Friday, September 15, 2006

More Rainbows ...

Another beautiful day, cooler this A.M., but Friday should be even better (cooler). I took the dog outside, pulled out one of the folding canvas chairs and just sat in the shade of our big oak and took in the smells the sounds and enjoyed the presence of God all at the same time for about an hour. I really liked C.J.'s e-mail earlier today about taking time away to be with the Lord - at the Cross. That is where true spiritual and mental refreshing can happen. It was lengthy, so if you did not get it, let me know and we can send you a copy if you wish.
I wound up having swollen and tender tonsils but no fever? for the past 2 days. Called the Doc and he prescribed a 'Z-pack' (antibiotic). So I will be on this one 5 days total - 2 the first day and one pill per day for the next 4 days. That beats 10 or 14 days at 2 or 3 pills per day for sure. I also added to my arsenal of pills 'Decadron' as a pre-chemo medication to help with side effects. My stomach is not liking these two new additions, but we are watching what we eat and also adding probiotics a couple of times a day to help keep the good bacterial balalnce. Again, thank God for such a good medical care system that we all can benefit from.
Beware of Spinach - In case you have not heard, one person has died and dozens of others have been hospitalized with severe E-Coli infections. So, we are going to avoid that particular vegi for the time being. Our State has had no documented cases - better safe than sorry. As for other fruits and vegis, just wash the heck out of it and cooking/steaming is probably advisable, too.
I am in the 2nd cycle of chemo with IV infusion tomorrow. This should go easier and quicker with the new port and also I will not be taking the Avastin since you have to wait 28 days following surgery before taking it. It prevents/inhibits the growth of new blood vessels to tumors as well as tissue trying to heal following surgery, hence the waiting time.
I was out done by my brother in laws son. He took one of the most awesome set of rainbow pics I have ever seen. The name of this Church is 'New Hope'. So in closing, here is another reminder of God's promise. He has given us so many wonderful promises through the Word. We should never let things around us cause us to lose hope. Like the song says, "I'm standing on the promises of God". God be with you through your Friday and weekend. Continue being a blessing.

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George said...

Sorry about the rainbows not being in the post, but my site will not publish them at this time, this is the 2nd time this has happened and I am doing everything as before. It may not even let me on to blog posts. We'll see. George