Friday, April 27, 2007

Rocky II . . .

I named this post 'Rocky II', since this was a big challenge for the little rodent - just like the challenge Rocky Balboa faced in the second movie.
Squirrel talk:
Although the plot lines are different since there is no visible ‘antagonist’ against Rocky the squirrel (like Balboa’s Apollo Creed), he does face a new challenge. We all face challenges of various kinds thoughout life. Maybe little Rocky's new challenge is a metaphor given to me at this particular time in my life for a reason. Who knows? Here’s my impression of what might have been going through his mind the first few days after we met. . .
There I was, born into a caring family, doing alright – life was going pretty good - and then I fell out of my nice, safe nest. I remember falling but not hitting the ground. I hit my head on a limb on the way down - really close to my left eye – now I did feel that - and boy did it hurt! I woke up and knew I was lying on the ground for hours – in and out of consciousness - scared and cold. I could not figure out where I was – since my eyes were not open yet - or why my family did not come to look for me. Then, this big, unusual sounding ‘thing’ picks me up and puts me in another small nest and then brings me into his nest – a really big nest at that. Boy, are things different. The nest I live in now is different - no sticks or hair like my first one - but there are a lot of wood chips, a cotton towel to curl up inside of and it is warm and dry all of the time. (Editor’s note: There is a heating pad under half of the container). He even put something on my head injury to heal it up. The new nest is very comfortable. The big nest stays dry and does not move when the wind blows. The big thing feeds me 3 or 4 times a day. It’s not like mom’s milk, but it does taste pretty good. The only thing is, he makes me wear a paper towel 'bib' so I don't get milk running down my chin onto my neck and front paws. He tells me it will keep me from 'stinking'. Whatever that means. I still don't like being wrapped up, stink or no stink. I guess I should not complain, considering that I overheard the big thing talking to another big thing today (it sounds like the second thing must run the nest) and he said to it that he has seen four different kinds of snakes in the last 10 days around his nest. All of them were different kinds of snakes – 3 of them were big enough to eat Rocky – Rocky, hey, that’s what he calls me! I am thankful he did not leave me on the ground too long or else one of those snakes or one of the big birds that nest in the nearby trees may have had me over for lunch – if you know what I mean! So, like I say, be grateful for what you have and work with what you’ve got.
Since my eyes opened, I have noticed the thing that takes care of me does not have much hair, mostly just on the top of his head and chin. He stays around the nest a lot. The other thing, who lives in the nest too, has more hair on its head and none on its chin. This one is gone a lot. This one must be a female – and there are two smaller things that live in the nest, too. They usually leave the nest with the female real early - when the sun comes up. The younger one is called “bryangetinhere” – whatever that means - and the older one is called "laurenwheresthephone”. They all could be related to bees, since the bigger ones call each other ‘honey’ and ‘sugar’ – but they do not fly or make a buzzing sound, but they do make other noises that remind me of the sounds made by the bullfrogs that live in the pond near the tree I used to live in. Hmmm . . They appear to love and care for each other and to be happy in their nest. They eat really weird food, too. I keep hearing a bunch of chirping birds at night. He calls them his "ladies". I think he puts them outside during the day. Hey, I got to go outside myself today, my second time – and honey even put me on the ground for a while.

Hey, who is ‘Bullwinkle’, anyway?" . . .

That is what I think he may have been thinking over the past weeks since we got little Rocky. Who knows? Do squirrels even think? Or do they just ‘do’? Well, do I think? Or do I just ‘do’? Thought verses instinct. Now there is a can of worms we could discuss for decades.

You have to admit it - that little stinker is some kind of cute, ain't he?

Have a super Friday in Jesus Name!



sonja said...

George, you a soooo funny!!! Nothing like a good laugh early in the morning!!!
Looks like we might need to make the squirrel a little "no complaining bracelet!"
He's so cute!
Yes, I do believe there is a spiritual message behind "little Rocky" but then you know me!

Went to the conservatory place of Blackwater road yesturday with Jonah, to walk and boy the blackberries are growing all over the place!

Going again this morning with some need to get out there with a bucket George, the blackberries are awesome!!!

Have a great day and thank you for making me laugh!!!


sonja said...

Sorry, it's you ARE so funny! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Brother,
Your writing skills are amazing. As I read the story of Rocky, I could literally see a children's book coming to life. Your words painted such a clear picture that it was as if the "book" was already illustrated.
Thank you for starting my day off to such a pleasant start.
I love you. Keep writing,
Your big sis,

Anonymous said...

Mr. George,

John (Lauren's class) saw your blog and said that the snake in your picture is a mud snake (Farancia abacura) He said they are not very common and they eat amphibians.

Have a great day!


Ruth said...

LOL!! That is GREAT! I especially love the smaller "things" names. Too funny!! Thanks for the smile!

Ruth Burton =o)

Anonymous said...

Hey George,

That Rocky fellow looks like he is going to grow up to become a pot of stew. Just kidding. But it would go so well with the pot fried rabbit. It's amazing how fast the animals all grow. Look at my two(oh wait those are my kids).

It was really good to see you last nite. I hope that everything keeps moving in a positive direction.

It's always good to read your blog. You really do need to consider doing some type of literary work. You may want to contact the newpaper. They do use some ordinary people to write some of their columns.

Anyway be good man and we will see you soon. Have a great weekend.

Paul S.

FeatherIron said...

That was great George! I love the kids names!!

Anonymous said...


I loved your post! I found myself laughing out loud! really do have gifts and abilities, in communicating, George. I beleive in days to come, that the Lord will open doors for you in this area. I can't wait and see what the Lord will do with your gifts.

Shawn W.