Friday, February 24, 2006


I wanted to let you all know what is going on and ask for you to pray. The Dr.s have decided to give George some blood (2 units). It will be infused over 6 hours today. They will also be giving him some vitamin K to clot any small blood leaks to see if this blood issue can resolve itself without them having to perform tests and all that to see what is going on. I know that once he receives the blood he is going to feel stronger. He has been on the weak side for days. He has been walking and all but he hasn't felt 100%. There is so much God is showing me through this process and at some point I will sit down and write what He has graciously ministered to me. Our God is sooo good to keep us and keep the things we entrust to Him. Pray specifically for GOOD blood and for George's continues recovery.

thanks and God bless


Sonja said...

I am reminded of the "Blood of Jesus that washed us as white as snow." Because of His blood we are "empowered" and "strengthened!" I pray as you recieve extra blood that spiritually the Lord is "infusing His blood" in to your vessell causing you to become stronger!! Purest "blood" from up above. His ways are not ours....remember, "He said He would restore you in His ways....TRUST Him!" You are his precious "son" He knows what you need when you need it.
REST in the process........
Peace Be STILL!!!!
Robin, wish we could have a few hours to talk (might come visit some time soon, if allowed) I would love to hear what else the Lord is showing you...and be a support to you other wise. Miss you!
Sonja H.

lynn toler said...

I'm HOME!!! It was a very relaxing trip and I enjoyed it greatly....I did miss Greg and the girls and was very glad to get home. None the less I was reminded of George and Robin on several occasions. I was sailing to Mexico on a cruise ship relaxing and missing my family...I could only imagine how George and Robin must feel to miss being home. As we approached home today, my heart began to ache and the tears began to flow. I was able to spend uninterrupted time with God and wondered why I didn't do it more often. It brought about an unbeliveable peace that only He can give.
I pray that the same peace of God be on Robin and George and that you get to come home soon.
I miss each of you lots!!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

"Man has places in his heart which do not yet exist, and into them enters suffering that they might have existence." Leon Bloy

Russell Marino said...

George and Robin:
Wow, what a journey you two are on...
Only someone who has walked in your shoes can appreciate the moment by moment challenges you are facing, yet, we all believe that God has allowed you to walk through this for your ultimate good and that of countless others who are being impacted by it. Amazing grace, how sweet it is. Continue to lean on our compassionate and loving Savior for your every need and heart's desires. We love you and wish that we were better able to love on you in person.