Friday, July 14, 2006

Chemo #12

Chemo #12 is done. Thank you Jesus! Robin and my oldest came by right before they started the IV and sat with me for a while until their hair cut appt. time rolled around. It's good for the nurses to see your family and the family to see the nurses and the process of the whole thing. During treatment, some people sleep, read, listen to music, watch the news or visit with the person in the chair next to them. Me, I'm just glad the nurse got it on the first stick - which is one of my many prayers. I had to get a red blood cell shot today and the white shot 3 times next week.
Picked up the youngest from Lynn and Greggs house - they brought him home from Kids Camp - they had a blast! They even had a little short DVD the kids could purchase with footage of the weeks events and the kids faces.
I went by work (CVT) before and visited a few minutes and signed some papers. It was great to see everyone. Richard, Terry and Catherine were not there, but everyone else was accounted for. They have not seen me and the new look. You would have thought my head was a lucky charm after all that rubbing.
Politics: How about the Isreal / Lebanon / Hezbollah thing? Is that crazy or what? Ya'll, this has the potential to drag the U.S.A. into more fighting and more troop commitments. Iran is trying it's dead level best to help annihilate Israel. I hope this conflict is headed off before it gets any more serious. It has the potential to be worse than Iraq. The civilians are the ones that suffer.
God never said this life would be easy, but He does promise to be with us through it all. He is our peace.
Have a great weekend, GW

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