Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial day ...

This is just another day for some, but for those who have lost a loved one or friend to the ravages of the necessary evil we call war, it is a day to honor their lives which were given in service to their country. Also, there are many Veterans living today who deserve a big thankyou. If you know any personally, give them a call and touch base. Thank them for their service.
Church was good yesterday. When God moves, sometimes He changes what is going to happen next. This was one of those, thankfully Pastor Don is 'flexibly led' by the Spirit.
My friend from College, Shaun and his wife Melinda, were in town. These two met at our wedding. She was friends with Robin and I with Shaun. Shaun was a big brother in Christ who I can say with out a doubt helped to guide me in my walk with God while in College. He and his wife are the kind of people you hope your kids make friends with when they go to College. They stopped by for a few hours to visit. Alot of catching up in a short time. They now live in Ruston, LA. Peach country. He is a physician with his own practice which is doing well.
Another friend, Stephen and his wife Adrianna, are in from Mexico. He has been serving as a missionary for years since our College days. They have two beautiful kids and are catching up with grandparents and friends for a few months. He and I met in a math class, I saw him reading a small New Testament and the rest is history. It is really a blessing to watch other peoples lives develop over the years.
Then to top it off, my big brother and his family came by on the way to New Orleans from Natchez. Can you believe they would not eat any of my gumbo? They ate on the road, so I let them slide this time. This is the first gumbo I have ever cooked - 41 years old - can you believe it? It was chicken and sausage and all the other good stuff ( all fresh of course) you put in a gumbo. It was a hit. My next gumbo is going to be a seafood gumbo. I think I might prefer a seafood gumbo - we'll have to see - cause I think seafood is more costly than chicken - but then again you can eat on one pot of gumbo for days, including extended family, so I guess it is worth it.
I have to go now and do something productive. I have washed and cleaned so much in the house my fingers are splitting on the ends. So i believe wearing gloves in the secret to stoping that from happening. Cause if I cook, I clean as I go.
God bless you on this day of remembering our Veterans.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Chemo-soby #5

some thoughts first...
There is so much I have thought about writing, but cannot seem to articulate in a concise way which would make sense. Many times things will come to me throughout the day and if I do not write them down they become as vapor off of a boiling pot. It just goes away. I guess the key is to keep paper and pen handy at all times. I have talked to pastor’s who have files of nick-nack scribbles from over the years. They have learned to write it down.
In retrospect, I see my faith as having been surprisingly strong and consistent and at other times weak and almost nonexistent. How can this be – both faith and the lack there of, simultaneously existing in the same person? And then there is faith in one area such as salvation, I don’t doubt that aspect of my relationship with God. But there are other areas of doubt such as God being in control of everything in the world – if so, why do things seem so crazy. That particular question I believe is not so much faith as it is questioning God’s way of handling things. You know how we like to tell other people how they should be driving, running there business or raising their children.
My faith, or lack of it, does not change the nature of God. Scripture says He (God) is faithful even if / when we are not faithful. The very fact that I have read that God is faithful - even when I am not faithful -provokes faith within me. God’s faithfulness creates faith in my heart (towards Him). I suppose this dynamic is the same as when we observe someone else in our life who is so very faithful – modeling one of God’s character traits – and we become inspired by there actions. As a result, faith grows in our hearts. When the day is over and I counsel upon my bed in my heart, my sanctum sanctorum, I know that God is in control and I know that God is faithful. So why do I doubt at times? I guess it is just human.
Hawk newsflash: Two healthy, good sized fledglings have been observed in the nest today with colored wing feathers and grayish fluffy head feathers – they appear to be all eyes, beak and wings at his point. Mom and dad are flying all day not stop feeding runs to keep the baby bellies full. More info on these two as we see it happening.
Chemo went well, thank God. My white blood cell count was “stellar”, platelets are good but the red blood cell count was in the anemic range – but not to worry. So far as of Friday night, just really tired, but ate a great supper. Hopefully, this trend will continue. This is chemo #5. The Dr. says I will not need any Neupogen shots this week. We will see this coming Friday once more blood work is done. The nurse got the IV started on the first hit - that's a blessing.
Let's not forget to honor our War Vets this weekend. There are all kinds of things to do Down Town at the memorial area. Tell your kids how 'Freedom is not Free' .Check the Web for times and stuff. Have a wonderful weekend. God is Good.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Sorry about my lack of bloggage. Since the last treament i have been dealing with multiple persistent side effects which lifted as of this afternoon. I told my wife it felt like a cloud lifted off of me. Physically and mentally. I could speculate about why, but it is easiest to chalk it up to the 'medicine' - since I am on so many different kinds.
It's hot out here! How about over there? I avoid the Sun like the plague and the heat like a hornets nest. It doesn't take much heat to get the rash going in full force either. Early morning and late evening are the only times to venture to the mail box, etc.
We found some interesting bugs - inside the house - which appear to be possibly termites. We caught 3 in a ziplock and are heading to the bug store to see if it is so. How could that be, since we are above ground and the house barely 1 1/2 yrs old? I have heard of the termites that do not need a ground connection to do there damage. I guess they live off of humidity or something. It is scary to think you have those little bugs chewing away at your house, possibly.
God said He will protect us from the noisesome pestilence. Amen.
I hope you all are having a blessed week.
Remember what that reader board said on the side of the road, " Faith does not make things easy, just possible". GW

