Friday, February 29, 2008

What a week

Emotions have been all over the map this week. I have to realize, I guess, that that is normal. Sometimes I have experienced an overwhelming sense of loneliness, at which time God has come in and shown me His loving kindness. Dealing with issues that George and I would have solved together, or I would have let George decide on his own now fall on my shoulders to deal with. These things sometimes stop me in my tracks because I want to take into consideration what I think George would do.

The cemetery installed the headstone to mark the grave site. I went to see it the other day and the site looks horrible. We have had so much rain that the dirt is washing out around the site and there are holes and weeds growing on the sight. This almost sent me over the edge, knowing how George was about making sure the yard was nice and his love for the soil and all things dirt. I asked the cemetery to please make sure they resolve this issue ASAP. They assured me it would be taken care of. I think that started the emotional roller coaster this week. I want things to be right and I have been desiring that my life be spelled out for me. What does life hold for me? In many ways my very identity has changed and I am coming to grips with new areas in my life. Thanks for letting me be so transparent but I know that you faithful readers of this blog will pray for me and for God to lead me into His purposes for my life.

I love you all so much, even those of you I do not know. Thanks for taking of your time to keep up with me.


Sunday, February 24, 2008


Friday night we had a women's meeting. We watched a DVD on the love of God. I shared after the video and God showed us His incredible LOVE. We as the Bride of Christ need to find that place of confidence in His love for us. We need to respond to God and others and situations in our lives confident in the extravagant love God feels toward us. Once we grasp the truth of the fact that God loves us unconditionally we can then be free to live the lives we are destined to live.

Lauren has been real sick today. She must have had a stomach virus. She has been in bed all day and has just gone more than an hour without throwing up. Please pray for her.

Thank goodness things have slowed down a little for her since basketball season is over. We are all enjoying much more time at home.

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. I love this time of year. You can actually feel the NEWNESS in the air.

God bless and keep your hearts open to the love of GOD.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I will soon be on my way to church. Just wanted to write since it has been awhile. Thanks for all of you who faithfully keep up with this blog. It is an encouragement to me. I am so excited because Friday we have a women's meeting at church and I will be sharing at the end some of what God has been doing in my life lately. It mostly has to do with God's love. His poured out, lavish, extravagant love.

We are so blessed to be able to call ourselves the Bride of Christ and have Him as our Bridegroom. Lately, I have been meditating on that position being the Bride of Christ. How incredible is that. The Creator of the Universe wants to be in relationship with us. He doesn't just want to save you from an eternity in hell, He wants to be in a RELATIONSHIP with you. He wants to guide you, protect you, love you, speak to you, comfort you. He can do all of these things oh so well. We must learn to be comfortable and confident in this love, not because we deserve it but because it IS the way the Lord feels about us. Why continue to resist it, why not embrace it for all it is!!!! WOW what freedom there is in knowing that God LOVES me, HE really loves me. LISTEN, I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. He LOVES you, too. One on one HE loves you. Do you believe it, do you want it, do you think you can experience it. Just ask HIM, He's waiting on YOU.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day


Lauren has a game tonight 4 hours away. It is a playoff game for the state. I f we lose the season is over. If they can pull off a win it will be the first girl's basketball playoff victory in the history of HCA. I will update you later about the outcome of the game.

A day of love. Our Lord loves us beyond our ability to understand or adequately respond to it. He has been revealing to me a deep aspect of His love for me. He has brought home to me the idea of being the Bride of Christ. The position of bride is one of privilege and one of honor. We find it hard to embrace that idea because we know the fallen condition we have come from. God longs for relationship with us. His love is so deep it compelled Jesus to go the cross. His love is so wide it covers a multitude of sins. His love is so high we can actually get caught up in it, if we allow ourselves to open our hearts and attempt to understand that, that surpasses knowledge. Today let the Lord love on you. Invite Him to convince you of His love for you. You will then begin to see things in light of that love. The sunset will proclaim His love, the stars in the sky will cry out I love you. Quit trying to justify whether or not you deserve this kind of love, you don't but it is yours anyway. Thank Him for it and rest in it.


Friday, February 08, 2008


Tonight is Lauren's last regular season basketball game. They are playing Bethany in Baker. Part of her senior experience is coming to an end. They have secured a spot in the playoffs so she will play at least one more game next week. If they win there will be more. Bryan is getting started with baseball. From one sport to the next. The story of our lives.

I will be getting away for some time with the Lord. I can't wait just to bask in His presence and see what He has to say. I feel as though the Lord has given some direction but I am seeking for clarity on some issues. I can't get away from the Lord dealing with me about living the moment. I have been caught up in trying to figure our the future. What does the future hold? How will God work out ministry opportunities? How will I get the book published? and on and on. I think I can plan without allowing myself to become consumed with the what if's of the future.

Thanks for staying in touch.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Driver's License...

Well Lauren turned 17 on the 4th. It was fun. She had practice that morning and then we spent 4 hours at the DMV. She has been driving me around town ever since. She is doing a great job. I am working on staying calm and not freaking out that my baby is now driving. Granny and PawPaw came in for a visit and we had some good time. They came to see Lauren's last home game last night. They lost but it was a good game. The girls have secured 2nd place in district so we will be playing in a playoff game at some point.

Our Lord is so gracious and faithful. Continue to put your trust in Him. He wants to shelter you and keep you in the midst of the good times and the bad. Stay close to Him don't wander from His side. Pastor's sermon Sunday was so good about being taught by God. We are constantly being taught if we will take the time to examine our lives and situations and relationships and see what God is doing. Never stay the same always desire change.