Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rushing Wind ...

This was a day of extremes. Heavy rain and winds followed by beautiful blues skies with cooler temps. The winds were really blowing this afternoon - the weather man said up to 35 miles per hour gusts. I like the fresh, crisp air myself. Remember Keith Green’s song “Rushing wind”? All of the heavy winds reminded me of this song.Here are the words –

Rushing wind blow through this temple
blowing out the dust within
Come and breath you breath upon me
I’ve been born again

Holy spirit I surrender
take me where you want to go
Plunge me by you living waters
plant me deep so I can grow

Jesus you’re the One who set my spirit free
Use me Lord glorify your Holy Name through me

Separate me from this world Lord
sanctify my life for You
Daily change me to Your image
help me bear good fruit

Everyday Your’re drawing closer
trials come to test my faith
But when all is said and done Lord
you know its been worth the wait

Jesus you’re the One who set my spirit free
Use me Lord glorify your Holy Name through me

This song says it all.
One day I will I will figure out how to have music / songs with the text and you could listen to the song from this site. I have a lot of those “one day” projects.

Brought "Blacky" the female cat to he Vet for stitch removal and she was also sneezing alot. Hopefully it is nothing serious.
Now I have to go and get my crown fixed – the one that broke a week or two back.
Looking forward to getting that thing fixed and over with.
I meet with a radiation oncologist to morrow to discuss (possible) radiation treatments.
I’ll post more soon.
P.S. It is supposed to be really cold tonight - get in your pets and plants that may not like the cold.

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sonja said...

Love the words to that song George, every word a morsel to live by! Wow. What a blessing.