Monday, April 03, 2006

Ct is done ...

The CT is done, thank goodness. Two more days left and two more meetings with Doctors. Robin and I ate breakfast at the hospital afterwards. The theme of the cafeteria was waterfalls - hence the name The Waterfall Cafe. This place does not look like a medical facility. The architecture is quite impressive as well as the various works of artwork (paintings) and sculptures. Some of the buildings are connected via an enclosed tunnel system two or three stories in the air which is air conditioned - they even have electric cars to bring you to the different offices. I have yet to meet an employee who has not treated us with respect and courtesy. Thank God for places like this.

I am reminded of what it was like to be a little boy as I watch our friends children catch bugs and lizards in the yard and insist on moma looking at it or holding it whether she wants to or not. The simple things excite them and bring joy to their day. You should have seen them when the gekko's tail fell off onto the ground and then kept moving as if it was alive!

I just wanted to give a quick update. I will ad more as it happens. God Bless.


sonja said...

One day at a time George! I am so glad you and Robin are able to spend "quality" time together!!! Wil and I enjoyed Bryan and Lauren Sunday after church. They seemed to enjoy the steak Wil's Papa cooked! and homemade bread! You two are awesome parents and "fine" examples to us for Jonah....we will be calling often in the future for more advise I'm sure!!!!
Trust in the Lord....He will sustain your every "foot step".
Be encourage today!!!
Love you two!

Anonymous said...

Hey Georgie boy!
What a wonderful mental and your bride having some "together time" at the Olive Garden. Thanks also for your thoughts on the "C" words! Those are great!

You two are SO powerful to the Kingdom, bro. The enemy shivers every morning you get up again. "Oh no! Here comes George and Robin again!!"

Love you guys! Jack