Thursday, August 31, 2006

Surgery postponed...

George postponed his surgery to have the port put in because since Wednesday he has not been feeling well. He has had an elevated temperature on and off and has been experiencing cramping and all that goes along with that. We have gotten his temp down but he is still battling the stomach issues and has not eaten much. Please keep him in your prayers, as I know you do. This is his week off of chemo so we are believing that he will be feeling better and be able to have the port put in next week sometime. I wanted to update the blog since he hasn't been feeling like doing anything.

Our eyes are fixed on Jesus and we realize that God never said life would be easy. The one assurance we do have is that He is with us in the midst of it all. We love you all and thanks for staying in touch through the blog.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Surgery date set ...

The mediport surgery is set for this Friday, September 1st, at 11 am. One of my CVT Dr.'s will be doing the installation. I'll arrive for outpatient admission at 9 am and should be heading home mid afternoon the same day. My parents will be driving me to and from the Lake. The timing has worked out almost as perfect as one could ask for - to God be the glory. This port will simplify treatments and any future CT scans with contrast that I may have. This is, however, a temporary access port that will be removed once it is no longer needed.

Today and yesterday have been a little on the 'tough side' as far as side effects, but in the midst of it all God is good and a comfort. I could have had the mediport put in today, but with the way I am feeling I figured we should get a few more days between the last treatment and the surgery. I am not complaining at all, just discussing. The side effects are similar to the previous treatment regimen, they just seem to hang around longer (abdominal cramping and burning). My taste is beginning to wane and it feels like there is a film covering all of the inside of my mouth. This means that the medicine/chemotherapy is working. "So, George, are you telling me feeling this way is good"? No, I do not enjoy it, but it is what you have to go through (medically) in order to achieve the desired results. I still trust that God is in control of this whole process. When I take my meds I take them by faith - even to the point of saying "in the Name of Jesus" when I wash the pills down. When I would arrive at work, put my hand on the door to open it, I would pause for a second and say the same thing. That was my mission for the day. That day. Today's mission is no different, it just has a new little 'twist' to it.

It is interesting to watch yourself begin (all over again) another wave of side effects. A study into the human mind. The mind has to adapt to this new 'problem'. That is how the human race has survived this long, in spite of ourselves. They say that the NASA Space Shuttle has literally billions of computer calculations/adjustments going on at lift off each second in order to keep the space craft flying straight and on course. I have noticed throughout the day I am doing the same thing - reminding myself to stay on course, make the necessary adjustments and keep flying. With Jesus as our example (Hebrews 12) we keep pressing ahead in faith.

Political commentary: (you don't have to read this). Katrina's anniversary was today. News coverage has been extensive as to revisiting the neighborhoods, questioning who is responsible for this or for that, Monday morning arm chair quarterbacking at its best for sure. Some were even playing the 'race card', with Spike Lee (black movie producer) making a movie which gives voice to numerous conspiracy theories. One of these is that the 'Government' blew up the levee(s) in order to drowned black people. Well, they missed, and hit a whole lot of whites, asians and hispanics -and everyone in between. If I may say so, this "ain't nothin' but the Devil". Why stir up resentment between people who are trying to recover - and doing a good job of helping each other regardless of race. Isn't it enough that most have lost everything, if not almost everything? Reporters, report the news - just that - and quit trying to find a 'boogie man' where there is none. There are too many stories of courage and too many heroes to be dealing in this muck raking. To be fair, there was a lot of great coverage of success stories after one year. The good did outway the bad, but why even bring it up? That's my opinion. I'd love to hear your's.

God is so merciful to us, we do not deserve it. But that is what makes Him God. That's what makes him Great.

"O that men would give
thanks to the Lord for His goodness,
and for His wonderful works
to the children of men!
For He satifies the longing soul,
and fills the hungry soul with goodness.
(Psalm 107: 8-9)

Monday, August 28, 2006

The low down ..

The low down on the port is that I have about a 1 week to 10 days window to have one put in. The Dr. convinced me that it would be okay to have treatment today saying the IV Benedryl along with Avastin is probably what caused the vein to thrombose. I handled this treatment much better (as far as veins go). Now we just have to schedule a time for the medi-port to be put in. Robin and I will get together on that issue today.

My parents made it in safe and we are all going to get together tonight for supper.

Please continue to be in prayer:

Ms. Ida Lee (Sonja Howell's friend) end stage cancer.
Dr. Hackler (one of the surgeon's I work for) undergoing treatment for cancer.
Jill Hymel (a co-worker of mine) undergoing treatment for cancer.
Barbara & Don Gerard (Robin's cousin Barbara had surgery 2005) small bowel transplant continued health.
Christi Worthington (a friend in California) finishing treatments for breats cancer.

We are praying for the 'joy of the Lord to be their strength' and for God to touch and heal their bodies as well. All we need is one touch from the Master's hand.

Meet with Dr.

I am going for the treatment time today but will be discussing the port issue with my Dr. before any more IV's will be given. Took a 10 minute walk in the shade earlier, walked the dog, said hello to the cats and put out the compost. (Now all I need is some chickens to feed and hogs to slop). 'Rural' living at its best.
Standing in Him. George.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Hard part ...

This morning's service went really good. We saw many people we have not seen in years. They wanted to be a part of the process and it was great to have them with us during the recording. Now comes the hard part: which songs will be on the CD and which ones will not. Can I tell you, I'm glad that is not my job. How do you choose? They were all so good. May the Lord be the guide.
Another rainy day in Central. We were invited to eat at my brother-in-law's in-laws for their daughter's belated birthday party. Got it? Fried catfish and bass along with hush puppies and coleslaw. I ate just enough. It was delish. We always enjoy their company when together.
My parents are planning on coming in tomorrow afternoon and we are looking forward to their arrival.
I think I have decided to deny treatment until I can get a port put in since my arm vein is still looking rough from last weeks treatment. I don't know how well that will go over with my Dr. , however. Robin was kind of "iffy" about it since treatment has already started. We will see.
I can tell that I am on chemo again - not giving in to side effects, it's just the medicine doing what it is supposed to do. When you feel the things I am feeling, it means that something is working.
I am trying to stay disciplined and maintain my overt and intentional reliance on Jesus and the Word - regardless of how I feel. That applies to everyday living. Do you go to work when you don't feel like it? You probably do. Do you go the extra mile when you don't feel like it? You probably do. Whatever we do, we must do by faith, for 'without faith', the scriptures say, 'it is impossible to please God' (Hebrews 11:6). The neat thing about that verse is that it is followed by a list of those who went before us, trusted God, and saw miracles happen.
By faith, this is going to be a good week.
By faith, you are going to have a good week.
In Jesus Name.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

CD Sunday ...

Don't forget, this Sunday (tomorrow) is the Worship CD Sunday. Come prepared to worship in spirit and in truth. Both morning (10 am) and evening (6 pm) services will be recorded.

