Monday, January 29, 2007

Supposed to be cold . . .

Church was really good, as usual. The worship was deep and refreshing. Hosanna has definitely been blessed with good worship as well as a Pastor and leadership who love and care about this congregation. I wish everyone could have that (Jesus and his people) in their lives. It gives life so much more meaning and helps to keep one sharp.

I got a pretty heavy headache about mid way through the service which pounded me till around 9 pm. I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen at lunch which barely touched it, so I finally hit it with a 7.5 Lortab. That seems to have knocked it out thank God, cause I have had headaches in the pat last 3 days. My nose is draining like a faucet, too. But other than that, things are going well. God is on the throne. Saturday morning I woke up sounding lower than Johnny Cash – closer to a bullfrog I guess –upper respiratory. And quite a painful cough, too. If I could have kept that bass, I bet I could have gotten a job singing in Memphis. I called my doc and he prescribed a sulfa drug for 5 to 7 days. So far so good.

Movie critique: “Invincible” with Mark Wahlberg playing the real life regular guy turned football phenom, Vince Papale. It was very inspirational with few if any objectionable content. It is rated PG and I would give it a B+.

A funny bunny story. I went out to feed the rabbits this evening and as I opened the cover to the cages, I notice the bunny the kids have named ‘Cookies & Crème’ (the black and white spotted one) was on the cage floor walking after his moma trying to get under her and find a ninny. Well, he latched on and she kept walking around in the cage – holding on for dear life he was drug around for a few laps. I put him back in his nest box with his siblings. He is now marked as the most adventuresome of the bunny babies since he left the nest box first. I even took him out for a walk wrapped in a towel earlier today and showed him off to the family.

It is cold tonight! All the animals are in and warm as are we. I think the weatherman said it was supposed to get down to the 20’s.
We continue to pray for my mom and dad’s health as well as my brother’s arm. He sees the doctor this week to make sure he is healing well. Also, if you will, remember Dr. Hackler in his fight with cancer and Robin’s cousin Barbara with the small bowel transplant.
This is going to be a super week. Be a blessing wherever you go and in whatever you do.
"Let your confidence be in the Lord God and your courage come from Him".


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FeatherIron said...

Geroge, we want a bunny, you gonna give any away?