Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Five days ...

Good morning,
Late last night I realized had been given 5 days before the next test. What do I do? Go home or stay and wait? Robin and I prayed from 10 pm to midnight. I sensed one thing for sure, that "I had better get as spiritually serious as I possibly can". (Those of you who know me, know how goofy and lighthearted I can be). We've prayed for the healing, taken a confident, unified stand in Christ's ability to heal and deliver and now we are going to praise Him and thank Him keeping an open Heaven.
Do any of you have a need? Whether physical, financial, family/children or any other thing that you are needing help with, don't wish about it. The Heavens are open! Get alone with God and let Him know about it. And if you would, let Robin and I know about it (use our e-mail address below) so we can be praying and agreeing with you.

If you are not even a Christian, God has made provision for you through Christ's Death and Resurrection. Don't wait till tomorrow or until you get a few things straight. It's a free gift and you will never regret following the One who gave His all for you. Ask Jesus Christ into you heart and life, repent and receive His gift. Any questions about what to do, e-mail me and Robin at We will gladly do whatever we can to help. We are not perfect, but He is.

" For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of youselves, it is the free gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast;" Ephesians 2:8-9.

Again, thank you so much everyone who has helped us. You will reap a harvest.


AH said...

George & Robin - -
God is sooooo good!! I just received this blogger address from Holly Erwin today! I didn't know it existed. Y'all are on the prayer lists of all in MS, I'm sure. I stand in awe of how much you have minister to me just on this webpage! You are definately on a different plain - - one that we should ALL operate in on a daily basis, no matter what our circumstances are. God has got something BIG planned and I am praising Him for a doctor with big ears!!!
Love, Andrea Herrin

Jack Ortego said...

George & Robin,
Just had a chance to get caught up on what's transpired since Monday night. GOD IS SO-O-O GOOD! I'm rejoicing with you at what God has done so far. Yet He is able to do SO much more! Continue to wage warfare against your enemies. Your Father is reinforcing the angels who are warring on your behalf and according to your faith. Don't forget to PRAISE him. Take the time to have a praise service of one before the One so worthy of your praise. Praise does much to put the enemy to flight. He hates hearing the Lord's name being exalted and magnified.
Love you both!

Lisa Harris said...

Wanted to come your way one more time today. The reason for sharing the testimony that I did earlier was to emphasize how the Dr.'s obedience brought about his divine healing. Awesome! Pastor Ralph, in his message tonight dealt with being sensitive to what the Spirit is saying to us and also sensitive in how we act upon it. The Holy Spirit was prompting you to leave the decision about the re-test up to the doctor. God used your Spirit-led decision to increase your faith even more. God is so good!

I believe you were a blessing in the church there in Houston tonight! Pastor Ralph also brought in stirring up the gifts that are in you. Wow! That is already happening in an awesome way! It will increase. Those gifts that God has planted in you both from the beginning of time are coming out and increasing even daily.

God bless you!! Can't wait to see how God works next as you PROCLAIM THE WORKS THAT THE LORD has already done.

What a blessing an inspiration you are to us all!

Love you, Lisa Harris