Now I will warn you, beware of disagreements with the kids or the spouse on the way to Church. This is the oldest trick in the book. Get the family in an uproar over something silly and by the time they get to Church - no body wants to sit together because they are now mad at each other. The Word is clear about being aware of the enemy's devices. Don't get sucker punched.

I thought this picture would be a good follow-up to the previous post's storm clouds. Christ's return is spoken of throughout the New Testament. The Apostle Peter writes in II Peter 3:10, "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night ..." So, we are to be ready.

Today was rainy on and off, the cats even slept the whole day away. But I did do one thing I have been wanting to do for a long time - I saved all of our digital pictures to disc/CD. I learned a new thing or two in the process. I am trying to continue learning the technical side of this thing I love to hate (computers) since it ain't going anywhere soon. Besides, a lot of good can be done using them. It just takes patience.

I am going to turn in now in order to be fully alert and ready for the morning service tomorrow.

Psalm 149:1
"Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song,
and His praise in the assembly of saints."

Psalm 150:6
"Let everything that has breath Praise the LORD."
(that is the last verse of scripture in the Psalms)

Goodnight and God Bless.

Raining already ?

Psalm 97:2 "Clouds and thick darkness
surround Him

Is that an awesome shot or what!
* * * I have been told that these pictures have been "doctored", but never the less they are a fearsome site.
A friend of mine, Paul, sent me about ten pics of Katrina which were taken at various places as the storm hit land. The cloud formations are beautiful and yet at the same time disturbing since we know the resulting destruction of so many peoples lives.

I woke up to a nice rainy day (on and off) over here in Central, perfect for helping one stay in the bed longer than they should! But since I have to stay on schedule with the meds, I have to at least get up and swallow some pills - by then the light hits the eyes and I am wide awake and blogging, walking the dog and feeding those crazy but funny cats.

I'll post some more later. GW

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jealous ...

Kenny is thinking ...........
All I need is this here bone, cause I don't have to tolerate no interloping cats moving in on my territory after I've homesteaded here for 5 years. And the 'peeing on the trash can thing' (See post Wed. august 23rd, 2006), that's just because I was frustrated with the new competition, you know, attention for a hairy fella like me is in short supply already - them kittens are kind of cute. I'll just wait till somebody opens that there door and I'll run like the wind, never to be seen around here again!"
Then, Kenny has a revelation .......
Well, on second thought, I do get to stay inside. Them cats have to stay outside in the heat, the cold and the rain, so I guess I got it pretty good. Plus, I got my own room, free food, bones, treats when I potty and free medical care - and not to mention the occasional table scraps from dad - when moma ain't lookin. I even get to go to the groomer about every two months. And you see that rug I'm sitting on, that's my rug - moma just thinks it's her rug. (And as for the bone, dad snapped the shot before I could position it in the more traditional horizontal position). So, I guess I'll stay."
George's response .......
Wow, a man couldn't ask for a better dog, his power of reasoning is beyond anything I could have ever thought possible. You know Kenny, you are truly man's best friend, intelligent, wise, honest, forgiving, great eyesight too - thanks for not saying anything about the loaded sawed off shotgun I had pointed at you just behind the camera. I'm glad you chose to stay little buddy.

Anyway, everyone is home and in the bed. Then I get to do my musings. Honestly, Kenny has been a good dog, except for the shedding hair. Otherwise the smell, barking, begging and body functions are all tolerable - since they all do not happen at one time.

Guess what was for supper? Chicken breast, cornbread, steamed broccoli, battered and fried okra fresh picked today. To make it even better, it was all cooked and ready at the same time. You know how sometimes the cornbread has been waiting and you have not finished the frying yet? This one worked out almost exactly together.

Never one to get into too much 'politican', but have you heard about WalMart's latest. Go to (Tony Perkin's Family Research Council - you can have their newsletter sent to you via e-mail)) and see who WalMart has caved in to. As the English philosopher Edmund Burke said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’ So true. There is a time when enough is enough.

Anyway, again, God is good and God is Holy. Thank God for another day. I pray we can all see another one tomorrow. Goodnight and God Bless. George.

From wired to worn out ...

Man, it was tough when that alarm clock went of this morning. Legal drugs are good when you need them, but the flip side is not always as helpful. I finally hit the bed at around 2:30 am - just couldn't get sleepy. Then 6 am came roaring in like a Bull Elephant on steroids. I told the kids that they were on their own for breakfast today and went back to bed - but then my stomach began giving me 'subtle hints' that an upright position would probably be the better choice. So there I was, up anyway. The juices started flowing (kind of), I kissed everyone out the door and ate two of those giant pears that I talked about a few posts back. The one pictured is almost 4 inches in diameter and it was one of the smaller ones I have left.
I picked another two gallons of okra earlier today with my gloves, clippers, chinese sun hat and all in one chemical plant suit - I call it a 'onesy' since it covers it all. We have been freezing some of it for winter use. The pods are getting tougher at smaller sizes, maybe because of the heat? So I am having to pick them smaller to ensure tenderness. Anything overgrown is allowed to keep going - I'll let them dry out on the plant and use those seeds for next year.
I had to drop off a hard drive and then head back home to eat something more substantial in order to be able to take my Xeloda on time (my, my, my, my Xeloda - forgive me - I had an 1980's rock-n-roll flash back).
The sun is a killer. I'll probably have to play the vampire act again during the day or use sun screen if I have to get out. That's okay, sunscreen reminds me of the beach - minus the sand in all those uncomfortable places - the floor mats in the car, of course.
Warning : mouse and rat talk ahead.
I think we have a mouse in one of our walls - we have been hearing noises - so it is time to place some mouse treats or traps - I can't decide which to use. The idea of any living thing suffering to death via a dose of poison does not appeal to me, especially since occasionally the wrong critter eats it or worse yet the wrong critter eats the critter that did eat it (like a hawk or owl). A quick kill with a trap is a preferrable option, but then I have had in the distant past partial injuries occur and had to climb into the attic to retrieve a screaming rat or mouse who had a glancing blow on the nose and yet could not free itself from the clutches of the mean old trap - but boy could it still make some disturbingly painful noise - even to me. The jury is still out. I would love to here your success stories - and no, I am not calling a pest control guy.
The Medical Front: I put a call into my Oncologist concerning me getting a medi-port and also to my office about seeing if one of my surgeons could possibly do it for me. Have yet to hear back from the Oncologist.
God is good, all the time. A very present help in times of trouble.
Be blessed and be a blessing. George.

Wired ...

