Thursday, February 16, 2006

All is well...

Latest update on George. He is in his own room. He is doing well, considering what he's been through. As of right now, he is sleeping. Earlier today, we had him sitting in a chair. Keep praying for his continued quick recovery. We love you all!!



Sonja said...

Thank you for the update Robin. I am sure you are spending as much time by his side as possible. George is victorious and I believe he will recover well! Hopefully you are able to get some rest too while he sleeps. I keep hearing George's previous message in that it will take "one day at a time"! He will prevail!!! I believe!
Hang in there and again we appreciate so much the updates...I'm hooked on this blog! It encourages me daily and my spirit is inspired for how you guys have Stood in the face of adversity. I may even start my own blog soon!!! George may have started something with all this!!!
Tell George the Howells are rooting for quick recovery!!!!
Love you all.

done said...

Thank God that he's able to sit up in a chair, wow! I'll have your whole family in my prayers. Take care, Elisa:)
p.s. My daughter came home last evening! Yeah! Thank God!

Linda & Gary said...

Hello George & Robin. This is Carole's mom in Florida. I am so happy to here George is doing so well after surgery. God does perform miracles. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tonja said...

Robin, I'm praying for you! I'm reminded of all the words that were sent your way in the last 2 weeks...I believe some of them are for you right now! The word "rest" also keeps coming to mind...I believe it's because you can rest in the arms of your loving Father at this time, even though it seems like the battle has just begun. Stay on the front lines knowing that you don't stand alone! we're still praying for you and watching for even more miracles through all of, Tonja

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear how good things went and we know it will continue. Continue to trust, have faith and lean and depend on your savior.
Elementary chapel was great today. I went to take pictures and those kids love to worship. The song Mrs. Mancil's class did followed a skit about who God is. The song was by hillsong- an oldie but always a goodie.
I wanted to send you the words i know you will remember it. Stay strong and we love you all!

My God can never fail
He's been proved time and again
Trust Him you'll see
He's got all the power you need

He's never early, never late
It takes courage and it takes faith
Trust Him you'll see
He's go all the power you need

He saves, forgives and heals
Takes back what the devil steals
My debt's been paid in full
And every day He does miracles

I got dreams turn them into plans
Too big for human hands
Turst Him you'll see
He's got all the power you need

He's real, He's real
Faith's a lot stronger
Than what you feel
He's real, He's real
I'm believing for miracles

Trust Him you'll see
He's got all the power you need

All the power you need

Link to 'All The Power You Need'

I guess you can see how much music speaks to me - I hope it has done the same for you!
Love Kaylene

duaneleger said...

Praise God that everything is going well. We will continue to pray for you all.