Friday, May 05, 2006

Dr.'s Appt.

The report is in : No chemo today. My Hematology numbers are all below normal so I have a week off. I had two shots, one for white cell and one for red cell count production. Maybe I should by stock in the company that makes all of these needles. He also gave me a prescription for something to help me gain weight. This is supposed to help with lean muscle growth, not fat gain. I weighed in at 153 lbs. In boxing, I believe that is just above a welterweight (136-147)? So I am technically a middleweight (148-160).
This doesn't bum me out, but it is a little discouraging if you look at it from the natural. I just know that there is one week lost for treatments which will have to be made up on the back side. But I am still taking the pill Tarceva. I'll have to limit my exposure to people even more now. But like so many have said, this is temporary. Amen
Looks like rain most of the weekend. Maybe it will rain only when it is convenient. Ha.
My parents are heading home. I told them they have been putting out too much on me. My mom says no, coming to BR is like a vacation.
Anyway,God is in control, so I'm trusting Him with the outcome. He is the Author and Finisher and worthy of being trusted.
Go and be a blessing.
I'll write more later. GW

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FeatherIron said...

I was laughing with Robin and your mom the other night about the swelling story you told. Steele has some issues in that area but for now it looks like nothing to be concerned about so that's good. We also laughed about how the readers of your blog probably think i have some serious boundary issue with all the "love you" stuff but they just don't know I'm your sister! Sure your mom didn't birth me but we all know that isn't what makes us family. You are family, you are my brother and I do love you very much! Thanks for always being George and being a light!