I know it's a little corny, but here is a shot of that delicious sweet corn "Silver Queen" which is a normal sugary hybrid. I recommend it. The thing about corn, it is recommended that you cook and eat as close to harvesting as is possible, since once removed from the plant it begins turning from sugar to starch. The longer it sets around, the more the flavor is affected. It has all been harvested - either by us or the racoons! It was good while it lasted. I plan on starting earlier with more plantings next year, Lord willing. Here is a shot of a "Yellow Summer Crookneck" squash blossom. I only have one hill of plants left. Pick this fruit while small, or it will get almost too hard to cut with a sharp knife. The very, very small fruit with the blossoms still attached are considered a delicacy. I also plan on planting this earlier next year with more hills along with other squash varieties, Lord willing. I am may even consider Cantelope and Wartermelon, too. Onto things less green. . .
I'm a little wired - no, not weird, wired - the stuff they give prior to the chemo has been known to cause 'exitability' in some folks - woah, now that's what I lack for sure! Robin noticed my face has been red like a tan, even though I have not had too much sun exposure.
Seriously, I am going to contact my Dr. about having a port put in since the stuff I am on now appears to be messing up the vein we used. It is discolored and hard. This is my first time on these new drugs, so hopefully I can get one put in (a port) if it is possible. Had to take my pills later than usual due to the recent mix up. No problem.
Something interesting Jack Ortego told me last week, "whether you go the medical treatment route or say, 'God is going to heal me' (without medicine), both choices have to be made "by faith". Regardless of what we chose to do, in any situation, we are called to live by faith. Thanks Jack, that conversation has helped clear up alot.
I have started reading the 'Complete Works of Oswalde Chambers'. It is a thick book, but the way it is broken down into smaller pieces/collections of writtings, makes it appear to be easier to read. I am not putting a time frame on when I will finish, but starting is a good place to start. (Sounds like ole' Jogi Berra talking)
Looking forward to this Sunday. Remember to get there early. EARLY. Now, hopefully I myself can get there early for the CD recording. Be sure to remind others about showing up early. we are all prone to forget due to routine.
Go out and be a blessing on Thursday, August 24th, 2006.
More later .... GW.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

overnighter ...

Pure Beauty. Houston Butterfly house. Click on the image to enlarge and enjoy even more detail.

Well, I did not go to yesterdays appt. expecting to stay till this morning. But GOD has positioned me through time and experience to stand ready for just about anything. That is how life is. I also believe that is why is it better to live the 'one day at a time sweet Jesus' philosophy. Jesus said, "don't worry about tomorow,
for tomorrow will worry about its own things.
Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."
(KJV - Matthew 6:34).
Robin pretty much summarized what happened with the insurance yesterday. One good thing is that since I had no idea about my reaction to these three new drugs, I was in the right place if something were to have happened. Personally, I felt like it was a waste of a room for someone who would need it worse than me. I slept like a log after they gave me the 4x cocktail (twice). I also got a chance to visit with some of my good friends at CVT - they dropped in after hours to say hey which I greatly appreciate. They really supported me during my first few days of my stay at OLOL when all of this started with the ERCP procedures and PTCA liver drain. They made the road alot smoother.
The Lord gave me some good reading material to keep me in the Spirit during the wait. You may have seen these little booklets before called 'Our Daily Bread'. It has short daily devotionals which help keep the mind focused. The booklets are scattered throughout the waiting area. There are alot of distractions out there - even good ones - that keep us away from what is best.
Continue to be in prayer for Wil Howell's dad. He has had a reccurence of cancer, went to M.D. Anderson and I believe has started treatment, but will be returning home for further treatment. Like the rest of us, he needs to hang on the Cross of Christ for his deliverence in all areas during this time of trial.
My new regimen is little more complex. I'll be taking 4 different drugs over 3 weeks, which is called 'a cycle'. The first Monday I go to Mary Bird for IV infusion of AVASTIN, TAXOTERE and GEMZAR. I have been on Gemzar before. I'll be taking Xeloda(pills) every morning and evening for 2 weeks. The 2nd Monday, Ill take the Gemzar and Taxotere but no Avastin. The 3rd week I will be off of all drugs - except for the digestive enyzmes and portonix which are taken everyday. The week off is considered a part of the 3 weeks cycle. Then, the next Monday it all starts over again for, I'm guessing, maybe 3 months. These drugs are simple in their mission and yet so miraculous.
Pause for station break .........
This post was delayed for 20 minutes while cleaning crews were called in ....
Oh no. You know what I was just hearing? It sounded like water running on the kitchen floor. I turned around and there is my cute little Kenny(dog) with his leg lifted high, just letting it rip - all over the corner of the trash can draining down onto the floor! "Whoa, stop it! I yelled". He immediately headed for his kennel, but he couldn't get the door open fast enough. I brought him back to the place of this terrible offense and stuck his little nose it and then scolded him (since he should know better). Then he was returned to his kennel. Little did he know that only days before I had hand scrubbed this same trash can - inside and out. Can you remember the last time you cleaned your kitchen trash can? Me neither. So I then cleaned up the mess, putting the mess into the trash liner to take outside. I put it in the can since the garbage goes to the street tonight thinking ''problem contained".
Well, I got side tracked for just a second and noticed some water puddled on some black plastic sheeting I have around the base of my tomato garden near the deck - it keeps down weeds. I figured I would dump it off and let it dry out - being the responsible citizen of these here United States, 'in order to form a more perfect union', and to prevent the potential spread of the West Nile virus to those in my community. After having done a satifactory job, I began to smell the foul nemesis of every person who has ever worked in the yard. You guessed it - the putrescent fragrance of poop began to fill the air - and - the sole of my shoe! So Kenny got me back already for that scolding. At this point I am really beginning to feel like 'inspecter Clouseau' from the Pink Panther movies. Now I get the privilege of cleaning my shoes. Well, as 1 Corinthians says in Chapter 13 " love is patient, love is kind is not provoked, it does not take into account a wrong suffered... bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. (my paraphrase) This is just another test for me. An easy one at that, but never the less, a test. I still love my dog, now we just have a better understanding of each other. It's kind of like being married and having children, minus the trash can episode. Over time you better understand each other. The good and the bad can draw you closer together if you let it.
I have gone beyond my self imposed limit by now. Talk to ya'll later. Hebrews 4:12-16.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

insurance a necessary evil

Just to let y'all know, our insurance would not pay for George's three chemo treatments yesterday unless he was admitted to the hospital. So Dr. Patten said fine and admitted George overnight so he could have his IV's of chemo. Our insurance has been great and has paid out over $100,000 dollars so far for all of the medical care George has needed, but some of their decisions are silly. So anyway he is at OLOL in the Mary Bird Tower. Hopefully, when the DR. makes his rounds first thing in the morning he will release George to come home. It is 10:00 pm and he has had three rounds of chemo this evening, plus the chemo he is taking by mouth. What a day it has been. I left this morning with the kids for school at 6:30 am, had classes, Lauren had her volleyball Jamboree tonight at 6:30 pm in the midst of all that running around George called to let me know he was going to be admitted to the hospital. We played the games, visited George to tell him good night and stopped and visited my brother since they just got back from a 7 week vacation. Now we are finally home and Lauren's jumping on her homework. WHEW!!! I'm tired.

