Thursday, April 19, 2007

Update . . .

Another surgery prayer request. A friend of mine from N.O. is under the knife even as I type (around noon). Steve was in the group that came in to visit and attended Church a few weeks ago. It is some type of abdominal surgery.

Rocky the squirrel pulled a fast one on me yesterday - I came in from outside to feed him in the afternoon and he was not in his shoe box. It took a minute, then I found him on the floor about 10 feet from the box curled up sleeping on he floor. He's lucky he is little and that his eyes are not open or else he would have gotten a spanking.

I spoke with my mom and she the radiation reatments are going good.

Lauren along the Hosanna track team won district last night and are now slated to go to regionals next week. Go Hosanna.

I have another surprise to share, but I need to take some pictures and post them along with what the surprise is.

More later . . . George.

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