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Of Ants and Aphids ...

I noticed an interesting thing in the yard today. I have read about ants 'farming' aphids on fruit and vegetable plants but have never seen it in person. The new growth on fruit trees are usually the first place you will find sap sucking insects. So, I noticed this morning little black ants placing and guarding 'herds' of aphids on one shoot of new growth. The aphids were thick as thieves on the leaves just doing their thing - those suckers! I sprayed them with an insecticidal soap combo. Less toxic than the other sprays. I really hated to bust up the little ranch, but hey, it was my tree first.
The last two days have been fairly crampy - hint, hint. I guess it is the meds. It makes one appreciate normality, as I have said before. And it can certainly increase your prayer life. I have gained weight - almost 160 lbs. 159 to be exact on the Dr.'s scale.
Robin bought the 1st season of 'LOST' - the series guaranteed to do just that - keep you lost! They should have named it played - cause after you watch it and realize there is no resolution you feel like you have been played. So, I am suffering through some of that. It does, however, have some deeper themes woven throughout of forgiveness and second chances and overcoming our petty differences in order to survive. The scenery is quite beautiful, however. Ever since Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe), I have been prone to want to watch any movie involving and Island. Of course, you cannot forget Tom Hanks in 'Castaway' with his favorite volley ball named 'Wilson'.
Our daughter babysat a friend's little boy today. You forget what it was like to have a little one running around the house. Our son went swimming with his cousins today and they had a time. They love the fact that their pawpaw has a deck in place so they can jump off of it into the pool. All we need is some fresh, iced down lemonade and it is summer time!
We have learned that it might cost several hundred dollars to get the data off of the hard drive. Wow, that could be some expensive pictures. By the way, have you started backing up your data routinely? Please do.

Thankyou for the phonecalls, e-mails, hand written letters and hugs. You all make it so much easier. I am blessed. God is so good.
Be in church somewhere tomorrow, if you do not have a home church, come visit Hosanna. Located at Goodwood and Airline Hwy. Services start at 10:15 am. Children's Church and child care provided. We would love to see you there - just tell them George sent you.

P.S. I just wanted to ask everyone to keep Amy Douglas Russell in your prayers. I just found out her mom passed away as a result of cancer. For those of you who know her, the arrangements will be at Harry McKneely in Hammond. The wake is Sunday from 6-9. The funeral will be Monday at 1:00 for anyone who can make it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My advice ...