Our God is God and there is no other. He stands ready to assist us to be in the midst of what we ask him to get involved in. He is all up in our business and that's just the way I like it. He is in control no matter what happens. GOD IS ON THE THRONE!!!!!

I'm sure George will update everyone tomorrow. Good night.. RW

Monday, August 21, 2006


Just thought I'd let you all know that is it raining (by 4 pm), read the previous post if you don't know what I am talking about. So does that make me a prophet? Just kidding. John 20:31.

Okra Alley ...

Another beautifully hot/warm day. Week 3 for school, day 3 for chemo pills.
I know you have heard of 'Oak Alley', well check out 'Okra Alley'. This is a shot looking down the center row, a rather shady shot (haha). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is an okra blossom. The red ants, beetles and butterflies love them. They are in the same family as the Hibiscus flowering plants. I am letting the water hose run along the rows this morning due to lack of any substantial rainfall. As a result, I should be getting some rain this afternoon - based on the principle of if you water, it will rain.
I am meeting with my Oncologist tomorrow to get the PET results and talk about the new meds. I am trying to change it to a later time so Robin can go with me. She has been such a blessing through all of this - definitely someone you want in your corner when the fighting begins.
The Word tells us that 'as a man thinks in his heart, so is he'. Pastor Don has repeatedly talked about the thought life; he has said that you can't just stop a thought or do away with a thought without replacing it with the Word. There is power in God's Word. You change your thoughts, you change your life. That's it.
I need to eat lunch now to stay on schedule. GW.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Catch up ...

Saturday, August 19, 2006
Another beautifully warm day. We had a good visit with family and took a lot of good pictures. The only problem is that I have a tendency to eat too much since so much is being cooked. That is actually good thing in one sense – I need to gain some more weight! The kids went shopping for clothes, etc with the Granny and the Aunts.
Life just keeps on moving – it seems like it passes so fast. When we compare pictures from years ago the kids have grown so much.
This is day two of my new chemo regimen – it is going as good as it gets – just more tired than usual.
I ate some pears today, the biggest I have ever seen. My parent’s neighbor has a pear tree by the driveway and this year it had a bumper crop. The variety is probably the kind you cook or can since they are harder than the kind you buy in the store for eating fresh. The texture is crunchy like an apple, but juicy and sweet. After eating the second one, RobBoldin proceeds to tell me that my mom said not to eat too many at one time or else it can give you the runs. Great, now you tell me after I finished off softball sized pear number two! Well, I’ll find out tomorrow if that is true or not.
Some bad news came our way today, Robin’s mother had a cousin (and her daughter) who both died in a car accident today. The details are not in yet, however. You never know when you will be called home, so live while there is still time. Make every day a sweet one if you can, living in the fear and reverence of God doing His will. There can be no regrets in a life lived as such.

Sunday, August 20, 2006
Story time:
Guess what happened today – around 1:30 am. I fell asleep on the couch around 11 something and then woke up around 1:30 am. I was laying there wide awake when it happened. Suddenly, I heard a knock on either the window or the glass door right there by my head. A few of the vertical blind slats were open because of a plant that sits on the window ledge and a lamp was still on next to the door. My ‘Rambo’ mentality kicked in and I realized that I could possibly be seen by someone standing outside of the window. So, what do I do? Could that have been a bug flying into the window or glass door? I don’t know of any enemies that may be messing with me and we are to far from the street for kids to be messing around. Anyway, I got up and first turned off the lamp and then the kitchen stove light. This allowed me to see outside, but I could not see anyone or anything, so I let Robin know what was going on and then loaded my ‘friend’. (Of course I let Robin know I loaded my friend), got my MagLight, then I checked on the kids. Everything looked fine.
Then, after all of that, we realized that the A/C compressor was ‘stuck’ in the ‘on’ position. Now this has happened before and the only way to ‘fix’ the problem is to go – you guessed it – outside to turn off the breaker. Dog gone it! I was all Rambode up, but not to the point that I was looking to go outside. Shoot! So, I just decided to let the compressor run (which means the cooling coils stay cold) and I would just turn it to ‘fan’ so it would not freeze up – so basically the A/C was on from around 1:30 am to 6 am. When I awoke, the house was so cold I could have stored a side beef in it. By this time the sun was up and I went outside and took care of the A/C business. It is working now.
Church was really good. The message was, in part, about not complaining. That is a trap that is easy to fall into. Tim and Callie came over to visit the kids. They are having fun.
I be back later.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Meds came in ...

The chemotherapy pills arrived around noon. I watched the instructional video and read the inserts. I am not used to getting my meds shipped directly to the house this is nice. The only thing is you have to be home to recieve it due to the nature and price of the meds. I plan on taking the first dose tonight after supper.
We just had a quick downpour at 4 pm lasting about 10 minutes. We need these afternoon/evening showers to help cool things down a bit. As usual, I was watering the last of 13 trees with the water hose when I heard the rain coming down. Like I say, if you want it to rain, water your yard.
My parents, aunts and grandmother are almost here, they called to say they were sitting in traffic on Flannery Rd - it is usually busy - at least when I am on it. Just depends on the time of day.

Check out the Word of God:
1 Thessalonians 5:16-24
16 Rejoice always;
17 pray without ceasing;
18 in everything give thanks;
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
19 Do not quench the Spirit;
20 do not despise prophetic utterances.
21 But examine everything carefully;
hold fast to that which is good;
22 abstain from every form/appearance of evil.
23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely;
and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete,
without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
24 Faithful is He who calls you,
and He also will bring it to pass.

That's some good stuff. More later .... GW.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Say what?

I now have the scoop on the Xeloda. (Sounds too much like "Yoda") It is in pill form. So far I do not think I will be having any IV chemo. (no more big needles - except the small ones for blood work). I'll be taking 3 - 500 mg tabs in the a.m. and 3 again in the evening within 30 minutes after a meal or with the meal. This is a total of 3,000 mgs of medicine. This is some incredible chemo in the way it works. It basically is absorded in the digestive system, gets to the tumor and then turns into another chemical (5FU) once in the tumor. How do it know? The nurse doing the chemo-education this morning said it has tougher side effects than the medication I was previously taking. I choose to believe the word of the Lord. If it comes, it comes. I'm not going to dread the whipping two weeks ahead?! Reading the medication inserts concerning side effects is advised, just don't tell yourself you are going to have all of them. That information is included so if you experience one or the other, you will have the knowledge that this is a normal side effect. (Believing is believing - whether you are believing correctly or not. Do not believe and confess something you do not want to happen. Confess and believe what God said you can have). A "cycle" is defined as 2 weeks straight of daily a.m. and p.m. chemo pills followed by a one week 'break'. The break is at least one week, maybe two, depending on how much the medication has affected the immune system, etc. She added that by the 3rd cycle most people hit a 'wall'. I guess it is similar to marathon runners at the 18 mile 'wall'. I have decided - I should say we have decided, to take this devil head on and hit it with everything at our disposal. We are on the offense physically and spiritually. We have the ball and our coach (Jesus) is calling the plays.
This was a long and busy day. I cleaned the kitchen, cut some grass prior to the meeting and then came home and cut some more, then fooled with the pool to try and keep it from turning green again. The weather turned out nice in the late afternoon, overcast and breezy. Then cleaned the kitchen again. There seems to be a recurrent theme here? Or is it just me?
I have my parents, my mother's two sisters and my dad's mom all coming in tomorrow for a visit. We have fun when we get together - you never know what is going to happen
Thanks to everyone who prayed for us at church last night. That is doing what Jesus said to do.
I would like to add two people to this site's prayer list: Lynn Lossett is John Bernhard's sister - she is battling Leukemia - I believe - and is having serious liver complications. And a friend of ours, Stacie, asked for prayer for Eddie Reeves. Eddie has a brain tumor - 40% was removed by surgery and the remaining tumor is going to be treated with radiation.
Lord God, by Christ's stripes we are healed according to your Word. Send your Word to these people and they will be made whole. Nothing is impossible with You, Lord. In Jesus Name.
This is going to be a great weekend! Be blessed and be a blessing. George.

