Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's me. . . finally

You know its bad when you cannot remember the last time you blogged. But anyway . .

My parents, Aunt Eva and Aunt Ebbie are in for the weekend and we are having a great time together - as always. Plus, they are trying to ‘force feed’ me as much as they can! Now that I am off of chemo I have regained some of my appetite – but even in the best of health it would be difficult to eat something between 6 and 12 times per day and drink the amount of fluids/water I am supposed to be drinking. I ate 4 times today between 10:30 am and 6 pm and that is about all I can stuff down. I eat about 1 to 2 cups each time. Eat a little, but eat many times throughout the day is the idea according to the doc. He said 3 times a day will not put weight back on me.
This morning was a tough one to get up from. Don’t know why, but I was some kind of stiff and cranky feeling. The break-through pain meds helped a little as did the heating pad, but still a tough one. The Lord is always right there – just one call away – to come to our side and let us know that He loves us regardless of what else is going on. This all reminds me that “this present world ain’t it”. Also, having the family over helps to ‘distract’ me away from my own situation, and focus on them.
Last Wednesday at Church, I was in the balcony sitting where I usually sit (or lay, I should say) and the ‘Stars’ girls group were also worshipping up there too. A few minutes after I arrived, Cathy Icenogle asked if it would be okay if they prayed for me. She also said that I have been their ‘prayer project’ for a while now – meaning that they have singled me out as a focal point of prayer. Now that was a blessing to here! Guess what – they prayed for me non-stop for about 30 minutes or more! Wow! I was worn out from being prayed for – a good kind of worn out of course. Cathy and Gerri have got quite a little bunch of prayer warriors.
I have more to say, but I have reached my limit at this time. So, I hope to be in Church tomorrow - and hope you can make it too.

We appreciate and desire your prayers for our family. Thank you.
Remember, He is our hope.


agardana said...

Very glad to finally hear from you. I hope you enjoy your visit with the family. Keep holding onto the Lord's hand as He walks with you. He will guide you perfectly. Love you, Stacie

Anonymous said...

So good to see you all at church today and finally get to meet your Mom!
We love ya'll...We're praying...
Nothing is impossible with God.

Anonymous said...

"I AM the Lord; Creator of heaven and earth; is there anything too impossible for Me"

George, you looked great Sunday morning! It charged my heart to see you smile and sense the peace of God on you. He was all over you bro! Ha. "Be still and know that I AM God"! He is sooo faithful.

Continuing to stand and BELIEVE with you and your family!!!

Bill, Cathy, Billy, Callie and Cate

Anonymous said...

George & Robin
Just now catching up on your blog thanks for the update. Glad you made it church yesterday George. I was a little under the weather and I know service was awesome. I am praying and believing for a miracle. Every morning on the way to work the Lord reminds me with this song I hear playing to pray for George and his healing. Waiting. I know the wait was long but the word is They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strenght they shall mount up as wings on eagles and they will not faint. Love to you and your family. Gayle