Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Robin again....

As George stated in yesterday's note we are standing firm believing we are in the center of His will. Tonya Rainey sent me a comment on yesterday's blog talking about a devotion about the 3 Hebrew children. How awesome that was to see from her because that morning before the Dr.'s appointment that is the very scripture God gave me to read and to be confident in. Also while we were waiting to see the Dr. (and what a wait it was 2 hours) I felt the Lord say "Do you trust me?" I responded yes Lord I trust you and He said "Then stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." I said ok Lord. So when the Dr. came in and stated that there had been no change and we began discussing the surgery I knew that God was in this and that we just have to stand. Knowing that you are all standing with us is more comforting than any of you could imagine. I sense no fear and my heart is at peace knowing that our Lord has the final word. It is our heart to continue to make His praise glorious and to make Him known everywhere we go.

I feel like I am in the middle of a Holy Ghost set-up like Joseph. His brothers meant to harm him but all along God had a greater plan and through what seemed disaster God brought together His plan for the birthing of the nation of Israel. We have been attending services every night at a church north of Houston. Ed Traut is ministering the word and also operating in the office of a prophet. He taught the other night that before Israel became a nation it had to be birthed and that Egypt was the womb. There they grew and multiplied in number and became a great people and through the birth pains (plaques) and blood, and water( the Red Sea parting) the nation of Israel was birthed as they came through the Red Sea. WOW All of that started because God set-up Joseph to be in Egypt to save Jacobs family from certain destruction during the famine.

By the way the minister called us out in service and gave us a Word. We have transcribed the word and have been meditating on it. God has proved one more time that He knows where we are.

Our God has more on His mind than just healing George and George and I are submitted to whatever, however, whenever. God alone will have the say so.

For anyone interested in sending us some snail mail we got a mail box yesterday. The temporary address is George Waites c/o Lakeview Resort 11991 S. Main St. Box 3 Houston, TX 77035

Love you all and we will be coming home for a couple of days Thurs. - Sun. can't wait to see our family and our Hosanna Family RW


Anonymous said...

I sent you an email it was my first time w/blogsite so hope it went was MORE than 300 characters-sorry, my fingers talk more than my mouth. Blessings,PamMontague

Anonymous said...

We're all so glad you're coming home...Perhaps we can celebrate another's birthday this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi George,
I am a friend of Sonja Howells sister. I am a minister of the gospel in San Antonio. Her sister directed me to your blog. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May Gods healing power and virture touch your body and may God's peace continue to rule your heart.
God Bless my dear brother.
Ron Corzine

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