Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sideswiped at Subway ...

We are back from Houston - again. This trip was uneventful, that is once we actually got on the road to B.R. No traffic to speak of, once out of Houston, which has not been the norm on all of our previous trips. Maybe that was the Lord's way of helping us considering what happened on the way out of town. Here is how it all started . . . . .
We had our 9 am appt. with Dr. Wolff - the M.D. Anderson medical oncologist - which went very well - I will cover what he discussed with us a few paragraphs down. We left from that appt. and went to Texas Children's Hospital to visit with Austen Barber. He is the 12 year old we met at the RV park while I was recovering post op. in February. He is the one who needs a heart/lung transplant. Come to find out he was admitted with a lung infection and will probably stay for about 2 weeks in order to clear it up. We had a good visit with him and then headed out towards the 610 loop.
It was getting close to lunch so we were discussing where to get something to eat and of course Subway was an agreed upon place. We finally found one. While finishing up our order and getting our drinks, Robin turned towards the car and she noticed that the front bumper was lying on the ground. What? We went outside and apparently someone had backed into the front of our car. The damage was the front passenger side turning light (busted), the hood was crumpled and the bumper (it's actually the plastic cowling which covers the metal bumper) had one bolt on the drivers side still connected. A lady got out of a suburban and walked over towards Robin and said she was backing out and did not see the car. She said she was not going fast and stopped as soon as she noticed that she had hit something. Robin said some people would have just left the scene, but this lady said, " oh no, I'm a christian and I could not have done that - I would not have been able to sleep tonight ". Well, not only is she a christian but also a retired pastor's wife who has a son who is a pastor. Both are Assemblies of God. We continued to talk while contacting the insurance company. I am now on her personal prayer list as well as her church's list. She said her and her husband pray every morning at 5 am and have for years. I had to walk to a nearby store to get some rope to tie the cowling back to the front of the car's metal bumper. It worked all the way to B.R. We looked like the "Beverly Hill Billies" coming down the street!!! If I had to get hit by someone, I guess I could not have been hit by a better person. The insurance company has already lined up an adjuster for us tomorrow. We missed about one hour of drive time but made a new friend in Texas.
As for the Dr.'s visit, he said it would be okay to have our chemo/radiation treatments in Baton Rouge and that he will be working with our oncologist here (Dr. Patten). He also discussed how serious this type of cancer is and that only about 10 to 15 people out of 100 are even eligible for having surgery - in other words, the disease had progressed too far and surgery was not an option for them. I feel blessed in knowing it was caught fairly early. He added that we need to hit it soon and hit it hard because this type of cancer, if it relapses, is almost impossible to treat successfully. He added that he has seen many miraculous things happen during his career, too. So, we have about 2 more weeks of recovery and hopefully some weight gain before starting chemo.
I continue to solicit your prayers for myself, Jill H., Michael H., Christi W., and Austen who I mentioned above. God is merciful and gracious. Thank you.
Cancer vs. some other "C" words - Creator - God is my Creator. He knows that i am made of dust and what i can and cannot handle. When He was finished with His creation, He said it was good. Man fell through his disobedience and was separated from his Creator, but the Creator, true to His character, made a way for man 'the creation' to be reconciled to 'the Creator' once again through Christ. Every day is a new creation of God and every day the Creator can create something new in the hearts of those who are open to Him. Like King David said in the Psalms (Psalms 51:10) 'create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me'.
Creator, another inspiring 'C' word.
More tomorrow, cause this ole' boy is tired! Love ya'll. GW


FeatherIron said...

Glad your alive George!

sonja said...

I am so glad you guy's made it back safely and had a successful trip.
Sounds like the Lord had His devine plans working. Isn't it funny how when something goes wrong, like your fender bender, and we automatically assume the worst. Even in the "storms" He blesses us!
So glad you have soooo many people praying for you. Think about every life that is touched when they go to the Lord in prayer for you "in faith" for healing! Wow! To me that is revival in the simplist form.
Nothing can change things like prayer, nothing is as powerful as prayer motivated with love, and nothing else brings a soul to their knees like prayer!!!
I'm encouraged and strengthened every time Wil and I go into prayer on behalf of you! Why? because my mind is off myself!!! Now that's revival!!!
I continue to praise the Lord for keeping you alive and for knowing you,Robin and the rest of the dear to my heart. I see the love you all have as a family and it touches me.
Mr.Bob and Mrs. Gladis, if you read this I just want to say....well, you two are awesome! Thank you for the "simple" ways you love.
There is lots to be thankful for and I've decided expressing it is better then not have done it at all.
Bryan and Lauren, you two are such a blessing...keep seeking the Lord!
Mr. and Mrs. Waites, it was great talking to you the other night, so happy to hear you are doing well. You have raised a fine young man, devoted to his wife and children and an "awesome" brother in the Lord to the Howells!
Ok, so I am on a roll.....
Keep soaring "George and Robin", new heights you will go!!!!

Trusting Him,in prayer to guide you in this "next" phase of recovery!


Russell said...

Wow, quite a story, Georgie....and, after reading Sonja's novel, eh, I mean commentssss, there is nothing left for me to say, eh, I mean type. Soooo, I will just type, "God is on His throne and on your side, brother George... and Amen to all my sweet sister, Sonja, said for us all. Well said, well read, well done to all and to all a good night.
P.S.: I love you, man!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Sonja!!!!