Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pics are in ...

Here is the proud moma and papa with the new
ring recipient. We are very proud of her and of her accomplishments to date and even more thankful for a daughter with such character. We are blessed.
The game was, well, how can I put this, would a "blood letting" be too descriptive? The team they played could not hardly miss a shot! Come to find out one of the girls is an All American or something like that. Our girls tried but it was a fight. The final was 84 to 32. It could have been worse I suppose. I told her you can learn just as much from a loss as you can from a win.
The weather has turned cold, wet and windy. I let those two crazy cats of ours into the foyer for the night. I was on the phone with mom earlier and heard some noise at the door that closes off the hall - blacky is stuck half way under the door trying to climb under it into the main house. It can't be more than about a 3 inch gap? She finally backed up. They are a hoot to watch.
I am still wearing the VAC pump and it is doing a good job. I would highly recommend it for helping with wound healing. You can even turn it off and disconnect it if you need to as long as you reconnect within 2 hours. Any longer and you are supposed to change the dressing and start over. I am asking the Lord for wisdom and direction concerning treatment options - the door is still open.
"acknowledge him in all your ways and He will make your paths straight".

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture! I know ya'll are proud of Lauren...beautiful inside and out.
I was reading the Prov. 3:5-6 myself yesterday...and was praying it for you as well. I love it when God does that! Ya'll are close to our hearts...enjoy this chilly weekend!