Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas card . . .

This is a cool morning - very refreshing! We have been socked in with the rain for days.The yard was holding water and the path to the bunny cage required boots. We did need some rain, just not too much.
Me, Robin and the kids went to see the movie "Nativity" last night as a family. It was a good movie, but not anything to rave about. The story we already know, so maybe that is one reason since you know what to expect. It was a reminder, however, of what these two young people had to go through due to this miraculous event with Mary (which was misunderstood by those around her)and the current political circumstances (being a Jew whose land was occupied by some ruthless Romans). I could have enjoyed it at home just as much. But since it is the season, the big screen was okay. Plus, I like to support the good movies that are produced instead of just complaining about the bad ones.
Hope that all of the shopping is going smoothly and that you are finding everything you need for gifts. I have just a few things left.

If you would like to send a soldier a Christmas card (a little late, but better late than never)Go to the site listed below and select a card with the saying you like and Xerox will get it to a soldier for you. You cannot personalize the card or select to whom the card is sent. This is not a link, so you will have to write it down or remember it.

Don't let the stress of the season, make a mess of the season.
Keep in the Spirit of God. Let Him guide you - easier said than done sometimes.

Talk to you later. George.

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