Friday, February 20, 2009

good times....

Tonight Lauren and I went to a concert with my parents and Max Johnson and some of his friends. This was Tommy Emmanuel, oh my goodness this was one of the most entertaining concerts I have ever attended. He is by far one of the best guitar players alive. All night Lauren and I just looked at each other and shook our heads, so awesome.

The Lord has been teaching me about trust again. I think it is a lesson we continue to learn and grow in deeper knowledge of. I have come to realize that we are only able to trust when we fully know who or what we are trusting in. The more I learn about the nature of God and who He is I am learning that it is easier to trust Him. He knows ALL and has ALL under control. If that is truly the case then what in the world are we worried or concerned about. Let go of trying to figure it all out. We don't have to have everything all spelled out for us. We just need to rely on the fact that God is in all we do. He is aware of our situation and has purposed to work something in us as a result of the things we are going through. With that being said we must purpose to trust Him and Him alone, not our bank accounts, not our jobs, not our friends and family, but Him alone. He is trust worthy. More later

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Thanks to all of you who are praying for me. The last week ws rather difficult for me. I came upon a journal George wrote while we were dating. How sweet it is to have his thoughts on paper. To read about his feelings and questions and love for me the things he was bringing before the Lord about our possible future together. How much I began missing him. His spark for life, his effervescent humor and contagious laughter. Noone can lighten a room like my George. I am so happy for him and his time being with Jesus and all the saints that have gone before. But oh how wide is the void left beause he is gone.

Daily, I make it through because Jesus is the comforter of my soul. Daily, I make it through because my kids help me be strong. Daily I make it through because George would have it no other way. I love you all and am so thnkful for your continued prayers for me and the kids.

Lauren turned 18 yesterday. My precious sweet Lauren has crossed into adulthood. She is officially an adult. I love and respect her so much. Her love and commitment to the Lord is inspiring and she follows in her dad's footsteps with her song writing and musical ability. Happy birthday Lauren.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

home again home again....

Well dad is home and on medication to help disslove the clot in his heart. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. We just finished watching the Superbowl and having some good family time. I was pulling for the Cardinals but I guess it wasn't meant to be for them. Then I came home and colored Lauren's hair. She had kind of a red color in her hair from a couple of months ago and she wanted to go back to her original color.

I have been in a strange place this past week. It seems that I am in another transition time and kind of sensing God changing and moving things. I was working for a friend of mine just a couple days a week but Friday was my last day. I want to spend more time concentrating on getting the blog published and it is taking a substantial amount of time to read through everything. I thought it would go faster but it is a slow process. Please continue to pray for God's direction in every area. I took a test Friday for a possible management position with the Census Bureau but I really don't want to do anything until May possibly so we will see.

God is oh so gracious and good to me and my family. I want to stay the course and be obedient to His leading. Love you all, Robin