Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Frozen . . .

Icy conditions at my house, how about yours? The deck was slippery with a layer of ice for the second day. We had to pour hot water on the windshield (front and back) of the van due to the thick layer of ice.
My son and I saw the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" yesterday and then we went to Barnes and Noble and looked at some books for a while... and a little while longer. I could spend hours looking at all of the various books. The movie gets a "B" from me for content, but there are a few choice words in it which I feel are handled correctly by the father who is trying to help his son understand the difference. It's based on a true story which gives it more value to me personally. I am glad we got to spend the time together.
I have been reading a book by Penelope J. Stokes, Ph.D. about writing Christian fiction. There are so many quotable quotes. One that caught my eye was that Jesus told stories, "...Intriguing stories. Disturbing stories. Stories that comforted the afflicted - and afflicted the comfortable". Whoa! are you stepping on my toes yet? This one quote stuck with me 50 pages into the book. We all need to be shaken out of our comfort zones sometimes. It keeps us fresh and real.
I am lining up another Dr. visit and hopefully a CT/PET scan. For about the last two weeks I have been having some persistent abdominal, back, shoulder, elbow/joint and what I call 'kidney' pain. It kind of 'moves around' throughout the day - yeah, I know that sounds funny. I am still standing in faith believing for a 100% healing - regardless of what I feel. Symptoms can lie to you. But I am going to do all I can do and trust God with the rest. I have noticed when Jesus healed people, he did not tell them to 'eat their greens' 3 times per day or drink more water - he touched them and they were made whole. Period. But I also do not want to be foolish and neglect eating right which is something I can do for myself. So, the beat goes on. You've got to live by faith regardless of what is on your plate.

LSU plays Notre Dame tonight - I think at 7 pm. Go Tigers.

God Bless, George.

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tonja said...

I saw Pursuit of Happyness, too. I came away thankful for all that I, shelter, a job.

about writing fiction...i have recently discovered some very helpful websites where there are resources for writers. if interested, let me know and i'll pass them along.
you may also ask Dave if he has any good recommendations for writing...he's a wonderful resource for good books.

still believing God with yall for your healing. since we haven't seen 100% healing yet, we must believe that the Lord will take you deeper still in knowing Him and receiving His love. bless you abundantly.