Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Morning Sunlight . . .

Early morning Sunlight, burning away the fog.....


Stacie said...

This is a gorgeous picture.

tonja said...

love the pic...and, not sure if we want a bunny (though it is tempting), but I'd love to bring the girls over to see that a possibility?

sonja said...

All i can say is you continue to be such an inspiration and blessing to me in "keep on, keeping on in the faith realm" You and Robin are a breath of the Lord's anointing and I appreciate you two very much!!!
Also, thank you for the Jambalaya, even Jonah enjoyed it!

How about that Sun!!! Yes Lord! It feels good huh?!

I pray you are blessed today...that the Lord will continue to strengthen you and walk with in this time of great need of "answers" or how about just GIVE him the Right answer Lord?

Still praying and lifing you up!