Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deer season ...

The deer are back ! Bryan spotted one this morning before Church coming across the East lot towards our backyard. It looked like a healthy doe to me. Not far behind her came a smaller deer – it must have been her baby. Then, another surpise! Here came another baby which looked exactly like the first one in size and color. Twins? They followed the doe across to the backyard and then along the tree line and out of site. I did get about 10 seconds of video and then lost them in the trees. It was exciting – I don’t know about the ladies, they thought it was neat, but they didn’t get quite as excited as us guys. Is it a man thing? I have not been deer hunting in about 25 years, but the excitement remains.

Church was really good. Pastor showed a quick video clip to help illustrate his sermon – it was a Hamster running on a wheel. His little feet were going so fast you could hardly see them and then he (the hamster) suddenly lost it and began spinning around and around on the wheel and the was thrown out of it onto his back. It was so funny I could not control my laughter! Robin had to calm me down. The message of not getting stuck on that hamster wheel sticks with you after seeing that little guy get tossed around. I’ll try to see if I can get the video located and put it on my next post. I know it is on U-Tube.
The weather is getting colder and the Holidays are on the way. We have been looking forward to this year since last year we were busy with “hospital stuff”. I am, as you may have guessed, feeling like Minny Pearl from the old HeHaw show – I am just proud to be here! December 8, 2005 was my diagnosis. That is kind of a weird anniversary, but a good one to be around to celebrate.
Medical talk:I am now hooked up to a “vacuum assisted closure” device (VAC) which will help speed the healing of the port site. It is quite a contraption. A black sponge type material is cut to size and inserted into the wound with Tegaderm tape covering a larger area. I have to then cut a small 2 cm hole in the center of the tape over the sponge. Then a smaller round tape with a built in cup like fitting is place over the sponge. This is connected to the negative pressure pump at 125 mmHg. It smarts when the pump kicks on initially. I only have to change the dressing every 48 hours verses the three times per day with the cotton gauze. Now, it is quite a painful experience to remove the sponge dressing since it kind of gets ‘stuck’ in wound as a result of the vacuum and quicker healing. I didn’t holler too much, but it can make you bite a bullet in half. Thankfully, it is only every two days and it appears to be working.

Tomorrow, I meet with my Oncologist to get the results of my CT. I’ll let ya’ll know something as soon as I can. I am clinging to God’s Word as far as what I believe – regardless of what I hear or see. We are called to “walk by faith, not by sight” which is easier said than done most of the time, but trusting God and walking by faith are something we all learn over time and through our various trials and challenges. The key, I believe, is to continually stay in Word and to read what Jesus had to say about things. He spoke life. And that is what we need to hear – Words of Life.


sonja said...

Amen George! Speak LIFE continually! I am amazed at how much negative we, as people speak. When it comes time to Renew the mind, it's tough...things that I myself didn't recognize as "death" were in perfect disquise...thank the Lord He reveals the hidden things when we seek out His truth!!!!
I am very thankful YOU are still here George! The many people you have blessed and encouraged through your own "trials" leaves a legacy of lasting principles to lean comfort those in the same way You have been comforted!
You LIVE it and that's that!!!!
Yes, we all have MUCH to be thankful for!


Russell said...

Our love and prayers are with you for your upcoming report. Stand strong in the faith, be encouraged for the Lord thy God is with you.
Love ya', bro.

FeatherIron said...

George, Richard Mahony is in news week magazine, check it out..

Anonymous said...

You've been on my heart all day...just listened to a song that so blessed me on Jason Upton's it might bless you,too...We love you all...praying for your Mom,too..