Heading to Dr. ....

I spoke with a nurse yesterday and she had me set up a meeting with another nurse for what they call a ‘Chemo’ teaching. The drug’s name is ‘Xeloda’ and is a pill. I will find out more about it today. I am looking forward to getting this thing going.
Church was awesome last night. If you couldn’t make it, just take my word for it, God showed up. We cannot do anything without His Presence.
Today is another beautifully warm day that the Lord has made.
I will post more later after I get the scoop from the nurse.
I don't know if any of you heard Rush Limbough today, but he was in rare form. I was listening while eating lunch. I do not recall him getting so animated. Otherwise, I'm listening to some CD's Carl gave me about healing, etc.
Talk to you then. George.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New drug on the way ...

Here is "Tippy" the new cat. (can you see the white 'tip' of his tale in the top left corner?) He is hard to get a picture of since he moves around so much. Last night I heard some loud howling - you know how cats sound when they are in a face off. This was about midnight, so I quietly went to the door and peeked out the window and here is a large adult black cat face to face with our other new little black kitten/cat. I waited a few seconds and then decided to bust up this bully session. I just happen to have had a small piece of broken brick near the door, so I quickly dispatched the adult cat (without hurting him). He even could have possibly been the father of the black cat. All I know is when blacky the kitten stepped away there was a wet spot where he had been siting! I can't blame him, if a guy 3 times my size got after me, I would have a good chance of wetting myself too.
I got a call today about a new drug my Dr. is prescribing. It is a pill form chemo but I do not know anything else about it yet. I am going to google it and see what I can find out.
Tonight is corporate prayer and fasting at Hosanna 6 pm.
This is another beautifully warm day.
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain... Rev. 5:12.
God Bless. George.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Lady Blazers dominated tonight! They played Christian Life. It is so nice to see them win since we have been the losers so many times in the past. We saw Pat and Laurie tonight – good to see them and some of their kids were at the game.
We ate spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch. I’m sure you can relate to this story: I drove in my car to the game, so I left before them and said I would stop by the store and pick up some ground meat. On the way home I stop at the Wal Mart on College Dr. I ran in and got what I needed – and then I saw the lines. I had six things in the basket, was in the 20 or less items isle and it still took 15 minutes to get checked out. The place was packed. The moral to this story is, no matter which line you get in, it will be the slowest. Needless to say we ate supper around 9 pm. Praise God for plenty of food.
I am reading several books (simultaneously). One of the books is titled “Your Life follows Your Words” by Darlene Bishop. On page 86, she says the following, “In reality, most of us have two confessions – one of life and one of death. Ask a Christian in pain how they feel, and the answer may surprise you. With one breath, the person will say, ‘by His stripes I am healed,’ but with the very next breath, they will say. ‘I can’t lie. I have been diagnosed with this illness, you know, and I can’t deny that I have it.’ This second confession nullifies, or uproots, the first one, and the result is a contradiction.” She continues, “On the one hand, the person is saying that they are healed, redeemed, and made whole, but at the same time, they are saying that the healing, redemption, and/or wholeness is not yet a fact in there body.”
I have been having this internal struggle since I was diagnosed. We had been believing so strongly in the beginning that the tumor would disappear and that this would be proven on the following CT scan. The tumor was still there. Bummer, so I had surgery – which by the way was a text book surgery with no complications, even all the way through the recovery. That alone is a miracle to me. Then, after recovery, another CT is scheduled with no problems except for two enlarged lymph nodes. Then I start chemotherapy treatments. The third CT showed no problems with the lymph nodes, however, there is a spot on my liver. Now, we have been believing for a miracle of major proportions all this time. Am I supposed to ignore the fact that there is an active tumor? Is this just semantics. We trust God, but don't you think he trusts us to use some common sense? I do still feel that this is a contradiction at times, but I want God to be glorified no matter what the outcome. Anyway, I put this out for your consideration and invite any insight you may have to offer. Thanks.
***Congrats to the Wallace family on the birth of their new grandbaby!
Tomorrow, Hosanna is calling for a Congregational fast for the day and prayer. There will be a service at 6 pm. Hope to see you there.
Good day. George.

PET day...

Check out this sunrise. The heavans declare the Glory of the Lord.
PET scan is done.It is very similar to a
CT scan, but the needle is a 22 gauge (thank God). I had to sit in a dark room for 1 hour prior to being scanned. I actually fell asleep at that point. David Sims went with me in case I
couldn't drive. I met his mother - she gave me a big ole hug and started praying till she was crying. What a way to meet someone for the first time. The results should be about a day or two.
Now I am slated to go to a Volleyball game, so
I am going to head out in a few minutes. I couldn't eat prior to the test, so I missed breakfast and lunch - I'm eating anything that is not moving.
I'll post more later.

Monday, August 14, 2006

1st PET scan tomorrow ...