My advice is this: if you have a computer with anything on the hard drive which you value such as pictures, etc. please back up your data onto a disk. Our PC's hard drive, we think, is shot. Robin's brother is going to try and salvage whatever he can, so the jury is out as to whether we lost all or part. We were going to put everything onto CD/DVD's after school was out - so don't wait, do it ASAP. You never know. It pays to be prepared. Thankfully, a friend has loaned me his lap top so I can continue blogging. Another bit of advice is to buy some short term disability if you do not have any - especially if you are the main bread winner. The funny duck on TV is a good company to go with. It could come in handy.
School is winding down this week. I am looking forward to the Summer more than ever. Hopefully it will be a fun and interesting one for the kids. The pool is now open and their pawpaw has almost finished the deck - that means they can jump off of the deck, but no diving head first of course. The mosquitoes are horrible! Especially by the woods. They almost carried me off earlier today as I was working on the A/C. It is working again and the problem appears to be cheap parts. Apparently all of the manufacturers are using this same switch, so , what's a guy to do? At least it is working now and moma is happy.
The rent house is now rented, praise God. In just 4 days! The people moving in are believers and have alot they would like to do as far as improvements to the house. I'm all for that.
I have picked a few big blueberries off of the new bushes. This year will be slim but in the years to come there will be more than enough. The figs are on their way, too. One of the new varieties planted is the LSU Purple. I am eager to taste this new one. The LSU Gold is the biggest fig I have ever seen - big and juicy - but it lacks the same flavor as the Celeste fig, which is my all time favorite for fresh eating or canning. Figs have been eaten since Old Testament days, so I feel a connection with the past knowing that someone thousands of years ago tasted of the same fruit that I am eating and cultivating. It is neat.
The medical front is doing okay. The rash is trying to make a come back, so I am doing what they told me to do to keep it down. Trying to moderate my activity level. Cannot get out in the sun, which is hard to do. Woke up with a sore throat this morning, but it went away by lunch.
The most exciting thing I did today was shooting a 5 ft snake in the yard. I do not like killing things in their environment, but my dog almost was bitten, so of course had to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. It is amazing what a 12 gauge can do when pointed in the right direction. I had ear plugs in and safety glasses on - got to be prepared. What is it about a snake that gives you a jolt? I got a jolt.
God is Wonderful and He does all things well. He has kept His hand on us throughout this whole thing and we praise His name. Hope you all are having a great week. GW

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's all good ...

Saturday post not done due to Moma being taken out to eat and a movie. I just forgot. We saw the movie "Hoot" at the Rave - it was clean and cute, but my crew thought it was rent worthy but not a go an see show. Afterwards, we ate at Albasha Lebanese Rest. on Bluebonnet. I can eat some Lebanese food! That is one meal I have lived to regret, but boy was it good going down. And it did stay down, and stayed and stayed. It took me till Sunday evening to return to a feeling of normalcy. The cramping was on/off throughout the day - even during the Church service it was hitting pretty hard. (It was a wonderful service in honor of mothers. Pastor gave a good message.) Robin thinks it is due to the chemo on Friday - hiccups on Sat. and then cramping on Sunday following the chemo - there is a pattern so far. Crackers and water is a good remedy. But it could always be worse.
I have the best mother a son could hope or wish for. Ask anyone who knows her and they can testify of her love for people and life, her patience and character. She loves her husband, children and grandchildren. Oh, that the world have millions more like her.
I have the wife God gave to me. The one I chose. Sometimes I wonder about His sense of humor and then I see His wisdom in all things. She has been a blessing to so many and I have been able to partake in that blessing over the past 18 years. She has been my anchor and rock, especially during these past 5 months. She sasses me too much and is bossy, but I wouldn't have her any other way. She keeps me on the straight and narrow. And lest I forget the two most wonderful and beautiful children a man could have, she has given to me. I am blessed.
Pray for your mother that she would be blessed and be able to enjoy the years God has given and is giving her.
Please remember to pray for Michael H., Jill H., Christi W., Lloyd Kogel – all battling cancer and/or recovery and little Austin Barber (waiting for a heart/lung transplant). For Robin's cousin Barbara, still adjusting to her new small bowel transplant, that God would strengthen her body and spirit and for a return to normalcy. And also for me, that the chemo would do the job and that I would do my part as God oversees the whole of it all.
One more week of school! Have a great week and be a blessing. GW

Friday, May 12, 2006

Chemo # 3 ...

