Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Movie critic?

My first movie critique ...
If believin’ the way they does, makes them the way they is, it bides lookin’ into sometime”. This was a line in the movie ‘Loves Long Journey’ spoken by the character named Scottie. He was responding to another character (Cookie – the cook) as they were both talking about a young couple having a church service in their home out on the Prairie. He saw something in this couples actions that impressed him enough to say this. Now that is a life well lived. This movie is a part of a 3 movie series adapted from a book called ‘Love Comes softly’ written by Janette Oke. I highly recommend it to the whole family – watch it together, too. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
We need some rain, but one lady told me to watch what you ask for, 'cause you could get a Hurricane'. I guess she's right. We need a steady, moderate drizzle all day long - and also that everyone driving in the rain would remember that they are inded driving in the rain. We forget sometimes.
C.J., the "NEEM" product you recommended works - it is organic and you can spray up to harvest day. NEEM is an extract from - you guessed it - the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica). This has been used in India for centuries to protect stored grains. It is affective on mites, insects and nematodes. The best part is its low toxicity to humans and other mammals. If you need something like this for your garden, be sure to check out the label before you buy. As always, take all of the necessary precautions with this product as you would with any poison.
I went by work for about 4 hours on Tuesday. It was kind of surreal - like I was in a movie. It was great to see everyone and catch up on the new people hired and other details I have missed. You don't realize how much you miss your work friends until you've been gone for months - and the humor/laughter is still there.
Tomorrow is my appt. with my Oncologist. We hope he will be ready to get the chemo going soon - the sooner we start the sooner it will be over. I not looking forward to it, just getting through it. But God is in control and I will hold His hand through it all. I have been feeling good, with the occasional bump in the road, but definitely better than a few weeks ago. I still have not gained much weight back - 157 lbs and holding. But I am eating regularly and as much as I can tolerate.
I went to church tonight and sat in on the royal Rangers meeting - I did not participate in the activities part since some of these guys could knock me down - they are getting so big. It's great to watch not only my son growing up, but also many of our friend's sons which are in the class. Time passes so fast.
I hope everyone is having a great week. Keep looking up and be a blessing.


Tonja said...

I've been learning about eagles alot lately and something you said in this blog reminded me of an eagle, so i'll share it with you. an eagle senses a storm coming and also danger from a snake. He's not afraid of either! but he handles each differently. He embraces the storm and uses it to take him higher! And he attacks the snake.
You see the storm coming (chemo), yet you're not afraid of it because you know Who's hand you'll be holding! Let Him take you higher through it! And yet, when we're vulnerable is when the enemy (snake) wants to attack. So I pray that you'll be able, like the eagle, to discern the pressure/presence of the enemy and attack. We don't rebuke the storm, we rebuke the enemy who wants us to be discouraged, weak (spiritually) and emotionally unstable through the storm.
Keep standing, George. This is for Robin, too, because I know she'll be going through it with you.

tonja said...

oh yeah, thanks for the movie recommendation...we're always looking for good ones for the family. if you know of any others, I'd appreciate the insight. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 126:5-6
Those who sow in tears will reap with "songs of joy".
He who "goes out weeping", carrying seed to sow, "will return" with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.

Psalm 130:7
O Israel, (O George),put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is "unfailing love", and with Him is FULL redemption.(healing too)

Do not despair for that which you are about to face "my child"....I will strengthen you and I will "heal" you.
My will has been continual in your life up to now, I have used your vessell to "pour" hope into many, I am doing it "through" you.
Drink of ME, say's the Lord, and I will strengthen your vessell!

As I closed my eyes, and searched my heart in prayer for you, these words and scriptures came to me. I always hesitate when I use "say's the Lord" and I almost didn't want to type them but, "a nudge inside said, "it's ok." so IN FAITH, I did.

Be encouraged TODAY, brother, DAILY!,

This is "Your sister" in the Lord who is "continually" petitioning "daddy" and thanking Him for your TOTAL healing!

I Believe, and so do many others!

Daughter of our "Risen Lord", Maker of All Heaven and Earth!!!!!

tonja said...

hey, here's some more eagle info. the eagle does 1 of 2 things to the snake: 1. he brings the snake to a high altitude and drops it on a rock and kills it, or 2. he bites its head off and feeds the body to its eaglets.
oh yeah, the snake never attacks the mama eagle, only the eaglets!

got it? good stuff, huh?