Check out this dragon fly - I nicknamed him the "ant killer" - I have a picture of him poised on this same twig with a large winged ant in his mouth. I even saw him chasing it around prior to catching it. The cats love to stalk dragon flies around in the yard - pouncing but never catching them. It is cute to watch. They are all programmed the same.
Tomorrow is my first PET scan – scheduled for 12 noon. It should be interesting. It is very similar to a CT but I don’t have to drink a bunch of happy juice (contrast).
Today is the first day of the second week of school and the oldest is having to hit the books hard already. Advanced math is a challenge, but she knows that the road to College is paved by preparation and planning. Get the hard stuff under your belt now and College will not seem so tough.
Today was another beautiful day. Two of my brother’s kids came by to visit today. They are 16 and 20 (I think I have the ages right). We had a good time.
I picked another bag of okra – this stuff just does not stop! Also some more eggplant and one squash. Of course I ate it tonight. We have started cutting and freezing bags of okra for winter use. If you are into gardening, it is about time to start the fall garden.
I am reading in Thessalonians now. Great book(s). 1 Thess. 5:16-18 says. “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Have you ever had someone say they don’t know what God’s will is for their life? There it is in black and white. And that is just one example among many of direct quotes of “this is God’s will for you”. Sure, there are some details that the scripture does not cover such as where to work or who to marry, but that is where faith in God and the leading of the Spirit comes in. If all the details were laid out and easy then it would take no faith at all. God also says in the Word - Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” – read the whole chapter and get blessed.
This weeks prayer is – Lord, I acknowledge You in everything I do this week whether at home or work, make my paths straight for Your glory.
More after my PET scan on Tuesday. George.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beautiful sunday ...

This was a beautiful day. Great service – pastor challenged us today. We had lunch with friends at ‘La Carettas’ – they forced me to eat dessert.. We then had a good family evening. I sautéed some fresh okra, green beans and I finally got to eat some of our home grown white sweet corn – first pick – for supper. The girls were still full from lunch but you know about us boys. It was all delish. It is just something about growing and then eating your own vegis and fruit. It is a blessing. I appreciate so much more every bite since I had the several months of messed up taste from the chemo. Right now the food is tasting so much better. But Jesus said “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” So I cannot get my eyes on food and the ability to enjoy it only, nor can I focus on feeling better physically, even though that is great. Regardless of my present circumstances – good or bad – I must continue my relationship with God. I believe that is where true life is found. How can I love my really family if God is not present? How can I do my job to the best of my ability if God is not in it? He is what sustains me and you. We need His Presence.
Movie critique: After much consideration, we decided to watch the ‘World Trade Center’ (WTC). There is a web site which tells you all about the movie you select. We knew there would be bad language and some very tough scenes – we talked about this with the kids so they would understand that this is an exception to our normal rules about movies and content. I must say that is was good in the sense of making the viewer ‘feel’. Like ‘Schindler’s List’, you left the movie ‘feeling’ something. As we were leaving the movie WTC, I overheard two young men who were probably 16 yrs. old. One was telling the other how he felt so angry about what happened. Robin said this movie affected her more than the event itself when it originally happened 5 years ago – she was crying. I was not to the point of tears, but it did give us insight into the lives of people affected – and who are still affected – by what happened. Many others in the theater were also crying. It deals less with who did it and why, and more with the various families who had loved ones trapped in the collapsed buildings. The issue of Jesus and personal faith is covered also in a positive light. Nick Cage did a good job. I would recommend it to adults. You kind of have to be in the mood – this is not just another entertaining movie. As for younger people, parents have to decide that one. It is a good chance to open a dialogue about 9-11-01, too, since many kids do not even remember it. We just need to remember what happened and not let it slip into history like so many other events.
The cats are a hit with the wife and kids - and I am getting sucked into it, too. Tippy has turned out to be quite the affectionate one who loves to be petted. The black cat has opened up more and lets us pet him, but he is still not as open as Tippy. They both still have to work on their relationship to Kenny the dog. What they have to understand is that he was here first and has seniority. When we take him out for a walk, if they get close to each other, the cats will bow the back up and hiss at him – he just keeps walking. I will admit it is nice to have a really cute fuzzy pet greeting you at the door with a meow and some affection.
I have been reading Paul’s numerous letters. They are so full of interesting thoughts. You can just picture how things were for the 1st century Christians and how he was trying keep them unified & focused on Christ. The neat thing about scripture is how you can read it and then read it again 6 months later and get something different out of it. The Word of God is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword. I can personally say that having scripture memorized has been a great help when you are going through unpleasant situations. Quote the Word and call down the Presence of God.
And if anyone wants to know, "I ain't dead yet". See ya’ll.GW

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another beautiful Saturday ...

Another beautiful Saturday. We all attacked the
swimming pool this morning for about one hour - not to swim, but to clean it. The algae had gotten out of control and it needed a little work. But team work is where it is at! Even though I don't like swimming that much, this gave me an excuse to get wet up to my mid section. Hopefully this will solve the 'greenish water' problem.
Speaking of green, how 'bout that pan of okra? Hungry yet? That is what we pick about every two days, praise God! We get a little excited about that kind of stuff at our house. I also picked about 6 ears of corn - minus the tips - which I had to share with the corn ear worm borers. They don't eat much, and you can use them for fish bait. That is what happens when you don't use pesticides on your produce. And since I do not do anything to the garden other than plant and pick, I am not complaining.
Lauren and I had a daddy - daughter lunch date today. We ate at the Cactus Cafe (my Mexican favorite) and then had a mocha blast at the Central Perk. Afterwards, we drove around various Central neighborhoods looking at houses and just talking about life in general. It was good.
The older she gets the bigger the questions get. School is also challenging her mind to think about what she believes and why. It is a blessing and a privilege to have kids.
We are going to see a movie I think and I am being told it is time to go, so I will give ya'll an update later tonight with a movie critique. God Bless. George.
P.S. Who out there loves okra?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another 5,000 pounder ...

Another 5,000 lb. granite ball floating on water.
This one lives in Gatliburg, TN. I was there on a men's retreat - skiing and the like - any of you guys remember " he dusted Mike like a beignet" ? I may have to tell that story on the blog one day - it was so funny. I happened to stumble across this picture today and thought it odd how just the other day I posted the Houston ball.
Anyway... Another hot day today, unless you were in the shade, then it was not as bad. Can you believe another cat came walking through the property next to ours, meowing like crazy. He is obviously a sibling to the other one which the kids named 'tippy'. This one is totally black and is much less trusting than tippy. Of course I fed him - I know that is what you were thinking. But I do not plan on becoming the cat man. All but Tippy will go to other owners or the pound.
It has been a blessing to have my parents in town. We enjoy each others company. I know Robin and the kids have been liking it this week - coming home to a big home cooked meal is something Robin said she could get used to. We are still on the okra kick, the plants are producing a significant number of pods almost daily. The squash is almost played out due to those stinkin' vine borers but the eggplant is doing really good since they usually suffer less damage from pests.
Pests are like the devil. Jesus said that satan came to steal, kill and destroy - that is basically what these various pests do, they either eat the leaves, the fruit once it starts growing or attack the roots/stems. No matter how well you try to protect the plants from the pest(s), some will invariably get past your attempts at protection and do some kind of damage. Knowing this, you adjust your expectations and learn to manage the pests as best you can. You also can plant resistant varieties.
As believers, we need to have our shield of faith ready, which can quench the firey darts of the enemy - and the sword of the spirit, too. That is God's form of 'pest' control. Quoting scripture, singing praise and worship songs and 'praying without ceasing'. Walking in His light daily, one day at a time. Todays manna is all we need. We are praying for an open Heaven. For God to move as He wills not only in our lives, but in others lives as well.
Thank God for his mercy. Talk to you later. George.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Check out post ...

