Friday, April 13, 2007

Rocky the Squirrel

Say hello to Rocky the Squirrel. My mother Patsy found him at the base of a large tree in our front yard this morning but thought he was dead. I walked over and nudged him with my foot and he moved. So……guess what, being the sucker that I am, even though I am not feeling good today, we called out for some formula. My father-in-law was kind enough to pick up the formula for us while he was out. So far we have fed him twice with a dropper, de-flea him, and he started barking, or chirping, whatever you call it. But seriously we have contacted someone in Gonzales who takes care of wild animal infants. Hopefully Rocky will do well, we will keep ya’ll updated.

After I posted this morning, I slept a few hours and woke up in the same funk I was in yesterday. What is the deal? Robin reminded me, “you have been getting chemo treatments, have you not factored that in?” Maybe I am expecting too much.

My folks and Aunt Eva headed for home after lunch. We enjoyed the visit, but it was just too short and I wish I had felt better. But I’ll take it.

I started to re-read the Book of Job again. It is an awesome book which offers much consolation when things are not going too good, especially when you realize that you are reading something written many thousands of years ago. God’s Word is so full of good stuff.

I’ll post more later.


Anonymous said...

Hey George,

If the squirrel gets to be too much or doesn't seem to want to eat, the LSU small animal clinic will take him. They nurse them and when they are ready they are released into the wild. Let me know if you need help.

Paul S.

sonja said...

George...Tracey G. from church raised a squirrel some years back, she could give you some advice.

I think the Lord is so gracious to give you such a gift at this time...nothing like nourturing love to an animal at this time in your recovery, I don't think it was by accident that your mother stumbled across this baby squirrel.

Everyone gets a gift from time to time like that from the Lord...I'll never forget when, being in a dry season of my walk with the Lord, He had me reading in Psalm 42 and then later that week a deer was "panting for water" in my back yard...a female deer! Anyways....those are the blessings I get excited about!!!

Be gentle with yourself George! REST in the Lord and let others carry you in prayer....the Lord is IN your heart remember, so if He dwells there than that is spiritual enough right??? It's simplicity at it's best...just Him-You, dwelling together in PEACE and QUIET with confidence knowing you don't have a TO DO list to stir up His love or power!
I'm sure you and Robin have experienced the Silence together before yet knowing and assured of the power of love you have for eachother!!!
Silence IS ok sometimes and even necessary in our relationship with the Lord.

We love you and appreciate your openness into your thoughts and journey! This too will pass!!! Let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do FOR you (love the word Margie...)

The Howells

Ruth said...

When I had the dog at the vet the other day, the receptionist was also taking care of a baby squirrel! I agree with sonja that there's nothing like taking care of a little animal to be a gentle distraction for you while you are recovering. I can't think of much that is more rewarding.

Ruth Burton

Anonymous said...

As long as you give the squirrel to someone else to raise and not raise him to eat him, I'm fine.:>) This is a joke between us because I found out when I went to see George in the hospital that he's raising the rabbits to eat them!! I wondered why he had so many rabbits?? Bob, his father-in-law said he would be responsible to dispose of the rabbits when it's time so George wouldn't be the one I'd blame. Anyway, he sure is cute and he has you to be thankful for for saving his life.
It reminds me of how thankful we all should be for the Lord saving our lives. We were in a similiar condition, desperate, alone, needing help. Then Jesus came and rescued us!! Thank You Lord!
Thank you George for sharing your thoughts and faith with all of us. You are a blessing and your family is, to my life. One day as my husband confesses George will walk up to someone and say, "Hi, I'm George Waits and
you're looking at a miracle!!!" Hallelujah!!!! Thank You Lord!!!
WE LOVE YOU! xoxoxo
Eileen and Don

Ryan & Tiffany Drake said...

Ryan & Tiffany Drake said...
Hello George and Family,
I finally found your blog once again after losing all my favorite webpages. Our computer was on the fritz sort of speak and Ryan used his God given talen to wipe the computer clean and reistalled XP. I found your page on Sonja's blog. I have missed reading your day to day triumphs and struggles. As you may not know Ryan's mother is fighting colon, liver and lung cancer and won't share her day to day life. We do get a call every month or so, hearing how well she is feeling. She doesn't share her doctors opinions or her treatments. She won't even let us know if she is really not doing well. I wish to hear from her to share in her pain. I find comfort in reading how others are fighting the fight. Keep sharing... keep fighing... keep loving and relying on Our Father! Remember "THE CUP".. this was the last time I saw you and your family... I still remember how beautiful it was to see you and you family in such strong and high spirits over such a silly game... but it sure did bring some laughter into our lives! Ryan and I have been attending HPC on Highland and Annex off of Airline. We still read Hosanna online newsletter and going on's. Be blessed... Ryan, Tiffany, Emily Drake and Evanna Alvis

4/15/2007 7:39 PM