Friday, December 08, 2006

What does it mean when ....

What does it mean when you wake up in the morning, walk to your front door to take in the beautiful sunshine, open the door and notice on the bottom step of your porch a very large pile of - how shall I say - a very large pile of "processed" ALPO? Also known in certain areas of the country as an Alpo 'bomb'. Was it something I said? I know my dog could not have produced such a mass, so it had to be a neighbors dog. But why the last step and not the third or second? Is this a clue as to the height of the offending animal? Was the grass too cold last night? Are you trying to scare my cats? I guess I will never know - one of those unanswered mysteries in life.
Anyway . . . just a little true, real life humor to lighten your day.

There are several moral lessons we can learn from this story:

"When life puts poop in your path, just step over or around it."

"Even when life poops on you, God is still in love with you."

"Don't open the front door anymore, use the side door."

"Don't take things too personal."

"Not everything that happens has to be a sign from God - especially this."

If any of you can add a humorous line to this list of moral lessons, please do - we can all relate to being pooped on at some point in life - Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or just a plain old 'heathen' .
It is a fun Friday kind of thing. Just leave your "moral lesson" under comments.
Your participation will bring laughs to many.
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, making the most of your time.

P.S. Happy Birthday to a friend of ours Jack Ortego and also to Mei Stewart our (little) cutie pie cousin.

Please also remember to pray for Wil's dad, Wilson Howell and his wife Elva during his battle with cancer.


FeatherIron said...

I wish I had something witty to add but you really said it all and very well I might add.

Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hey George,

An old Chinese proverb, "he that walks down a darkened path may find himself standing in poop". Also, did you take a picture of this poop, maybe you can go from dog to dog to see whose poop it is. Kind of a poopy version of Cinderella. Anyway I hope you got the poop on out of there and had a good day.

see ya,


Anonymous said...

I continue to be inspired by you. You are an amazing man. I know that everyone who knows you has been blessed to be your friend. Your wife seems like an amazing woman herself. I know that you have already left a mark on this world with your strength and love of God. May you continue to show His light in this world and know that keeping this blog up and being consistent in your faith that you are making a difference. I will continue to pray for you and your loved ones as you continue to fight for a victory that will be won! Your sister in faith, Pamela (Sonja Howell's sister)