Friday, September 15, 2006

Treatment . . .

Treatment went well today especially with the port being so easy to access. My father in law brought me and then while I was infusing he was garage sale-ing. Afterwards he took me and my mother inlaw to Albashas Lebanese Rest. on Bluebonnet. I had quite the appetite. The only thing I notice now is that I feel really warm. No fever though, just 'feel' warm.
Central has some large subdivisions lined up for the near future. We are talking multiple hundreds of houses in three new areas. Is that going to mess up the Central charm? I don't know yet. You can read about it in the Central newspaper. Woody Jenkins is the editor.
Thank God for the cooler weather this A.M.
Thank God treatment went well.
and thank God for you.


Ron said...

The last time I ate Lebonese food I felt "MORE" than just warm!!

Keep Press'n On my broth'a!

Anonymous said...

Albasha's is one of our favorite places to eat. We get the chicken shwarma. We always bring home leftovers for 2 more meals.
Glad all is going well with the port etc. I know the Lord is strengthening you to handle all of this and for that I'm thankful. Your attitude is such an encouragement to all of us George. You bless so many with your strong Faith in the Lord. Thank You for living the life no matter what comes your way.
The rainbow pictures are beautiful!! I think they should be put in a contest or something, really. I think the "weatherbug" asks for pictures. Just type in Google "weatherbug" and it should come up.
Hey, Bro. Truett got some good and bad news. The bad is from 1 to 10, 10 being the worse, he is an 8 but the cancer is contained. PTL! They also found a kidney stone which has to be taken care of before he can start treatment. His attitude is positive, like yours. Thanks for praying for him on Sunday.
Well, Go Tigers, huh? Auburn's going to bite the dust tomorrow, right? I sure hope so. I'll be watching.
Have a Good weekend and we'll see you Sunday!
Love & Prayers,
Maw-Maw Eileen xoxo

Anonymous said...

We really appreciate your efforts in keeping all of us updated on your treatment, life, and musings! It really helps us to pray, and this way we don't have to wonder what's going on with you. Your honesty and transparency is refreshing. The Lord is holding you close and it really shows. You are glorifying the Lord in the midst of this ordeal. God bless you and your family. You are in our hearts. Love ya'll, Judith and Danny Rhodes