Tuesday, April 03, 2007

round 2...

George is resting comfortably in the hospital. They started running his chemo yesterday. It will run every twelve hours for four days. I am guessing he will finish and be home Friday. Please be in prayer that the chemo is effective and that George is able to stay in a good frame of mind. It is difficult laying in bed and not being able to move his leg for four days straight. I know the Lord will see him through because countless times he already has. God has shown Himself FAITHFUL over and over again. We will continue to stand and know that God IS moving on our behalf. To all that read this blog ...... we appreciate you and your continued support in prayer and words of encouragement. To those who do not comment regularly..give it a try we would love to hear from you and see who is reading. No pressure!! We love you all and can't wait till our profession and confession are made a reality in the natural. We know it is done in the spirit.



kayla said...

Hey Robin,
Just wanted you to know that the Johnson household is praying for the Waites! I check this blog daily and am always encouraged at what you and George have to say! I also wanted to let you know that I sent out an email to my prayer email group (Prayer Warriors International)... So people are praying for George and your family this week all over the US and the world. Also, with the corporate prayer and fasting time (for breakthrough) that's going to take place later on this week (Wed-Fri), I want to encourage those reading this that this would be a powerful opportunity to join corporately to pray for the Waites. Just know that you guys are GREATLY and dearly loved and appreciated! Love, the Johnsons

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, this is Carole's Mom, Linda.
I read Georges blog daily and get such inspiration from him. I just want you to know that we have a lot of people praying for George and the whole family down here in Florida. God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,
I read everyday and love to hear the encouraging words you both have to share. Our hearts and prayer are with you guys. We love you and a praying and believing. Love the Watites Family From The Wallace Family

sonja said...

Robin....not to lighten what George is having to go through but remind him that I had to stay off my feet for 2 months and then lay in bed for 3 months after that with Jonah in my stomach!! A total of 5 months, Ha!....that was the Grace of God

You CAN do it George!!!!

In all seriousness....

Psalm 63:7-8
Because You have been George's help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings he will rejoice.
His soul follows close behind You;
Your right hand O'Lord upholds George!!!

Continually praying!!!

Wil,Sonja and little Jonah (and his prayers are Powerful!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin and George,

I am probably among the hundreds of people everyday that read y'alls blog and are so ministered to, and encouraged by it. I am very mindful of George's journey to healing on a daily basis. We are praying for your family! Thanks for your openness,and transparentcy, because THE LORD really does show Himself through y'all. I am personallly beliving for a BREAKTHROUGH for George!

Love and prayers,

Shawn and the Wilkerson's

Will said...

I'm another daily reader, and I pray for you often. Our God is entirely trustworthy. Be encouraged. God bless you, Blessing of God.

Ruth said...

Hi George and Robin! I check your blog every day and have so enjoyed getting to know you all better through your posts. I told George and the XA Christmas party that I feel like I know you all so well now!! I am praying for George and your family and will rejoice with you when the docs give a clean bill of health. It is done in the spiritual realm....now we need the earthly realm to catch up!! Blessings to you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,

Another faithful reader here. Glad to hear that they were able to start another round of treatment. This blog has been my my daily newspaper and George, the journalist, always makes the headlines interesting. Persistance and consistance are going to make George's healing a reality. Please know that we are praying for George and all of you as a whole as you break through this mountain in this journey of life. May God strengthen you and hold you.


Paul S.

Ruth said...

Robin, make sure that they have xanax or ativan for George while he is up there. It will be much easier for him. We Klumbs all love you and follow your progress every day! Ruth

Tonja said...

Laying still for 4 days, huh?
the scripture, "Be still and know that I am God" comes to mind!!

I remember Mrs. Hazel Jenkins once told me that while she was very ill, she had the Bible on CD playing in her room...and as long as it was on, she could focus on the Lord and not on her pain/situation. That might be a good idea for you...do you have that? would you like that? we'll get it for you if you don't have it and would like it...call or email.

standing strong believing for you!

Anonymous said...


Cathy and I will, and are praying for a "strong current" of God's grace during this time for George and your family. Our specific prayer is that the Lord would wrap George in His presence like a warm comforter....which He is.
"Be still and know that I AM, God".
We love you folks.

Bill, Cathy and children