Monday, July 31, 2006

Late Monday ...

Busy day today ...
The first thing I did was to go by CVT where I work to let them try and find this "spot" with ultrasound. We saw what could have possibly been the spot seen on the CT scan, but it was so faint that we really could not call it either way. The CT scan is X-ray and a contrast agent was used, so the two are not to be compared like apples to apples. They can compliment each other and confirm sometimes, so just because one does not see what the other did see does not mean one is wrong. If this makes any sense ...
We will be heading out Tues. morning to get to the first apt. at 1:15 pm. Depending on what they say, we may or may not go to the next one on Wed. at 11 am. You have to be your best advocate when it comes to medical treatment. Just because they say so, don't make it so.
I went by Pete DeJohn's office today. He and his wife and Nicole prayed for me concerning healing. We had a good time in prayer and fellowship. I have not seen Pete in a long time, so we caught up real quick. He gave me a book written by Darlene Bishop "Your life follows Your words". I am trying to get it read today if possible.
How about that rain and the lightening show? We had a good one out here in Central. I was in the store when the worst of it hit the area and kids were screaming in the store with every strike. Before this, Robin and I got some grass cut but not nearly all of it. It will be there when I get back.
Food is tasting a little better and I don't have the burning sensation as before - unless of course I get something really spicy - but regular food is okay. I also have noticed that I am not as tired throughout the day as before. That just goes to show you how chemo can slow you down. But thank God it is available if we need it.
Looking forward to getting the next two days behind me.
Bill "the ice man" is going to be riding shotgun with me. We are going to have some good fellowship on the way.
The Word says, "Though God we shall do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies". (Ps.60:12) The battle is the Lord's, we just have to continue to believe (trust in, cling to and rely upon - as the Amplified Bible defines believe).

The joy of the Lord is our strength. God Bless GW

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