The blood work came back normal - the Dr. was surprised at how well I had rebounded. So I was able to receive my Gemzar IV. He calculated a reduced dose to see if it would adversly effect my blood numbers by next Friday. So far so good, just tired. I got home and ate some spaghetti and meat sauce - the best I have ever eaten! I guess I was that hungry. I really mean it, it hit the spot. I am so glad I can eat like normal. The taste is a little off and the tongue is a little rough, but otherwise, 'what's for supper'.
The weather is fabulous. This is probably the last weekend this cool. Do something fun.

Mother's Day - guys don't forget! I have yet to decide what we are going to do for Mother's Day. Proverbs 12:4 says, " A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband." Well if that is true, then I must be a king, cause I definitely have one crown of a woman.
I think it is time for a nap - I can feel it working. God Bless. GW.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hawk attack ...

How do I explain this one? There I was, minding my own business, following the Doctor's orders to walk everyday and ... BAM! I, the hunter, became the hunted. Well, not actually hunted, but almost. No kidding. My hawks, which I speak so fondly of, were sitting high in their tree next to each other speaking in hawk language. As soon as I passed by a maple which was blocking my direct view of them, one flew towards the woods and the other took off from its perch, visually zeroed in on me - and flew directly at me. I stood there in disbelief thinking, 'is he coming at me?" He flew within 3 feet of my head and then landed above me in the aforementioned maple tree continuing to scream. I was both shocked and pleased. This is a first in my lifetime. Apparently there must be something in the nest worth protecting now and he viewed me as a threat. I was just wondering if he was aware that I am on his side. It was impressive staring into his eyes as he glided towards me. I'm just glad the talons never came out. Anyway ....
A/C is out again. This thing is going to have me as a trained A/C man before it is all over with. Thankfully, tonight is supposed to be 52 F. Yeah! Enjoy the cool while it lasts.

Tomorrow is chemo day. I will know following blood work whether I can take my Gemzar I.V. or not. I have been feeling pretty good so hopefully everything will be a go.
Talk to alot of out of town family this week and they are all doing well.

When in doubt, get the Word out. Proverbs 11:3 says," the integrity of the upright shall guide them." When the daily hassles and problems come, fire back with the Word of God. Even the soldiers in the "Green Zone" over in Iraq receive mortor rounds inside the supposed safe zone. So should we expect a trouble free existence? The integrity of the upright shall guide them - integrity is defined as " 1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. 2 Soundness. 3. Completeness: unity." It comes from the Latin word integer, which is where we get our mathmatical word integer - a whole number 1,2,3 or -1,-2,-3 .... We are made whole in Christ. You are whole in Christ, not 1/4 or 1/3 but 100%.
Have a great Friday. God Bless. GW

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A few jokes ...

Here are a few jokes to keep it light.

Q: What do you call a Presbyterian drinking Mountain Dew?
A: A Hyper-Calvinist

Q: What did the Calvinist say after being struck by a bus?
A: “Sure glad that’s overwith.”

Q. Do you know why Baptists don’t drink?
A. Because it could lead to dancing.

A minister, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar.
The bartender says, “What is this? Some kinda joke?”

If you don't get some of these, let me know.

