Friday, June 23, 2006

Chemo-soby #9 ...

Chemo-soby #9 - like the song 'Love Potion #9' ... well, it's not quite a love potion, but you get it. A lot of things to mention. Chemo went well, one stick with a little probing and the IV was in and flowing. The poor lady next to me - she gets it every 3 weeks and it took at least 6 tries to start hers. I was praying for her and wincing all at the same time. They finally got it in what appeared to be the most difficult place - a small vein near the base of her thumb! And it worked. The usual feelings and side effects today are noted along with a thankful heart that I am able to get treatment. I just ask that the Lord continue the healing using the meds/chemo to complete the job.
HAIR today, gone tomorrow..... Well, today my brother-in-law brought his clippers over and gave me a #6 on the top and #4 on the back and sides (Iceman and Turf would be proud). It took probably 30 minutes believe it or not - there are alot of stragglers you have to follow up on to try and make it look smooth. Now Robin will be happy and I can play more parts in some movie somewhere as a chemo patient turned bad, who might be a skin head white supremist or a chicano gang member wanna be. It is much more comfortable, why didn't I do this years ago?
Milk - I tried some Lactose free milk and it digests just fine. I had a bad experience with milk back in Houston before the surgery so I had avoided it altogether up until a week ago. I have noticed a slight almost headache like feeling though - I wonder if that has anything to do with the milk since I have had not one single headache before or since the surgery or since treatments started. Ain't nothing like a bowl of your favorite cereal with some cold milk!
Dad is talking and eating all the time now according to my mom - his usual self - thank God. So far all is going well down the path of recovery.
Baseball is over for the summer and soon volley and basketball will be, too.
Yesterday was the balanced day - 12 hours or light and 12 hours of dark - how do they know?Now we are slowly on the shorter end of the stick as for daylight. We got another heavy down poor yesterday which all things green - not to mention the fish - seem to appreciate.
My Psalms reading for today is my favorite- 23. 'The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want ...' You should know the rest by heart and if you do not, memorize it. It is a powerful set of verses to have in recall especially when you really need it. You can meditate on it while in a CT or MRI machine or while they are trying to find a vein in your arm. If you cannot sleep at night because something is bothering you , weighing heavily on your mind, don't count sheep - count on your Shepherd - ' he leads me, guides me, restores me ...
May God do just that, lead, guide and restore. We live in crazy times, and He is the calm in the storm. God Bless. George


Tonja said...

Look on the milk carton and see if there's any hidden may be getting a headache from that! We've been learning a lot about MSG and it's a doozy on your body. Most people will have a headache shortly after ingesting it if they're sensitive to it. Google "hidden MSG" if you don't know what to look for, and you should find a list or two of ingredients.
Bless you...richly, abundantly, and completely! P.S. if you weren't at church Wednesday night, check out my blog to read the word that the Lord gave us!

FeatherIron said...

Thanks George for being George.

Anonymous said...

Great hair cut George!
You were an awesome Eagle before but now you are an awesome Bald Eagle (almost bald anyways)in
HIGH PLACES! Hmm...O.k. I will stop before I get too deep with that one!!!

Spread your wings and fly brother for the Wind and the Rain His Spirit is coming soon!

Praying still.....

Keep watch mighty warrior!!


Zechariah said...


"If you cannot sleep at night because something is bothering you , weighing heavily on your mind, don't count sheep - count on your Shepherd."

I'm gonna steal that quote, brother!

Anonymous said...

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