Friday, May 18, 2007

Nice weather . . .

This was some unusually cool weather today - and it is supposed to be this way for a few more days. Good. . .

Later in the afternoon, I went out in the yard to get some fresh air and tour the garden. I caught a few bugs/worms for the ladies who always eagerly greet me at the fence line. Do you think I have spoiled them? I gave them the biggest grasshopper they have ever seen. It must have been almost 4 inches long! One of them pecked at it once, stepped back, did it again, then they all jumped on it like a school of piranha fish - minus the teeth. I am going to film them chasing each other around the enclosure one day. It is like watching a horse race except in this one whoever swallows the critter or worm first wins.

Did ya’ll see the story about the turtle and the cat on the news? A turtle escaped from a South African Zoo and was filmed walking through a local domesticated kitties’ territory. The cat was rolling around on his back playing around with the turtle – but the turtle meant business. He bit the cat on the face and then the cat reacted by jumping away from the turtle, only to be pursued and bitten again on the tail. The turtle persisted until the camera was turned off. What a sight.

Earlier today was not too good for me (as far as pain control that is). I had a horrible night Wednesday night – probably the worst in recent memory - and have decided to meet with a pain management doctor ASAP. I am waiting for an appointment time to be set. I told
them that I do not plan on having many more nights like that one if I can at all help it. I spoke with my Oncologist and he recommended this doctor. Now I am not joking when I tell you this doctor’s name – Dr. Joseph Turnipseed. Now that is an easy name to remember, right?

I went to the library the other day and checked out a documentary named “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” produced by Illustra Media. It is one of the most impressive and thorough explanations of the 'Intelligent Design' Theory that I have ever seen. I highly recommend it, especially for kids from 8 to 18. They do not mention God or the Bible one time – they don’t have to – truth is truth. Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” is covered in this documentary and is basically debunked. Our kids and their cousins watched it and really liked it. Some great conversations resulted. Since the schools will not cover this type of competitive scientific material, we have to make it available ourselves.

I also checked out “The Gospel of Judas”. I had read portions of this ancient text while in the book store one day. Now this is one controversial document. Not recommended if you are easily confused and do not know your Bible. The National Geographic Society funded this project. Supposedly, this is the story according to Judas. I am not too confident about this one – especially since it contradicts the character and nature of Christ in the other four Gospels. There is not much to hang your hat on with this ‘so-called-gospel’ account.

I need to go and get back on the hot pad and assume the position.
Last day of school!!!


Tonja said...

I think that video, "Unlocking the Mysteries" is on the resource center at Hosanna :)

Sonja said...

I know other's would agree with me in that we wish we could take your pain away!
It seems cruel to have to adapt to such heart and others hurt for you but we continue to CALL on our deliverer not shrinking back but pressing on!

Since you were not in church Wed.(although Robin may have shared with you) read Hebrews 10:35-39

We will not shrink back nor cast away our CONFIDENCE in Christ to HEAL you! I BELIEVE!!!


Ruth said...

George, I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this horrible pain. I pray you will be able to keep your spirits high and full of faith as you keep on going.

Ruth Burton