Did you know there is another book out about Jesus called the Jesus papers. It is another attempt to say that Jesus really didn't die following the crucifiction, etc. The author even says he held in his hands a document written by Jesus in which Jesus says that he did not die. The only problem is the author refuses to give the "source" of this document. He wouldn't even tell what country it was located in. He expects us to believe him with no proof? Sounds like he wants us to have "faith" in him. Hmmmmm .... makes you wonder.... To really top it of, he claims to be a Christian. Now that is interesting.
All of this hub bub about Jesus makes me think that there must be a market for Jesus related 'stuff'. Also, I think there has been an effort to discredit Jesus for years - and the church in general. Can you imagine if Jesus walked on the scene and demanded royalties from all of these movies and books about him? Hey, I would be ecstatic if He was just to walk on the scene! That would be enough for me. We could all go home after that appearance.
Psalm 2:1-4 addresses this,
(2) "The kings of the earth set themselves,
and the rulers take counsel together,
against the Lord, and against his anointed ....
(4) He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh:
the Lord shall have them in derision."
The image in my mind is that of an Ant sitting at the feet of an Elephant, demanding that the Elephant move. Ha.
Have a great day. George.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

good report ..

Update on Robin's cousin. I heard from other family that she and her husband are back home and apparently doing okay. I like good news!
You know what would be an ingenious idea? If ABC, CBS and NBC were to broadcast only good news for a week straight - from all arenas - politics, religion, the War in Iraq and Afgan. - that would be incredible. Would people continue to watch it? No catastrophes, no bloody murders by some pervert, no friendly fire conspiracies from the War. Just good news. Here are some headliners I thought up, " U.S. soldiers celebrate the opening of the 100th brand new elementary school in Iraq " and " The President and Congress worked together for positive change today " or " Americans give more time and money to charities than ever before ". How about the shows that 'get into the mind of the serial killer - what makes them tick?' How about 'Get into the mind of mother Teresa - what made her tick?' - that would be a change. I, like many of you, do not watch alot of TV, but when I do it is usually the news and it never fails that the media is always looking for the worst. The Avian Flu is their new darling. From what they are telling us we are doomed to die within the year - no hope - and it's all Pres. Bushes fault. Now we have another religious nut running a cult on a compound somewhere in Texas who thinks the end is near. Apparently they are armed for a confrontation with the government.
I could go on and on... The real good news is that God is on the Throne and Jesus still is in the Saving business.
Sports and practices are back on the front burner. It is a scheduling nightmare sometimes to get everybody where they need to be when they need to be there and then back home. Summer leagues are around the corner. The kids are looking forward to it. I, on the other hand - well, no comment.
Is it hot enough for you yet? The rain has been good for us, a little soggy, but the pond is full to overflowing. This morning I was walking Kenny. He went by the house near a little puddle of water and I saw a pair of little claws come up out of the water at him. It was a mama crawfish with a clutch of eggs in her tail. After I put him in his kennel I caught her and released her into the pond. She slowly crawled into the shallows and started moving around like crawfish do.
The Blueberries are beginning to turn in the backyard. Some are ready to eat. There's nothing like a bowl of fresh berries with a little sugar on them for a healthy treat - and purple mouth and teeth. I have been hitting on the cantalope and strawberries recently but they are store bought. The cantalope was from Honduras and the strawberries were from somewhere.
On and off sleep last night like the night before. It might be the new meds. Thankfully, my wife can sleep through just about anything. Some cramping, the rash is continuing to get better. Hands/feet are quick to turn white if held above the heart level. Maybe a little anemic. Eating like before any of this happened. Still walking at least once per day, whenever it is coolest. It is still intersting to go to the store (pharmacy), like I did yesterday, to watch people's reaction to the mask. I should have been a sociologist. Kirk at the Target on Seigen Ln has been a great help as well as his collegue Brett. The prices are just about the lowest, too. (This has been an unpaid plug for the pharmacy).
I've said enough. God Bless, talk to you soon. GW.

Monday, May 08, 2006

E-mail ...

Some people asked for our e-mail address.
Our e-mail address is please, no spam. If you do send us spam, your hair will begin to look like Don King's hair (Mike Tyson's agent).

