Tuesday, February 14, 2006

' Twas the Night before .....

We just had a great time with my family and pastor Don and sis. Eileen. My Dad, Mom and Aunt Eva had cooked grilled ribs, etc. – enough for everybody. Of course, I could not eat any. (Now why couldn’t this happen when they were passing out old Christmas fruit cake?) Just kidding. I wish so many of my other family could be here with us and I know they would if circumstances allowed. We read several scriptures pertaining to our present situation and prayed for a while together. God was in the room in a big way as was His peace. We desire to see God move in all of us for His Glory. Life can be so beautiful when we look through the eyes of faith.
The happy juice, well, let’s just say that it works!!!
We have an early alarm time set. I’ll wake up ready to get this behind me. You know, begin with the end in mind. Thanks for the calls, letters and encouragement. I could not do it with out all of you.
Resting in His Grace and Mercy, George


Danny said...

Hey George:
I just read your comments on my blog. Thanks for the compliments. I am praying and believing for your total and complete healing.
Check into poly-mva. It is a non-toxic very effective cancer treatment. Just do a google search or I can send you some good websites on it. God bless you.

done said...

Today is Wesnesday, and you'll be getting your surgery. I'll have you and your family in my prayers. Just to let you know, my mom is a cancer survivor, and today is her fifth year cancer free, so she's going to get her last series of test today. Good Luck! and Take care, Elisa:) p.s. my daughter isn't coming home like I told you in your other post.

Sonja said...

We've been informed that you are now in surgery. I imagine you are in a very deep sleep. In that sleep the Lord is wrapping His eternal arms around you. His "total" presence is with you. Maybe you will even dream and experience great and wonderful things. Mrs. Gladis said it would be approx. 81/2 hours of surgery...I pray for peace and wisdom over the surgeon! Robin, I love you friend! I know that you are in good company and support, wish I could be there! I am praying every second in my heart today for an awesome recovery!
George, the meaning "Be still and know I am Lord" is literally upon you today! Wow, how awesome to know you are dwelling in His devine presence as "He" fixes your inmost parts up for greater things to come! I believe!!!
You can not hear or see us but George, our daddy in Heaven does! We love you so much.
Wil, Sonja and baby Jonah! (he's praying for you too today, while he plays!)

Anonymous said...

We're prayin for you Bro... Love ya, man!

God Bless,

AH said...

Hey George & Robin,
We are praying for your complete healing and for God's wisdom to be poured out onto your doctors. We ask the Lord that He will steady their hand and that He will intervene if any quick decisions need to be made. We stand in agreement of the good report of the Lord. We love y'all and pray that the Lord give you both peace, especially Robin during your surgery.
God Bless you!!
Andrea & Paul

FeatherIron said...

George, I posted about you on my blog. You are being covered by even the strangest of prayers my friend :-0

Sonja said...

George! You won't believe this but the whole city of Central is making an effort to get prayer requests out for you! Many have responded, Robin I have forwarded some of the response and will do more as they come in! When people pray! The Lord smiles down!!!
Thank you Central for covering this family in prayer!!!!
Sonja Howell