Monday, February 26, 2007

Deep . . .

Church was goooooood. Pastor talked about love. Need I say more?
Here are a few thought that have been running through my head.

Many go to Church as a part of their obligatory path of life. I work because I should, I go to Church because I should, I vote because I should – this could also be termed as, “it’s the right thing to do”, when some are asked as to their motivation for various activities. I am partly discussing and partly confessing. I could easily fall into the category of “it’s the right thing to do”, because I don’t have to think. Why don’t I have to think about it? Because my mind has been made up concerning most of these things - years – maybe even decades before. Therefore it is a moot point. I do it because that is what I have decided is a non-debatable issue. But still, on those days when you do not feel like doing whatever it is you are supposed to be doing, it falls under the category of doing it because you should. Then I am back to where I started. Hmmm . .
Getting deep -
David Rainey and I were talking before Church today about our kids and how fast they are growing up. I told him about a theory I have as to why time seems to ‘fly by’ – the older we get the faster it seems to pass. Here it is: When a person turns 2 years old, they have now doubled the number of years they have experienced from 1 year to 2 years which equates to a 50% increase. When a person turns from 50 to 51 years old, they have now increased their life experience by only 2%. So, the older one gets, each successive year carries with it less life experience on a percentage basis. Hence the perception that time ‘flies by’ the older you get. You also have to consider that the older we become, finish school, College, marriage, children – we gain more and more personal and also historical (wars, presidents disasters, etc.)‘land marks’. These create a larger and larger data bank of memories, which are a blessing to have and reflect upon as we age, but also serve to help us simply ‘get lost’ in the shear volume of information (memories) our lives have created.
A little deeper - In the Van on the way home from Church we were discussing the size of the Universe. I do not believe there is a ‘border’ or ‘edge’ to our Universe. If we could travel in a space ship at an excessive amount of speed – many times the speed of light – in one direction, we could travel our whole lives and never reach an edge or the end. Let’s go further and say that on this ‘imaginary’ spaceship we were traveling in, we could reproduce children, raise them, our grandchildren and so on and so on for generations and generations. And you know what, we still would not reach the end – because it does not exist - hence the word ‘endless’. That is such a difficult concept or truth to wrap my mind around and yet so simple. There are no boundaries. Wow.
One last thought in this same arena is the amount of space between all of the actual mass that we can see such as suns and planets. The gaps which exist between Galaxies are huge. Huge areas of nothingness. . . . .

I so look forward to finding the answers to such huge questions from the One Who created it all. But until that time, I am asking Him to heal me completely of any cancer or any other diseases. Not because He has to, but just because He loves me. Because He is by nature a Healer. I know His plans are higher than mine as are his ways, but He did say to ask, so I keep asking.
Have a great week - go and be a blessing.
"I shall live and not die and
declare the works of the Lord" (ps. 118:17)
P.S. Surgery Tues. morning. Please pray.


Anonymous said...

Deep stuff! Was good to see you Sunday at church...You can count on our prayers for tomorrow's surgery...
We love ya'll...
Cathy and Bill

Anonymous said...

Hey George,

Weird or what. Yesterday Kye went to church with a friend where he spent the night. After I picked him up, on our way home, we were talking about the Universe and how big it is. Must have been something in the air. I'll be praying for you tomorrow as I do daily. May God bless and keep you.

Paul S.

Anonymous said...

Today, as always, you and Robin are in our prayers.
I don't know if I told you, but since my big surgery in 2001, I have had surgery twice to repair what was called an incisional hernia. As I write this I'm feeling very old. Like I have crossed some imaginary line where I am now the old lady talking about all of her past surgeries.
Actually I only mention this because I only had to have the surgery twice because I didn't follow the Dr.'s orders after the first one, and I want to encourage you to do better than I did. I was feeling good, so I got out of bed and started doing things too soon. So listen well, my little brother, and make yourself take it easy after today's surgery.
Love to you abnd yours,

Stacie said...

Hey, waiting for an update on surgery. COme on Robin, let us know how Georgie is .

Russell said...

We are right there with you, Georgie. May your surgery go seamlessly. Let us know the results when you can.