Friday, March 09, 2007

Day two in the hospital...

All is well. Last night at about 10:00 George began receiving chemo in the line directly to the liver. It is a certain time framed protocol that is followed pretty close. Today at 4pm he will start round two. He will be in the hospital for 4 days. His spirits are good and he is feeling good. Of course the main meds are helping.

Please pray for us to have discernment on how hard to push the insurance denial issue. We do not want to bust down a door that the Lord is shutting for whatever reason. However, we do not want to fall victim to the insurance companies processes and ways of dealing with things and lose out because of lack of diligence. WE NEED TO KNOW THE MIND OF CHRIST ON THIS ISSUE!!!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers I will try to keep the blog updated. I can logon at the hospital but it will not allow me to actually do a post for some reason. I home now freshening up and going back to the hospital

Love, RW


Stacie said...

Thanks for taking time to let us all know how George is doing. God does not ever make us play the guessing game. When He shuts the door, it is shut tight. You have heard His voice throughout, you will hear it now. We are praying for you guys. love ya

Lisa Thaxton said...


Still praying for George and your family. Thanks for updating the blog and keeping us informed through this venue!

The Thaxton Family

Russell said...

Robin and George,
Our hearts and prayers are with you. I assume that it would be best not to have many visitors up there considering his need for rest between the treatments.... right? If not the case and he wants to see people during certain hours, please let us know by phone or email. thanks.
Love you all,