Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Finally home ...

"Praise be to God from whom all blessing flow"!!!!!! We are home!!!! The last time I came home from Houston I got on the ground and kissed the driveway, but considering the waist to chest midline incision (9 to 10 inches long), I opted to just verbalize my enthusiasm. And I got to see and kiss my kids too!!!!
The trip was tough, I must admit. It usually takes only 5 hours - this time it took 8 hours - but they were filling a pothole - literally as in '1' pothole - which created a 5 mile traffic jam! I was at peace in the Lord during the trip - for one reason I was listening to some teaching CD's and secondly because there was an on-call available RV potty driving right in front of me ready to stop at a moments notice. Needless to say I took full advantage of the portable potty - thank God! We had to stop at least 8 times along the way. I kid you not. My system is not even close to what it used to be, but it is working and that is a huge step since I was basically re-plumbed! I had to finally take 1 pain pill around Port Allen. I have been successfully weaning myself off of it - only when really needing it do I utilize the 'big guns'.
Robin drove her car, Bob my paw in law drove the RV and I rode with Gladys my mother in law in the Suburban. I had pillows stacked all over me and a ready grip with both hands cradling the sacred incision. Have you ever been to Texas on I-10 ??? If I had a dollar for every bump I would be a billionaire! Some of the roads are like glass smooth, but then others are miles and miles of torture! I told Robin we are going to have to find another route to Houston before our 4 week check-up.

The meeting with the Doctor was very good. They say it was an excellent surgery and were very proud of the incision, my progress, etc.... The findings as far as the pathology report showed evidence of some lymph node involvement. When we return in 4 weeks he will lay out our options for treatment - we do plan on checking out our options here at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, too.
I have so much to type, but I will limit it to this for now.
Please continue to pray for John Simpson - the brother is going through it and I can relate.
Please also remember Michael H. , Jill H. and Christi W. who all are battling cancer. Thankyou.

Now to the Author and Finisher of our Faith be all the praise and thanksgiving. He has seen us through a tough season and will carry us through the next by His Grace and Mercy which He freely gives to us all daily. Thankyou friends, family and Church for alllllllllll of your prayer and support. We love you!!! GW/RW


George said...

Stacie, as for your comment on the last post about a 'comfortable' trip with no delays? "Here's your sign."

Russell Marino said...

So, Georgie, you last "movement" was 300 miles...right? I think that's a record. Welcome home, my friend and thank you Lord for protecting the entire family in their journey back to us.

Stacie said...

I must not have prayed long enough, huh. Sorry! Just add that sign to the fence I could build with the others. I am just glad you are home. Now don't go pew hopping anytime soon. My prayer for you now is certainly continued recovery and for a clear vision for your next step. I believe you and Robin have 4 weeks to gather your information, pray and ask God for His will on your treatment and HEALING. I believe just as many times in this journey He has all ready taken care of your decisions, He will do so again regarding where, when and how He plans on completing the work He has started. You have many believers agreeing together that you will know exactly what to do, right when you need to do it.
Get some rest and recover from your trip. How soon do you want company??????
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey George!
It was good to see you in the balcony Sunday morning. I pray that God brings complete restoration and healing. May this be a time of great intimacy with you and the Father. God is a "Mighty God", and He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Abba wants the best for His children (Israel). Shalom! MICHAEL<)))>(