Monday, July 09, 2007

For many of you who knew David Box, he was killed at a train crossing earlier this morning. Here is a brief article sent to me to by a friend with some limited information. Also, please be praying Shanda and Truit (12 years old), David's ex-wife and his only child.

One person was killed today after a train and truck collided in Newton County this morning.
The Kansas City Southern train was brought to a standstill for about three hours following a fatal accident. It happened at 7:30 Monday morning on a train track in a somewhat heavily wooded area not far from Highway 80 in the Lawrence Community.
"At this point and time we don't know if someone was crossing the track. Really, we don't know what happened at this point and time. It's still under investigation," said Sheriff Jackie Knight.
This road leading to the track where the accident happened is a private road that passes a deer camp. Because this is a private road Sheriff Knight says there were no warning signs or lights at this area where the accident occurred.
The victim has now been identified as 42-year-old David Box from Meridian. He is the only one thought to have been in this white Ford Ranger truck when the accident occurred. According to officials upon impact the train pushed the vehicle about a tenth of a mile down the track.
Bobby Jackson says he had known the victim for more than 30 years.
"I called his Daddy and his Daddy said, 'Yeah, it is so!' said Jackson.
Around mid morning the body of the victim was transported to Jackson for an autopsy. Meanwhile, investigators say it could be several days before they know the exact cause for the accident.

That is all I know at this time. I will add more when it comes available. If you find out more information that is reliable, please e-mail me at

This is proof to me, one more time, that you cannot take anything with you friend, except Jesus. Have Mercy on us Lord, have Mercy.
P.S. to things of lesser importance, today is my birthday, I made 43 years old by the grace of Almighty God. We had a good, calm and quiet time together. I did not get to see everyone in the family, but we did get to speak with most. I am thankful for another day of celebrating with those in "the land of the living".


Russell said...

Tragic news about our dear challenged brother from years ago. May God's mercy and grace be upon him always.
Now, to a much happier note: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear George, Happy Birthday to you! We love you bunches and are so proud of you. Many, many more years of miraculous health and life to you in Jesus' name. Love and prayers,

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday, George! You could say your 43 or you could say you are celebrating the 14th anniversary of your 29th birthday. I guess you'll have to decide. =o)

Ruth Burton

agardana said...


agardana said...

Oops, Happy Birthday George!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday George and many more to come.

The news last night just broke my heart for this young man to lose his father at such a young age. We definitely need to continue to lift Shanda and Truett up in prayer. They have been through so much already especially Truett at such a young age. Keep us updated with any info you may have. And again we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for another year with George and I know we will be bless with many more to come. Love and prayers to the Waites from The Wallace family

Karen said...

Sorry to hear about your friend and his family - will keep them in my prayers.
Thought about you yesterday and hope you had a wonderful birthday, full of God's love and warm wishes from everyone who loves you, including my belated greeting today!
By the way, John proposed, and I said YES!, and we are getting married September 29! Hope you and Robin can grace us with your presence.
Lots of love, and Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!
Karen Rowley

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to my special little brother. (not so little any more huh? I wonder if you will catch up to me if you keep having birthdays and I stop. It will take about 12 years, but I think it's a good plan - don't you?)

The news about David felt like a punch in the stomach - in the natural. That's why I am so glad we are not left to live in the natural. I don't know if you remember, but David lived with Russ and I off and on (in the big house) for many months while the Lord worked his merciful grace into David's life. Sometimes it felt like it was one step forward and two steps backward. - But always Onward towards our Heavenly Father.

David's journey is now complete. The end came suddenly. Our prayers are that David was ready. My prayer is that all of the people I love will be always ready, always on guard, always ready to run into their Saviours arms when He calls us home.

There is a peace I have when it comes to David - and it is this: Between David and myself, there was nothing left unsaid - nothing. One of the last times I saw him, I remember clearly sitting up front in church and telling him how much I loved him. And I looked in his eyes and told him goodbye, in case I didn't see him again. We hugged.
I'm so glad I did that.
Love to all,

Tonja said...

Dude, Happy Birthday!! I'm sorry I didn't know that yesterday :) then I would have wished you many more when I spoke to you!!

Hope your day was special!
love from all the Raineys :)

Sonja said...

Ok, so Wil and i didn't know it was your birthday either! Happy, Happy, happy birthday George. You are much loved and we celebrate the years we've known you and more years to come!!!!

Thanks for the call about David. I cried remembering the trials they all suffered through and God's grace and plan for them all now looking at the whole picture. My heart goes out to Shanda and Truett and the family...if you hear any news on the arrangements let Wil and I know, we want to be there. I would love to see Shanda and Truett again.

You ARE a blessing!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to one of our favorite people...
We love you!
Bill,Cathy, and Kids

FeatherIron said...

Hey George! Happy Birthday!!