Saturday, February 03, 2007

Over Time !!!

Hosanna defeated Starkey in what may go down as the most exciting basketball game this boy has ever seen in his 42 years. Hosanna was down by 2 points and Catlyn D. made a 2 point shot after running down the court with only seconds to go, shot and missed - the rebound came in her direction – she got a hand on it and shot again (with less than perfect form) shot and it went in!!!! Wow, we were tied up! Now, here is where it gets gooder - they went into - not two over times, not three overtimes, but Four overtimes!!!!!!! Man, I was worn out, but the girls played hard till the end. Lauren got two goals in the last (4th) O.T. Then, the Boys Varsity team still had to play and also the Girls Seniors party was to follow that game. I went home with my in-laws after the quad O.T. , I was really wipe out. I even went up to the balcony workout area which overlooks the court and had to lay down on one of the benches. I don’t know why this happens, but I have a really short fuse/energy/tolerance for doing just about anything. It’s quite aggravating and has been going on for several weeks now.
This morning started out better than most. What was unusual is that I cooked pancakes for the kids – (the kind that is out of the box, regular bleached flower, saturated and hydrogenated fats, all the wrong stuff) - just add water kind. I ate three with real butter, real maple syrup and 2%milk (Organic). Now, for those of you who don’t know, I normally juice carrots, drink the ‘green stuff’ and take some supplements for breakfast. I felt really good afterwards – after I ate the ‘wroing’ stuff , I actually felt good till around noon. My father-in-law said you need some of the bad food to keep everything greased real good. That is another mystery of today. But, that does not mean I am going to start eating pancakes everyday. Trust me. Bryan would love it, however.
The Bunnies are all doing well. I will post some updated pics soon to show their growth. Speaking of rabbits, did any of you see the special on NightLine tonight (Friday)? There is a guy in Germany who has a breed of rabbits that weigh 20 lbs. They are gigantic – almost scary. Then Kim Jung Il, the leader(dictator) of North Korea became interested in this man’s rabbits and purchased 12 crème of the crop breeders and had them ship to N. Korea. They said they dress out at 15 lbs. That is a lot of meat for a rabbit and for a nation that is chronically underfed due to their stupid leader.
That leads me to the topic of people blaming God for everything that is wrong in the world. Wait, you want free will, and yet when this dictator decides (as a result of his free will) to separate his country from the rest of the world and starve his own people – you blame God? God did not decide this for them – these people have been led astray by Communism for decades like so many other counties in the past and yet to hear them speak to reporters, they love it. Or maybe they are just scared to speak the truth. I have the blessing of living in a country where I have no fear of being killed or tortured because of something I said – but that right was bought and paid for with the blood of many people over the past two centuries all believing and fighting towards a time when we could enjoy the freedoms we now enjoy. I could roll with this topic all the way down the hill.
We continue to trust God – like it says in proverbs “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.
Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy every moment with family and friends.

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rmarino said...

Great blog today... Go Blazers!
You are a blessing and we all love you, dear brother. Keep fighting the good fight and running the good race.
Love ya'