Scroll down and check out the post "He's got the whole world in His hands" on 8/7/2006- I had it stored as a draft for later posting, but when I went to post it, it put it on that date instead of today. So go and check it out.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Results of biopsy ...

Dr. Wolff called me today with the biopsy results at 2 pm. I wanted to wait and tell the family before I posted the results. He said the 1 cm spot on the liver is malignant, which has has apparently spread from the initial tumor. The pancreas and lymph nodes appear to be okay. These findings call for a change of treatment plans, so we discussed the options. So far I have chosen to have a different chemotherapy regimen administered here at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Considering how I feel and my present health status it appears that it would be okay to do so. Both Dr. Wolff (Houston) and Dr. Patten (B.R.) will be working together on my treatment plan. Two other options were given, but that would involve either going to Houston every 3 weeks for treatment or having to move to Houston for an experimental treatment. Statistically, the option of staying home for treatment has a higher success rate than the other two. That is not only good to know, but convenient logistically speaking. I will know more about when the treatments will start after the two Dr.s talk. That is it.
The Word of God says that 'by His stripes I am healed'. We believed it before and we believe it now. That has not changed. We are going to believe God, period. We continue to pray. Thanks for all of the prayer and encouragement. God Bless.
P.S. I picked about 5 lbs. of okrathis evening!!! I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I got to the back and started picking. Praise God for the increase.

Robin's request....

For those of you who don't usually read or leave comments I am encouraging you to please read the comment from Clint on August 8. He is a friend of George and mine who was given no hope at MD Anderson's 5 years ago. Truly a miracle. Clint thank you for sharing the depths and reality of your faith with all of us. I literally cried when I read your comment because God was using you to speak directly to me. Last Wednesday the Lord gave me a strong word about Him being the fourth man in the fire and not to be moved by Drs. reports or prognosises. We have been told many times by trusted and faithful men and women of God as well as by God himself that this is not a sickness unto death and we THE WAITES FAMILY choose to believe this. God has repeatedly shown us that he is in our midst and with us every step of the way. In the story of the 3 Hebrew men The Lord didn't provide for them not to be thrown in the fire but better yet HE was in the fire with them. When they came out there was no evidence that they had even been through the experience. WOW!!!!!! Our God does all things well. The last verse of the chapter in Daniel about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego says that they were given a promotion to positions in Babylon. The Lord placed on my heart in the beginning of all of this that there is a destiny in all of this and that George is going to be used in some capacity beyond anything that we had planned. We simply make ourselves available to the Lord and ask Him to use us. Again Clint your words of encouragement are right on.

New Baby ...

Congratulations to Russell and Margie on their new grandson born yesterday!!!
I remember the excitemement when our two were born - it's hard to believe they are now as old as they are. I can only imagine the time warp you feel when your kids are having kids.
Speaking of kids, our kids had a great 1st day of school. New things are happening, especially for the youngest going into 6th grade, he is having to go to different rooms for his classes vs. having one teacher teach everything. That is a big change since he will now have to manage his time in a different way.
I am going to page the Dr. today for results.
Looks like it is going to be a beautifully warm day.
Learned a new word, see if you can figure it out: Riparian. I read an article the other day and came across this word. It was aggrivating me until I could look it up. Hint, it was an agricultural magazine.
John 8:32 "And you shall
know the truth and the truth
shall make you free".
Show us the truth, Lord.
I will post some more later. Have a good and productive day.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Whole world in His hands ...

Can you find the bald guy in this picture?
This is from our trip to Houston for the CT scan in late July 2006 outside of the Museum of Natural History. We all remember the song the kids would sing, "He's got the whole world in His hands", well this is as close as I can get to understanding that concept. This 5,000lb. granite ball is floating on about 1/8th of an inch of water with a certain amount of water pressure - it would seem impossible, but here it is. There are alot of "impossibilities" in life that are possible if we just believe that they are, in fact, possible. May God open our eyes to all of the possibilities that we have, up to this point, believed could not happen. What He has done before, He can and will do again. We expect miracles - spiritual, physical, financial, emotional - the list goes on. Daily little miracles remind us of how awesome our God is. Well, I have gone and typed myself happy! Praise God.
Some good news today from my friend Jill. She was diagnosed with basically the same cancer I had back in December 2005. She also had surgery and is presently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Her PET scan showed that the tumors in question had shrunk some. That is music to my ears and I know it was to hers. You see, another miracle. Lord, give us eyes to see and ears to hear.
Have a good evening. GW.

Kermit found ...

This is an older picture of a tree frog that I thought
was really cute. He looks so comfortable and tucked in.
I think I can now handle putting pics on the blog, so
hopefully I can show you all the characters I have spoken of over the past 6 months.
PBJ for lunch! Man the Smuckers Natural is good. It's just peanut butter and salt. Nothing else added or taken out. I don't eat this often, but enjoy it when I do.

Still have not heard from the Dr.'s, so I am going to page
them in a little while. Again, I'll post it as soon as possible.
More later ...

Awaiting results ..

Today is going to be a good day. First day of school. Beautiful weather. The anchor holds. We are supposed to get the results of the biopsy sometime today, if we do not get a call, we were told to page the Dr. from M.D. Anderson.
Mom and Dad are coming to town tomorrow. So I am going to be 'tightening' up the house today. Cooked breakfast for the kids and cleaned the kitchen. Someone told me the other day that when their mom would tell them to clean up their room, the kids would ask, "who's coming over"? I can relate.
Cat story: That crazy cat is getting comfortable, maybe too comfortable. He is now jumping up to the window on the house door ( 3 ft. high) and holding on with his front claws and peaking into the house. All you can see is his little eyes just over the bottom edge of the window. He can't hold on too long, so he will keep jumping until we make him stop. The sound of claws scratching my door is not too comforting. I have threatened to 'do him in' if he does not stop (but you know I am kidding). This morning I saw him chasing and pouncing on what I guess was a cricket. He is cute and helps to keep things lite. We get the dog from the kennel today. He spent the night while we were in N.O. He and the cat 'kind of' get along.
Ephesians 5:1 "Therefore be imitators of God as dear children".

As soon as we find out something I will let ya'll know. GW

Saturday, August 05, 2006

In N.O...

Me and Jason Doise got together for lunch and tore up some big ole burritos at the Cactus cafe in Central (off of Sullivan/Greenwell springs road). It was some kind of good. Then we went to Central Perks next door and had one of those cold coffee concoctions with the whipped cream on top - decaf for me. I had to leave before I ordered another one. It was that good. We had some good fellowship and caught up on life and all that God is doing.
Made it to N.O. The weather got really bad at home and then we headed down I-10 to N.O. and almost got caught in some more - which had severe warnings with it. You could see the planes taking off towards the south to avoid the black clouds coming across the lake. We got rain at moms, but no tornados, etc.
Ate a fantastic supper and played 'chicken foot' - a type of domino game for those who have never heard of it - till 10 pm. Getting together with more family tomorrow.
We will not be in church since we are over here - we will have to get the CD. We listened to Pastor don's message from last Wednesday about Abraham on the way to N.O. - great teaching - get it if you were not there for the service.