Robin's birhtday was fairly quiet. She turned _ _ years old. I bought her a 1 carat emerald cut diamond necklace with 1/3 carat matching ear rings along with a shopping spree at Talbots and a 7 day cruise in the Bahamas. (pause for effect) Yeah, right, just kidding. I know, that was cruel to say. She would rather eat out at Sullivan's probably. She did cook supper and her parents came over to eat with us. We sang happy birthday and I tried to push as many button's as I could to aggrivate her. I came close to getting assaulted but she maintained her cool.
This is going to be a good week. I'll pick-up several prescriptions today, one of which is supposed to help me gain weight. Thank God for good insurance. Friday after blood work I will know the status of my white blood cell count and whether or not I can do the Gemzar.

Church was good yesterday. I forgot my mask after all of these safety precautions I am taking. So I scooted to the balcony real quick and enjoyed some good worship and word.
Today is going well so far. I slept good last night with a few wake ups. This morning I've been running the house (the dish/clothes washer, dryer etc.) because as you know, I am the master of my domain. The bone pain has subsided except for the center of the lower back which I think is really just strained back muscles from the spasms. Putting a hot pad at night is all that needs. The rash is much better. These things come and go. The waiting does get tiresome, but like I said before, this thing is just as much spiritual/mental as it is physical. The Lord is a constant help in both areas as are my family and friends.

I hope you all have a fantastic week. Go and be a blessing. GW

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rain, rain, go away ....

Byran's party was a success, since it didn't rain. I'm thankful for his sake, he was so looking forward to this weekend. We did hear some thunder about 15 minutes before it started, but it passed. Time flies by. I can remember lying on the couch in the living room with his little self on my chest - about 22 inches long - if he was to do that now, I wouldn't be able to breath! The Bible says that children are a blessing and a heritage from the Lord (Ps. 127:3.) I am blessed, more than I ever imagined I would ever be.
Keith brought JoJo by and stayed throughout the party and visited with me since I couldn't get around the kids. I still wore my mask just in case. We walked out in the back to see the trees he helped plant. I am indebted to Keith, The Ice Man and my brother in law Randy for getting all of those trees in the ground. They are doing well. I got a great shot today of a dragon fly perched on the end a peach tree branch. He flew off and came back twice. The third time I saw him a few trees down with a large winged ant in his mouth. It looked like he might have bit off a little more than he can chew. And God made this Creation we all enjoy. One day I am going to figure out how to put pictures on this site and I will be sure to show case this big boy.
The bone pain thing is really a pain. I had another Neupogen shot at 9:20 a.m. After lunch, it hit with a constant and merciless, indefatigable vengence. Positioning does not help. It is very painful and difficult to walk. It has worn me down, I must confess, and I finally had to pull out the big guns to take the edge off at around 9 pm. I really do not advocate narcotics unless it is very necessary. This is one of those cases. Plus, Robin would probably hit me over the head with an anvil to put me out of my misery since I frequently 'holler' (country term for yelling loudly) when the pain hits.
Check out this scripture in Psalms 6. I have been reading the Psalm which matches the calendar date. Today is the 6th, so I'm reading Ps. 6 and verse two says,
"Have mercy upon me,
O Lord; for I am weak:
O Lord, heal me;
for my bones are vexed."
Is that cool or what? I'm sure that is just a coincidence (yeah right, ha ha) God is in control.

Please remember to pray for Michael H., Jill H., Christi W., Lloyd Kogel – all battling cancer and/or recovery and little Austin Barber (heart/lung transplant).
Also, Robin’s cousin had a small bowel transplant around August 2005 which was a success. She has been dealing with this health problem for about 7 years - in and out of the hospital multiple times every year with many of those times hearing the words ' we don't know if she is going to make it.' She has had many surgeries until the only other option was a small bowel transplant (which is a fairly new thing) at a specialty hospital in Nebraska or die. A few weeks ago she had to be flown back to Nebraska for a possible obstruction. Her name is Barbara and her husband is Don
. They are Christians who have been giving glory to God through it all. They have both been through the fire. Thanks.

