Saturday, May 26, 2007

Part III, The Tree

I have been busy over the past few days which explains my lack of posts - the usual kind I should say.
I am going to "post forward" some pictures of the garden and it's goodies. . . Enjoy "The Tree"

In the days following the storm and the subsequent rescue of John, not a whole lot had happened other than the usual day to day stuff. Then, one day I heard some voices. It sounded like they were up on the bank, but out of sight. We sometimes have kids wondering around over in the woods, or trying to catch some fish down in the ditch, but this had the added sound of machinery. I started to get concerned when I saw that big ole’ truck with the long arm on the back – and a crew of men – pop up down a ways from me. They were all combing over the area – along the bank - looking for something. “Oh boy”, I thought, “we might be in for some more clearing fellas”. Nobody said anything. We were all just watching and waiting to see what they were going to do. Then I heard one of them yell to the others, “here it is”, like he had found whatever it was they were looking for – and he was pointing in my general direction. And then it dawned on me, “Fellas, does it look like they are heading straight for me, or am I just being paranoid? “No”, Willow said, “I think you are what they are looking for”. “But why”, I thought to myself?

They continued walking my way and then the truck started moving too. It pulled away out of sight from down the bank and then appeared just above where I sit. Then more guys came pouring over the edge of the bank, which got me concerned. I told the fellas, “well, this might be it – it’s been good knowing you all”. To make it so far, through storms, fires, rescues and holding trash most of my life – and its going to come down to this? They looked a little excited, unlike the usual clearing guys who look all mad and in a hurry. These had shovels and rope and the like. I didn’t see any chain saws, but they did have a few axes. And the one who had yelled, “here it is”, looked like the one who had climbed me to rescue little John last week. This was getting all too strange, was I dreaming? Then the others gathered around and were assessing if they could do “it” or not. “It what”, I thought?

Next thing I know they were wrapping big ropes around my trunk and limbs and running the ropes up to the arm of that big ole’ truck. They started digging all around my roots, and wrapping burlap in spots where they were digging. “What is going on”, I said? “Watch it, that smarts!” I said. That fella just cut one of my roots! “Hey, I only got so many of those you know.” Of course, they can’t hear me. (But he would feel me I had a chance to fall on him). Then the ropes started to tighten up on my limbs and they just kept on digging and pulling and digging and pulling and wrapping and they even cut a few more roots. It was wearing me out and confusing me just as bad. Then I was completely cut free from the ground which I had called home for so many years and was being drug up the side of the bank towards that truck. “Well”, Willow said, “looks like they are taking you, brother”. But for what? Did this have anything to do with John? Do you think they are upset with me? I figured I had done them a favor, if anything. Now once I was pulled up to the top, they loaded me onto the back of that big truck, covered me up and tied me down with even more ropes. This was about the strangest thing I have ever seen.

Then off we went, to where I don’t know, but it wasn’t long before we stopped and everyone got out. I heard even more higher pitched voices now, all gathered around the truck wanting to see. A big voice boomed out, “now you all go on back inside, you’ll see soon enough.” They untied the cover that was on me and there I was, in the middle of a bunch of houses. Just like flatlander had described. Big ole’ houses and fences too. And I saw cars on the road. Really, am I dreaming? Did some toxic chemical leak into the stream and poison me, making me sick – am I hallucinating? I have heard it said that we dream using things that are already in our minds. Like the one who rescued John, he was in this cause I had gone through a traumatic experience involving him - and the ropes, too. And the houses and fences are all here since flatlander had described it all to me. But how do I explain the pain I felt when them axes were chopping at my roots? Maybe from the years of those clearing guys coming along and cutting on me . . . I don’t know.

Then, we started moving again – backwards – the truck started making a beeping noise and then one of the men yelled “stop”. A few of them jumped onto the back of the truck and started cleaning the trash out of my limbs and trimming off all of the damage I had suffered through the years. They even painted some black colored stuff onto the places they had cut. Boy, was I getting the treatment! They finished untying me from the truck and then I felt the ropes around my trunk and limbs tighten up …….. away I went, up into the air.

As I was slowly turning around and around I got a good view of the place – there were houses everywhere! People, cars – they even had big blue puddles of water in the back of some of the houses. I was heading for a big hole they had dug – and I figured it was for me. This wasn’t turning out to bad after all I’m thinking (At least that is what I am thinking). They put me into this hole, mixed in all kinds of other stuff with the dirt – nice dirt – it was cool and clean, no cans, cigarette butts, bottles or plastic wrap type stuff. They packed the dirt in and watered me real good – and to top it off, they put this nice mulch all around my roots. After that, a couple of the guys tied off my limbs to some stakes in the ground all around me, which made me feel a little more stable. They cleaned all around my new place and moved the truck out.

Then the man that had told everyone to go inside earlier (I knew it was him because I recognized his voice) walked up to me and was just looking at me. As he walked around me checking out the handywork, he had a big ole’ grin on his face and was just mumbling to himself - something – but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He then turned to some of the guys who were still in the yard, one of whom was the guy who had climbed me earlier. He complemented him on the good work he did in finding me. He said, “nothing to it boss, I’m just glad we were able to locate it and get it out of there for you.” Then the boss questioned him, “Frank, do you think it will make it here?” Frank said, “I think so, especially when you consider where it came from - this is paradise compared to that.” Boy, was he ever so right on!”

I still have not figured out the ‘why’. As quick as I thought that, the answer came. The boss turned around and yelled, “okay, ya’ll can come on outside now, we’re finished”. Then all I heard was screaming and excited little people. They all ran up to me and were jumping around holding hands in a big circle. One of them looked a little familiar – it was John! Now I get it! This must be where he lives! And the boss, that must be his dad. Wow. I must really be dreaming now - cause this just cannot be – I ain’t never had anything this good happen to me. Ever!

The more I listened, the more I learned what had happened from before the rescue up to me being moved to my new place. . . . .Wow. . . .I really must be dreaming . . . .

I have one more final entry to "The Tree" story to be finished soon.I hope this is not a bore, but I got to write what I got to write or it just wouldn't be right. Right?

God bless you on this Sacred National Holiday weekend. George

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