Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rainin' here . . .

Rain, rain, go away! We have had enough and I believe we have caught up with our quota.
Today (Wednesday) is about gone and here comes Thursday. Today was better than yesterday. We were blessed with a fantastic meal from the King family and also the Icenogle family – thank you! That was the first actual meal I had since last Wednesday. The chemo and all the hospital stay prevented any home cooked typed good food. I had a brief glimpse of ‘food heaven’ for a few minutes. It was sooo good.
I am steadily climbing out of the ‘hole’ day by day. Still fighting the fatigue and fog. It ain’t easy and I am ready to get back to normal - the end is in sight. The Lord has been faithful through it all as has been my friends and family.
Good News:
Guess what? My mother’s last chemo treatment is tomorrow (Thurs.)!!! I am so excited for her. The clinic has a bell that they let the people ring as they walk out following their last treatment. Ring that bell mom! That is such a relief I know. She, dad and Aunt Eva have all three been dealing with some type of respiratory ailment. I think they are all coming out of the woods on that one.
I need to get horizontal again.
Thanks for your continued prayer support whenever the Lord moves on you.
God be with you. George.

Thurs. 7:14 am ...
Slept pretty good last night with a few wake ups. I was starving this morning - that is a good sign for sure, I just have to go easy cause I could eat the house right now. Everybody is off to school/work. I am going to keep on recovering in Jesus Name.
"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

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Anonymous said...

George and Robin,

Sue and I love you both and you are deeply in our prayers for God's loving arms to wrap you up and show you His tenderness and give you peace and hope knowing He is our God and our Father(Daddy). You both have been so inspirational to me(Doug). I can't express the sense of the Spirit I feel in my hotel room reading your faith and love for God and each other. Thanks and know our prayers are ongoing.