Saturday, February 18, 2006

Respiratory therapy and extra fluid...

Just talked to George. A chest x-ray showed some fluid around his lungs. They're adding some fluid-reducing meds, and he will be doing some respiratory therapy. He sounded pretty chipper. Please keep up the prayers. He's still walking laps trying to get his digestive system moving. So far, so good...

Please also keep the following folks in your prayers: Jack (brain cancer), Austin (heart-lung transplant), PawPaw Bob (heart arrythmia, bad cold)

Randy (Robin's brother)

"Lord, after this suffering, let it be said that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel. As a result, make my Savior clear to all those around me. Because of my suffering and willing perseverance, cause others to be encouraged to speak the Word of God more courageously and fearlessly." Philippians 1:12-14


Stacie said...

Randy, thanks for the update. They usually can get that fluid under control quickly. The fact that George is willing to keep moving is a plus.

P.S. Tell "Coach" I said to get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle George and Aunt Robin...
I hope your surgery went well, and I'm still praying for you.


P.S. God will provide.

Rusell & Marjorie said...

As I read your and Robin's blogs, I must comment as follows:
1. Keep running the good race
2. Keep pressing in (on your tummy)
3. You always look swell... so don't go overboard by showing how swell you can look.
4. The Olympics are in Italy, not Houston, so running for the gold in the hospital is not going to get you a medal, buddy.
And, lastly, keep fighting the good fight... we are all with you... believing, interceeding, trusting, praising God and loving you.
Your friends and blood relatives,
Russell and Marjorie

FeatherIron said...

George, are people really having trouble knowing how to comment? You have more comments then any blog I know, I can't imagine who else isn't commenting :-)

Here are a list of questions, to be answered at your leasure or not at all if you think i'm just asking to many. :-)

What are the doctors saying about what they took out?
How much of the Pancreas did you lose?
Will it effect your long term blood sugars or the parcreatic function?
Do they feel you are cancer free now or what is their prognosis? Will you have to go through Kemo and radiation?
How long will this recovery take?
Are you having visitors? The Clyde family wanted to come see you.

Love ya, love ya, love ya, Robbie Joe and Georgina!!!