Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Prayer request . . .

Please pray for Wil's dad, Mr. Howell, he is now in the hospital. Apparently he has fluid on his lungs according to family. He has be battling a recurrrence of cancer. We are asking God to move in and help him in Jesus Name.
Thank you. George.

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sonja said...

Thank you George for coming to pray with Wil and his father and mom earlier this morning. They are considering hospis at Wil's Papa's house soon.
Pastor Don came later and spent some time alone with Wilson...a good thing! He led him in the sinners prayer and assured me that Wilson was at peace with God!
I believe the Lord is already moving powerfully. Before I left the hospital I went to kiss Wilson on the cheek and told him I loved him and do you know for the first time I heard the words "I love you too"....!
When I got home Wil said he felt PEACE inside! Wow! that spoke volumes to me! That is the power of prayer and the power of our Loving Savior holding us in this time.
Someone once said that the Lord will either calmn the storm around you or calmn you in the midst of the storm.....this is what I see taking place!
Thanks again and may the Lord Bless you for blessing others as you pour the oil of His love!!!!
You mean sooo much to Wil,Jonah and I!