Proverbs 25:4, "Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer (jeweler)." It is no fun in the furnace, but in some cases the only way to be used by God is by having been tried by fire.
Hopefully I'll be in better condition tomorrow so I can go to church. God Bless. GW

Friday, May 05, 2006

Rent house available ...

Our rent house will be available in June. My renter gave me a 30 day notice this morning, they have been really good renters. If you know of anyone desiring to live in Central, the house is on Lovett Rd. 1/10th of a mile from Sullivan Rd. It is a wood frame home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large kitchen, dinning room, front room, 2 car garage with 2 storage rooms off of the garage and sits on 3 beautiful acres. The house was renovated January 2005.
If you know of anyone who may be in the market, call us at home, leave a message here or e-mail grwaites@bellsouth .net
Thanks, George

Dr.'s Appt.

The report is in : No chemo today. My Hematology numbers are all below normal so I have a week off. I had two shots, one for white cell and one for red cell count production. Maybe I should by stock in the company that makes all of these needles. He also gave me a prescription for something to help me gain weight. This is supposed to help with lean muscle growth, not fat gain. I weighed in at 153 lbs. In boxing, I believe that is just above a welterweight (136-147)? So I am technically a middleweight (148-160).
This doesn't bum me out, but it is a little discouraging if you look at it from the natural. I just know that there is one week lost for treatments which will have to be made up on the back side. But I am still taking the pill Tarceva. I'll have to limit my exposure to people even more now. But like so many have said, this is temporary. Amen
Looks like rain most of the weekend. Maybe it will rain only when it is convenient. Ha.
My parents are heading home. I told them they have been putting out too much on me. My mom says no, coming to BR is like a vacation.
Anyway,God is in control, so I'm trusting Him with the outcome. He is the Author and Finisher and worthy of being trusted.
Go and be a blessing.
I'll write more later. GW

TGIF ...

Thank God it's Friday, seriously. I hope you all have some fun things planned this weekend. Due to the forcast you may need to be indoors. Bryan's birthday party was scheduled for Sat. but the rain may prevent the swimming part of the party. He found out the forecast and started bumming out. I asked what famous person said not to worry about tomorrow and he gave the huh? look. Jesus said in Matthew 6:34 " Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. " Verses 26-34 are great wisdom about worry and anxiety. It wouldn't hurt to read these verses everyday. Many times the things we worry about, whether we express them outwardly or not, are just 'paper tigers' we have conjured up in our own minds. Its almost like we have to wake up to the fact that it is not as bad as we think and usually everything works out if you just give it some time and actively trust God with the outcome.
Heading out for chemo this morning. This will be Gemzar #3. Blood work and Dr. visit too. I think I am trying to get a sore throat and gums. I'll consult with my Doc about this. He can do the pen light and 'say ah' thing. The rash is slowly but steadily getting better. You've heard of how something has left them 'scratching there heads', well I have taken that saying to a new level. The other day Robin came home and said, 'you were scratching your head when I left and you are still scratching it when I get back". Hey, if you are going to do something you might as well do it right. Praise God.
It is a trip to wear a surgical mask in public - especially a bank! But with where I am now immunity wise, I cannot take any chances. It will keep you humble. But look on the bright side, it covers my rash.
Here is some more wisdom from Yogi Berra.
"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."

May God direct your steps today. God Bless. George.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay, okay .....

Warning, medical potty talk ahead ...
Okay, okay, I repent. I will never say another thing about women and the cramping many experience during their time of the month. I understand what I have had all day today is a little different, but cramping is cramping. Man, can somebody give me a break. I'm putting in a work order for an easy day tomorrow. Didn't sleep much last night again, used the time to pray and read. Got an early start this morning. Took my pills, had a good breakfast and decided to vacuum most of the house and put up four window blinds. Then around 11 a.m. the cramp monster stopped by and made himself at home. I had two days without a bowel movement, so I had to follow the laxative protocol to get things moving. This may be to much information (TMI) for some of you, but I have always been a twice a day kind of guy, so this 'nothing in two days' concerned me. Things like bowel obstructions can happen post-operatively, so this is serious business.
My weight was at 149 lbs. today. The rash does not appear to be progressing and in some places looks to be clearing up. The head still itches. I had some 'bone pain' last night, which is related to the Neupogen shot. It was strange - feels almost like a real bad muscle strain. But it has for the most part stopped today.

