Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What a day !

Ya'll are not going to believe this one. After the CT yesterday I was pumped. Came home and Robin baked potatoes and I the steaks right? Then we all went to bed looking forward to no test or appts. early, just the evening ball game. Well, plans change sometimes as we all know. I woke up at 1:15 am and had temp of 98.5 - super! Went back to sleep thanking God since that's the first normal temp I've had in days. At 4:15 am I wake up to a really disturbing heart rhythm and temp of 100.0. Within an hour it climbed to 102.3. The insert for the Cipro I am taking says to call your Dr. immediately if irregular heart beat, etc. occurs while on this med. I know enough from my training and my job to know that some irregularities are much more dangerous than others. I felt it was a delayed ventricular beat along with a few pre-ventricular beats - but I still knew what I had to do - call the Doc. So I waited until almost 7 am before I got Robin up and told her what was going on, made the necssary phone calls to work me in and headed to the Dr.s office. They took vitals and the nurse called them to the Dr. and he felt it would be better for me if I were to go the ER. STOP. I do not want to go to the ER. You know what an ER visit is in my mind? (From seeing it happen to people through my job) It means: undress, put on this gown, we are going to start an IV, hook you to a monitor and then you will wait aaaaaaaaaaaaall daaaaaaaaaaaay loooooooong before anything is resolved. Who is the prophet? That is exactly what happened. I was seen fairly quickly, then it was as if I fell of of the planet. From 8:30 to 6 pm I sat in a windowless, small room. The IV they tried to start? Well, I could have swarn she was trying to torture me - I literally was hollering and told her to remove it now! She went through the other side of the vein or something - my bald head almost popped off of my shoulders with the pain. I get stuck every week several times and I know when it is in the vessel and when it is not. She tried a 2nd time at a different location and I did not even feel it. But I was really irregular after that first stick. To top this off, I am having to drag all this equipment to the bathroom down the hall because of the diarrhea. Man! The attending physician was great - which help smooth over some of my developing attitude. I was waiting on the cardiologist for 6 hours. He came only after I had put my pants and shoes back on, a signal, ever so subtle, that I am about to head out. Maybe it was just a coincidence. After it was all said and done, I really don't know a whole lot more than when I came. I do know my CBC (blood chemistry) showed nothing that would be causing the PVC's (pre ventricular contractions). They were thinking the CT contast gives you the "loosies" along with the pre-existing fever and being on chemo caused me to dehydrate and provoke such a response from my heart. The crazy part is that I am still having PVC's although not a bad as this am.
Now, in between Robin sitting with me and then going to sit with the kids, or bring them to eat, I used the time to either meditate or have some good talk time with the Lord. I just told Him how frustrating this whole process is getting. Yes, I am thanful, but I still am tired of getting stuck all the time, having to wait, my food tasting funky, etc. He listened to the whole discourse and He responded accordingly. He is our couselor and comforter. And our attitude improver. Praise His Name.

We went to the Astro's game and unfortunately they lost to the Cinncinati Reds. We did have a good time together however.
Ate a tuna sandwich, took my pills and started blogging and here it is 12:30 a.m. Wed. morning.
So I need to get in the bed. This has been a doozy of a day.

God, Bless and I update tomorrow. GW.


Russell said...

My dear pincushion-brother:
As I read about your ordeal, my heart went out to you AGAIN for the difficulty of the journey in this SEASON of your life. It stinks to live in this fallen world and these fleshly bodies at times, huh!
I pray that today will be a day without pain, without frustration and WITH a glorious presence/awareness of our merciful Lord and Savior!
Love ya'

FeatherIron said...

wow! sorry you had to go through that George and glad it's over for you. As always, your in my prayers.

Stacie said...

Now George, I know the picture of Carole in her gold boots has all ready cheered you up!!!! I am glad you got to the Astros game. Praying today is a much better day. Get home soon.

sonja said...

Nice Boots Carole, I am sure it did the trick!!!
George, you never cease to amaze me in how you blog with such a sence of humor! Even in the midst of the storm you still seem to make people either laugh at your stories or cry....I seem to do both easily!!! In that aspect you remind me much of how Ida Lee is handling her "ordeal"!

I am thankful to the Lord you made it through and was able to go to the game with your family! Be safe coming home and now all I can say more is that I am sooooooooorrrrrry...you are having to endure suuuuuch a time!!!!

Lord, give him the Ointment he needs poured forth!!!!

Standing in prayer with you!!!


Anonymous said...

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