Friday, April 21, 2006

Chemo-soby ?

Chemo-sŏby is the correct pronunciation I believe ( ŏ as in pot). {If you don't get it, I get you a hint -Lone Ranger.}

The IV chemotherapy was administered this am and so far everything is fine. I did feel a slight bit “jittery” since taking it but that is probably related to the steroid given just prior to the Chemo drip. My legs feel a little weak which can be attributed to the (Gemcitabine) Gemzar and a slight dull headache. The infusion lasted as they said – 100 minutes. I will start taking the pill form chemo (Tarceva) tomorrow morning. Apparently Tarceva is more prone to cause mouth sores, so I was instructed on various things to do and those things to avoid. This regimen will be followed until early July. So far I feel very good about the people in charge of my care.
One of the nurses wanted to meet me. She had bought one of the raffle tickets CVT was promoting because she new of me but could not put a face to the name – since we sometimes scan patients for the oncologists. She was aiming for the big grill for her husband and was convinced that the grill would be hers. I assured her that everything was done above board during the drawing even though she did not win.

Well, we finally got some rain! We could have used more, but I’ll take what I was given.

I have another prayer request - for Grayson Allen, he was recently diagnosed with type I diabetes. He is doing well now that he received medical attention thanks to his mothers quick thinking. Diabetes runs in his mother’s family, so she had a blood glucose meter and tested Grayson – his blood sugar level got up to 600! Thank God he was able to get it under control.
We know several families who have young children with diabetes. There is alot of hope that this disease will one day be history. Just like many other human afflictions.
Also, Please remember to pray for Michael H., Jill H., Christi W., Lloyd Kogel – all battling cancer and/or recovery and little Austin Barber (heart/lung transplant). Thank you.

Hope you all have a great weekend. See you in church, even though you might not see me. Since I am full bore chemo now, I'll have to limit exposure for sure now. Remember Psalm 103.


FeatherIron said...

I am waiting for Grayson's mom to call me. I know her life is crazy right now with all the stuff they have to learn, I was there, I just hope she can call me soon so I can offer support. It's great that they caught it supper early! As you know, that was not the case with E and it is only by the grace of God that she didn't die. God is good.

When it rained yesterday George, I actually thought about you! "This is a gift to George". In the book I just finished, Captivating, she talks about the things all around us that are His gifts to us. Like she was on the beach praying and ask God to show her a whale like he had shown her husband but God didn't give her a whale so she got up and started to walk back to her condo and as she rounded some rocks she saw hundreds of star fish, she knew that was her gift from God! I'm not ding it justice realy but the point iswhen it rained I thought how much you love the earth, plants and appreciate all that God gave us in that area specificly so I felt, since you wre doing Chemo, He was givign you the rain you wanted. Does that sound crazy?

On another point, I love the idea of contacting other Tolkien groups in the area, you and Robin both are just full of great ideas!

I do think America over imphasizes sports as a profession but on the other hand does not place enough on it as a normal daily function that will keep kinds from being fat. Child hood type 2 diabets is rampant here and it's because they are seditary. It's TV George, video games, and TV. If kids were reading books and playing outside we would have atheletic smart kids but insted we have fat stupid kids who want to be sports stars so they don't have to be smart! Vicious cycle. That is why I love that we don't have cable. Temptation to veg is limiited when you only have 4 chanels.

Hang tough George.

sonja said...

Psalm 33:18-22
But the eyes of the Lord are on George who fear Him, on George whose "hope" is in His unfailing love, to deliver George from death and keep him alive in famine.
George will wait in "hope" for the Lord; He is George's help and his shield. In Him George's heart rejoices, for George will trust in His holy name. May your unfailing love "rest" upon George, O Lord, even as George put's his hope in you.

We are continually praying for you daily! May the Lord's "hope" continue to strengthen you!

The Howell's