God Bless. GW

Pick a mess of it ...

Headed out to the rag-tag garden this morning while the grass was still wet. Pick a mess of oakra, 4 or 5 squash and 1 egg plant. That is enough for a good meal. You have to let it build up over a few days to make enough for all 4 of us. The ants love okra blossoms and the new fruit. It must have something sweet to draw them in. Just respect them and they leave you alone.
I have been having a headache for about 3 days now. Layed hands on myself last night and in the early a.m. - I believe it has lessened in intensity. Pray believing and you shall receive.
I have some nephews and nieces in town in N.O. so we are going to go visit them today. We don't get to see them often since they left home for school and work, so you better get 'em while you can.
Did I tell ya'll about that stinkin' cat that has made a home at our house. That sucker will trip you while you are walking if you don't watch out. You know how cats have an incessant drive to rub on your legs - he has it down already and he is still a kitten. I will admit, I am guilty of stooping down and petting that stinker while he's just purring away. Maybe he will grow up and take care of any rats that may come around here. Who knows, he and Kenney (the dog) may wind up being friends.
Nothing profound, but it is a beautifully warm day. Enjoy it. GW

Slept late ...

Can you believe it, I slept till 10 am. this morning. I guess I needed it. Bryan and I went grocery shopping and then ate lunch. I was still feeling very tired so I hit the couch and he watched some Gilligan's Island - his favorite. We were invited to eat at a friend's house and it was fun. Good food and fellowship. Got in too late however ...
School starts next week. The kids are pumped.
Could it be time: Could it be that God allows us to come to the brink of death, or what is percieved as the brink of death, so that we can lose the fear of death and then begin really living. For if one is living in fear of impending death, then that fear is robbing it's possessor of being able to live life. I am hoping because of my experience I can live life as God has intended for me to live it. Do I suppose to be completely fearless when it comes to the subject of my own mortality? No, but I am learning to live with the understanding that this life is a gift - every day that I wake up I must be thankful. Focus on the things that really matter most. Try not to waste time. Stay in touch with Jesus, since His words teach us how to live an acceptable life in the eyes of God. Be forgiving and understanding of those around me since I have recieved so much forgiveness and understanding from God and others. Live one day at a time, and live it well.
Tomorrow is already here (1:51 am) and I need to get in the bed. Speak with you later. GW

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Home sweet home ...

Whew! I am glad that trip is over. Having Bill the "ice man" riding as a wingman sure was fun - it took some of the sting out of all of the medical stuff. We had alot of good fellowship and a few good Mexican meals together. As a matter of fact, I am eating some raisin bran cereal right now in order to clean up all that mexican food I ate.
The biopsy was performed around 12 noon and was relatively pain free- uncomfortable a few times, but no real pain. (Remember, I was consciously sedated - don't ever let a Dr. tell you that you can handle it without sedation!). The staff and Dr. were all very considerate and would get and A+ if I were a teacher. Ultrasound and CT scan were both utilized in locating the 'spot' and directing the needle. It was very interesting even though I was the guinea pig. I had to remain in observation for 4 hours following, which they reduced to 3 hours after a lung x-ray was done and showed an all clear. Bill was the designated driver for the remainder of the voyage due to me being sedated. We got back to B.R. around 11 pm.
It is so good to be home and to see my wife and kids - oh, and the new "cat" that is hanging around our house, too. You want to know what I named him? Cat, of course. If anyone wants a very affectionate taby colored cat with a white tipped tail, let me know. He looks to be young enough to be a kitten, but old enough to eat solid food - even though he likes to drink milk, too.
Kenny the dog would be jealous if I did not mention him, he is having trouble peeing in his kennel since he has been on medication for what appears to be breathing difficulties. He will get better, though.
We did alot of praying and reading while in Houston. The Lord is good. We leaned upon Him heavily. Thank you all who have been praying with us and sending words of encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.
I have to hit the hay, it's about midnight. More tomorrow. God be with you -- GW

here we go ..

"For with God, all things are possible".

Just wanted to remind everyone of that fact. GW

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Houston update...

I spoke with George earlier today(Wednesday). He and Bill are having a great time. He met with the PA (physian's asst.) and seemed to cover all of the bases about the biopsy. I want to make this very clear, we have not had a diagnosis of a spread of the cancer, we have a doctor's concern about what could possibly be cancer or an infection because last week George had a high white cell count and fever. This biopsy is being used to discern between the two. We are standing for a good report. Just wanted to clarify that because I have heard some people say or write that George's cancer has spread and we do not know that to be the fact. (Just wanted to clarify). At 11:15 (Thursday) George will be going through the biopsy. Thanks for your prayers during this time.

Last night in church Pastor Don brought the word of the Lord on Faith and standing on the promises of God inspite of circumstances like Abraham did with the promise of a son. NOTHING in the natural could lead him to believe that this promise was possible. He had to trust the promise although it seemed impossible. Well that is what faith is. If the situation is likely to happen then it doesn't take faith to stand. But faith proclaims, believes, speaks and acts no matter what the circumstances say.

Lord our trust is in you no matter what we see or hear. Our trust is in you and the promises that you have given us. Our confidence in you allows us to smile, hold our head up high, and square our shoulders in the face of opposition. You alone Jesus are a waymaker. You made a way to the Father, you made a way for peace, you made a way for healing, you made a way for provision. God you leave no stone unturned and we acknowledge your involvement in every part of our lives. The righteous will not be forsaken.

Be blessed saints of God. I will give you an update when I hear from George.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gearing up ...

Getting ready to get to those appts. tomrrow and Thurs. Cut a little more grass while it was breezy and overcast - it looked like it was going to rain again.
You know what is freaky? When you eat a bowl of cereal and it tastes like it is supposed to taste.
I am looking forward to getting all things back to normal some time in the near future.
Tonight is orientation for Bryan. He is pumped about going back to school. I can remember getting the supplies and clothes and the hair cut all in prep. for the new school year. It is a wonderful thing to see your children excited about learning, growing up, meeting new and old friends. Not everyone has that privilege. We are blessed in these here united States.
How about your boy Castro - seems he ain't invincible after all - I still pray for God to get a hold on his heart before he dies. Cuba is going to be in a precarious position with Castro's brother running things. Anyway ...

Psalm62:1-2, 8

1 "Truly my soul silently waits for God;
from Him comes my salvation.

2 He alone is my rock and my salvation;
He is my defense;
I shall not be greatly moved.

8 Trust in Him at all times, you people;
pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us. Selah

I'll be here later. GW.