My parents are still here and they are a blessing. My mom is cooking and cleaning like a trojan and won't let me tell her any different. My dad either does the project or helps to supervise. He helps to keep me motivated to do the things I can and stay away from those that I should not.
I am so thankful they can be around to spend time together and to help out.

All of the trees Randy, Keith and Bill put out a few weeks ago are doing great. Since the heavy rain we had a few days ago, everything in the yard has perked up. Some of the trees already have little figs and of course the citrus had fruit before it was planted.

Hosanna 1st and Pastor Don , thank you, thank you, thank you. God has used you all to bless us in so many ways. We are very grateful for all you have done. Jesus said give and it shall be given to you. May God bless each of you abundantly.

"Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life." (Jude 21)
Have a wonderul day and be a blessing. George.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shot #2

Today is better than yesterday. I'm thinking the Friday Gemzar hits me for 3 days and then I start back on the upstroke. I am journaling all the details to see if there is a pattern in the side effects. This thing is just as much spiritual/mental as it is physical. Or, as Yogi Berra would put it "90% of beating cancer is mental - the other half is physical" (haha).
Shot # 2 this a.m. - it hurt a little more than yesterday, maybe I knew what to expect or maybe I flinched. Hopefully this will get the white blood cell count up to normal.
It's getting hot out there and I can't take it. This rash is definitely of the anti-sun kind. (I am not supposed to be in the sun anyway with the chemo I am taking). I believe the meds are beginning to work on it - it doesn't appear to be progressing. I finally shaved. Robin will be happy. I was hesitant to shave due to the rash thinking it would do more harm than good. I'm still looking for that truck. Enough of the rash talk.
I think I saw every hour on the clock this early a.m. I have decided to use these awake times to pray and meditate. King David speaks to this is Psalm 4: 3, 4, 8 " (3) But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the Lord will hear when I call unto him. (4) Stand is awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah. (8) I will both lay me down in peace , and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me to dwell in safety." We all still need to get our sleep, but if you can't anyway, then why not pray?
Hope you all are doing well. George.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Looking for that truck ...

I am still looking for that truck. What truck you say? The one that ran over my face while I was sleeping last night! (haha) Praise God! I've got a great family and friends that give me so many reasons to keep looking up. I definitely feel like I am on chemo today. My eyeballs even feel it. Today I received my first Neupogen shot. Now I have to take Claratin D as a "bone pain" prevention med since bone pain is a major side effect of the Neupogen. The nurse said it may feel like a heart attack around the sternum area, but its just the bone marrow kicking into production, not to worry. And the zits, I did'nt know a body could have so many at one time! All you teenagers with zits, Mr. George is feeling your pain! And whats worse is the temptation to pop them! I have started on some more meds to help with the rash (zits). By 9 a.m. everyday I have taken 5 pills, with 5 more to go over the course of the day. Praise God for remedies that work. We live in great times.
My dad and mom cooked me a steak today - gonna beef up my blood. My dad keeps trying to get me to drink a glass of red wine every day as a blood builder (I can here Carol saying amen). I would if I could, but me and alcohol have never been able to tolerate each other, even in my B.C. days.
How about the rain. Do we need to keep praying for rain or should we say that's enough. Bryan's baseball games were cancelled due to water on the field.
Spring must be in the air. Everyday I walk out onto the deck, something is sitting there breeding. Moths, lizards, birds - and not to mention the 'skinks' fighting in the driveway - I guess they were working out a territory issue. Life will go on, that is for sure.
Speaking of life, check this out ...


Now, you fill in the lines. God is good. Write more later. George