Monday, August 21, 2006

Okra Alley ...

Another beautifully hot/warm day. Week 3 for school, day 3 for chemo pills.
I know you have heard of 'Oak Alley', well check out 'Okra Alley'. This is a shot looking down the center row, a rather shady shot (haha). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is an okra blossom. The red ants, beetles and butterflies love them. They are in the same family as the Hibiscus flowering plants. I am letting the water hose run along the rows this morning due to lack of any substantial rainfall. As a result, I should be getting some rain this afternoon - based on the principle of if you water, it will rain.
I am meeting with my Oncologist tomorrow to get the PET results and talk about the new meds. I am trying to change it to a later time so Robin can go with me. She has been such a blessing through all of this - definitely someone you want in your corner when the fighting begins.
The Word tells us that 'as a man thinks in his heart, so is he'. Pastor Don has repeatedly talked about the thought life; he has said that you can't just stop a thought or do away with a thought without replacing it with the Word. There is power in God's Word. You change your thoughts, you change your life. That's it.
I need to eat lunch now to stay on schedule. GW.


tonja said...

okra alley...that's a hoot!
laughter really is good medecine.

tonja said...

oh yeah
and I just heard this testimony: 7 years ago a lady (forgot her name) had a baby 6 weeks early. the baby girl weighed 1.5 lbs. the doctors told the parents that the baby would not make it. The mom literally put her hand up and said, "I rebuke that in Jesus' Name! He has not told me she would die!"
Days went by and they found EVERY symptom of cystic fibrosis in her little tiny body. When the doctors told the mom that she had cystic fibrosis, she put up her hand again and rebuked it in Jesus' Name, saying, "He hasn't told me that she has that!"
She continued to believe even when everyone around her doubted!
The little girl is alive today, 7 years old, very healthy...and DOES NOT AND NEVER DID HAVE CYSTIC FIBROSIS!!! Praise God!!

This story reminded me of your question about the power of our words (a few blogs ago). I guess the bottom line is...we must act according to our faith!