place where he lay.

Now that's the last word.